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Secrets How Legal Outsourcing Services Can Increase the Growth of Law Firms?

Legal Outsourcing Services

Like all business scenarios, the legal industry too has to depend on growth and development and incremental business to stay afloat. But there is a very distinct and unique perspective for law firms around the world. In the not too distant past, they had to extend their area of operations outside their own four walls (legal outsourcing services) to survive a disaster that had even economies of countries reeling under financial depression.

The global recession led to large-scale bankruptcies of even blue-chip companies not to speak of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Law firms were inundated with work and this led to a rise in a peculiar situation – lots of work but no manpower resources to back it up as the firms could ill afford huge expenses in hiring additional staff.

What was the path chosen by the law firms to get out of this mess? They decided to outsource legal services, an option that is still very relevant now and in fact growing at a fast clip. Once the legal industry tasted success in this process it became their sole mantra for business expansion. But outsourcing must be done right and now that it has been established that this is the shortest path for business development a look at the pointers to be followed in this regard will be in order.

If law firms have to delve into the secrets that can help them grow at a quick rate the answer will be outsourcing, outsourcing and yet more outsourcing of their legal services. There is nothing that can matter more. As a legal luminary of a law firm, you have to spin off large sections of your work to companies that have equally qualified lawyers with enough experience to optimize the work allotted to them.

When you outsource and want to reap the benefits fully, there are two things that should be kept in mind – the functions that you should outsource and the advantages you get out of it.

Functions that should be outsourced-

1. Research and legal drafting – This aspect is purely based on the tenets of the law without any need for specific interpretations. However, it is a very tedious and painstaking work and will keep your lawyers engaged fruitlessly when they can be better utilized in client servicing.

2. Management of contracts – If you have to go through all contracts that come up before you with a fine tooth comb, you’ll hardly have time for anything else. Free yourself up by outsourcing this activity to those offering professional legal services. Not only will the initial stages of the contract be taken care of but its monitoring will continue throughout the life cycle of the contract.

3. Document Review - This is a high manpower intensive activity again and includes preparing deposition summaries, coding of documents and other related work. By keeping it to yourself, you deprive valued customers of the undivided attention they deserve from you.

The common factor in all these above points is that they are all back office related time-consuming work. Outsourcing them is surely one of the primary secrets of business growth and development.

Why should you outsource for business growth –

1. Focus on core competencies – When you outsource legal services that require no interpretation of the law but simply has to follow it to the letter, you do not really lose anything. Instead, you are taking expert external help to further prepare your cases for the shortest possible time. This will give you a lot of time to offer quality service to existing clients as well as bring in fresh cases.

2. Reduction in costs – Outsourced work can be done at a much lower cost than what you would have paid your high salaried staff. This is because of the wage differentials existing between countries. This savings can be better utilized to offer competitive legal fees to your clients thereby stealing a march over law firms.

3. Increase in business opportunities – This is especially true if you have a small to mid-sized law firm. It is no more the scenario where top legal firms garner prize clients and small firms get left behind. By outsourcing a part of the functioning at cheaper rates you too can go for quality customers and increase business without having to add to your manpower resources.

4. Coming of age of outsourcing companies – Outsourcing companies today offer services that can be deemed to be parallel in quality to the originating legal firms. Over a period of time, they have honed their skills, added to their infrastructure and taken on board lawyers of international standards with a high degree of expertise in the laws of different countries. By hiring them you are adding value to your services and this will naturally rub off on your client servicing and business development.

These then are the secrets to law firms increasing their growth in business. At the cost of repetition, it can be said that the magic mantra is to outsource legal services.

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Legal Outsourcing Trends and Possibilities 2016

Legal Outsourcing

In the present business and commercial scenario, whichever way one chooses to look, there is no denying the importance of the ever-growing legal outsourcing sector. It has been the trend over the last decade or so and will continue to develop exponentially in 2016 too. There has been a shift in the dynamics of international trade and that includes the outsourcing industry.

However, it is seen that the lead has been taken by legal outsourcing services due to certain specific factors. The global financial meltdown saw even some supposedly strong economies of the world take a hit not to speak of the millions affected by this upheaval. Suddenly law firms the world over were inundated with people seeking relief from bankruptcies and litigation initiated by lending companies. Unable to cope with the rush, they found that the only way out was to resort to outsourcing. And they also found that a legal process outsourcing companies could help them absorb the pressure while they focused on core activities.

What then are the legal outsourcing trends and possibilities for 2016?

Competitive pricing – The cost of providing high-value services by legal firms at a fraction of the prevailing cost will become a reality thanks to enhanced legal outsourcing opportunities. The level of expertise provided by legal outsourcing is on the rise and more and more law firms will take advantage of this scenario to spin off such activities as research and documentation. The wage differential between offshore legal outsourcing services and what associates and paralegals of the outsourcing countries charge will be an added and attractive proposition to law firms around the world.

Enhanced business opportunities – Small legal firms and individual legal practitioners will take on cases that even in the not too distant past were beyond their capacity because of the quantum of processing that was required in such cases. Now, the proficiency, level of professionalism and cheap rates offered by legal outsourcing agencies will ensure that small firms too will opt for increased business as they can outsource a more mundane task. This will have a cascading effect and result in an increase in the legal outsourcing business.

Direct liaison with top companies – There is a flip side to the legal outsourcing scenario which is today in a nascent stage but is bound to grow exponentially in 2016. With the obvious advantages of hiring a legal outsourcing company, top companies, more specifically those in the Fortune 500 category will directly get on this bandwagon to reap the benefits. They have legal teams on their payrolls but will prefer to reduce billing costs by dealing directly with the outsourcing company. In this way, the go-between (legal firm) will be affected but the growth of outsourcing agencies will remain unhindered. By having a local law firm simply stamp its approval on the outsourced work, any restrictions on the unauthorized practice of law can be circumvented. This is especially true for the United States.

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These then are the legal outsourcing trends and possibilities likely to emerge in 2016. But whatever way one looks at it, all leads point to a strong and fast-growing legal outsourcing industry.

Legal Process Outsourcing Services – A Permanent Trend in Legal Industry

legal process outsourcing services

Outsourcing of specific services is a trend that has swamped nearly all major sectors of trade and commerce. The obvious benefits are being cashed in, so much so that outsourced services are almost running in tandem with mainstream services. However, it took a while for the legal sector to really imbibe the full benefits, though legal outsourcing has its roots in the 1950s when the patent process was all that was outsourced. The first hesitant steps of LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) were seen in the United States, Canada, Israel, the Philippines, and India but legal process outsourcing services became a permanent trend in the legal industry just after the global crisis when law firms faced a survival battle. Cost cutting became the need of the hour and what better way than to outsource selected legal services.

Even though LPO is here to stay there is a subtle difference between industries. While in such sectors as tax preparation and insurance whole chunks of activities are outsourced, in the legal sector a lot depends on whether the outsourcing is within the country or offshore. This is because basic legal work has two very important factors – research, preparation, and writing of briefs and documentation on one hand and court appearances on the other. Hence, if the outsourced company is within the country comprehensive services can be delegated and legal luminaries of the parent law firm can focus exclusively on client interaction and new business. But if the outsourcing is to an offshore agency, the physical job of presenting the case in court has to be under the control of the law firm.

What then are the main areas of legal outsourcing services that have made outsourcing a permanent trend in the legal industry?

Dealing with Extra Work – The legal industry witnessed an exponential growth of the business, especially after the global recession and meltdown in recent times when even countries felt the heat. There was a rush for hiring an expert and professional legal help more so for real estate industry related cases. During this period, legal firms found it advantageous to parcel out routine activities such as research and documentation and focus on representing the client in court. This enabled them to take on more business than the strength of their legal team would have permitted in normal circumstances.

The advent of Specialised Outsourcing Agencies- Legal process outsourcing services really took off on the back of the rise in expert service providers with each of them specializing in a particular aspect of the legal process thereby offering cutting-edge efficient services. Legal firms realized that multi outsourcing their work to different authoritative firms helped them get top end quality work done at highly reduced costs. Hiring equally talented and proficient legal experts for separate areas of specialization would definitely be a very costly proposition. 

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The points given here are just examples and not comprehensive in nature of why outsourcing is a permanent trend now in the legal industry. The common denominator running through them is that all legal outsourcing services are available at very affordable rates

What to Take Care of When Outsourcing Legal Support Services?

Legal Support Services

In today's economic system, lots of firms are switching over to Legal Process Outsourcing Companies on account of their capability to provide quick and cost-efficient legal support services at a reduced cost.

Nevertheless, there are numerous worthy things to consider which are exclusive to LPO companies, such as chances of disclosure of confidential data, inadvertent waiver of attorney-client opportunity as well as client consent specifications. Nevertheless, the major concern is related to the illegal practice of law, because a lot of the individuals carrying out the work at the LPO Company might not be certified to pursue law in the proper jurisdiction or perhaps might not be attorneys at all. However, there are a lot of companies in India that hire legal staff who hold a valid license to pursue legal career.

Six bar associations, which includes the ABA standing committee on ethics as well as specialized accountability have dispensed views regarding this issue. Each of them has claimed that the attorney may outsource legal support services and simultaneously adhere to his or her ethical duties, as long as particular conditions are fulfilled.

Altogether, the viewpoints dispensed to date recommend that attorneys can ethically get involved with an LPO company to outsource legal support services, as long as they:

  1. Appropriately administer the work being carried out by the outsourcing company;

  2. Ascertain the client's privacy is taken care of;

  3. Prevent clashes of interest when outsourcing;

  4. Charge the clients suitably for services carried out by their staff;

  5. Demonstrate the client the outsourcing concept whenever relevant.

From the above necessities, the most crucial obligation is to work out ideal supervision.

The main points are this- the administration must be direct as well as purposeful, and the attorney should perform practical research to make sure the outsourcing company is adequately in a position to complete the outsourced projects.

Let alone all the above statements, Legal Support World is a premier outsourcing company offering legal support services to several clients worldwide. We only hire legal professionals who are graduates in Law and hold a valid license to carry out legal tasks. Call us today or shoot an email to understand more about what we can offer you.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Attorneys Legal Services

Legal Services

Attorneys legal services provided by the LPO’s in India are of great help to the attorney’s giving overseas projects to the LPO’s. The attorneys who are extremely busy in getting the primary work done are not being able to concentrate on the secondary functions which they need to outsource from the Indian sub-continental nations and especially from India.

The legal activities are very much unpredictable in nature and they come in full flow which the attorneys cannot handle. The excessive pressure is taken off by the reputed companies in the form of the LPO’s. The lawyers generally trying to concentrate over the primary factors and also over the issues that would be making up the aggression and the strongest of the cases, the secondary works remain unfound in those conditions and they need to transfer them to India.

Legal services for the Attorney are having a great prospect in India:

The Attorney’s legal services in India reserved with the full flow and the profession in the form of the LPO’s are growing steadfastly there are many qualified lawyers in the country who does not hit the court -room but provides the LPO service. There are many law schools in the country which provides ions specialization over the profession and they are taught more of foreign laws and less of the national laws. The students on many occasions are getting prepared for the LPO service and had been helping the foreign clients to take on the cases as much as they can.

Legal services- A set of quality service that is provided:

Attorneys legal outsourcing services in India are marked with nothing. The LPO’s generally provide all sorts of the services that the attorneys require. The clients can ask for any of the documents and activities at any moment and the LPO’s are ready with their service. The clients in all the position do not get a hint of the requirements hence the work is tougher for these LPO’s. The Attorney legal services take up the job and however though the job is; the staffs fulfill that with full commitment.

The attorney’s helplessness helping to create up a new industry:

Attorneys legal services an industry that was made out from the helplessness of a few persons. The lawyers and the attorney’s in their helplessness had been taking up the idea of taking help from the LPO’s abroad. The LPO’s then started growing in full flow in India and thus making it an industry.

The Legal Support World – A company that provides full support to the clients:

The Legal Support World is serving the clients with the best possible combination of the team. The team composition is so that they don’t need to return any of the law clients and thus serving them with the best of their ability. Attorneys legal services are best provided at the Legal Support World, the assistance is given by qualified lawyers who did not hit the court-rooms but are busy supporting the international clients. The clients ask for any of the legal activities at any moment and that is well served by the company.

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