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legal outsourcing future in 2017

Legal Outsourcing Future In 2017

We are in the first quarter of 2017 and the working trends of law firms and legal departments have changed a lot. Now the law firms and offices are relying more on legal outsourcing companies to lessen their expenditures, work burden and to become more efficient.

If we go some years back, LPO did not exist in the law field. Legal professions didn’t even know about the LPO and the companies providing such services. But as of today, it has become an integral part of almost every growing law firm looking for growth opportunities. The question now is that will it continue to grow in the future or in which direction will it go from this point?

Here are top Trends in Legal Outsourcing which will clear the situation:

  1. Quality and Affordability: As long as these two specialties are there, the trend of outsourcing legal work will keep on growing. Now a days, no law firm wants to hire heavy staff and to assign them tasks like contracts review and management, document preparations. They only want limited staff only for client dealings. Due to this, the demands for legal process outsourcing services providers have been rising.

  1. Services Variety: Getting all kinds of services at one place is another major reason for the popularity of legal outsourcing. It consists of a variety of sub services such as legal research, paralegal support and litigation support which makes it a complete package.

  1. Rising demand: Recently done researches have proved that there is a rise in demand for quality and affordable legal support services offered from countries like India and Philippines. India has an edge over Philippines in terms of qualified workforce, subject knowledge and greater fluency in English.

  1. High Grade Data Security: With the emergence of cloud computing technology, legal sector has also got benefits like global access to data, but some data security concerns are also there. In this scenario a legal outsourcing company takes the responsibility to secure law firm’s data using different technologies and expertise. The kinds of systems chosen provide high security as per international standards.

So, in future outsourcing will emerge stronger and this streak will continue to grow as long as best practices and security standards are used by the legal outsourcing services providers.

If you are an owner of a law firm, especially of small or medium size, then you can consider outsourcing as your best partner. So, grow your business not expenses.

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LSW is the leading legal outsourcing services providers in the world. The services are aimed at helping the law firm managements in boosting their productivity by concentrating on their strengths. They have access to high quality staff and latest software for performing these functions.

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litigation support services

Hiring Litigation Support Specialist – Pros & Cons

Litigation support services are an important part of the legal process. It involves all the activities in an organization required to prepare a case like documentation review, interviewing witnesses etc. This function is extremely time consuming and involves a lot of effort.

Now days, there are various third party firms based in nations like India, Argentina, China etc., offering litigation support services to established law firms in developed nations like US, UK etc. These legal support services help in enhancing the efficiency of the law firms and reducing the work pressure.

The various pros and cons of hiring these services have been listed below:

Cost Effectiveness-The costs of hiring legal support services based in developing nations is much less than hiring local talent in developed nations like UK, US etc. So by hiring the services of third party litigation support specialists, a law firm can save a lot of funds and enhance their profits. Moreover it also eliminates the need to spend on infrastructure.

Helpful in Dealing with Complex Cases-The litigation support specialists are capable of easily dealing with the most complex cases. These companies have access to highly competent staff that is capable of fulfilling all the requirements while maintaining the desired quality standards and the stipulated deadlines.

Up-to-date Knowledge-The outsourcing staff remains in touch with the latest developments in the legal field. As offering legal support services is their bread and butter, they possess complete information regarding the laws prevalent in the nations where their clients are based.

Access to Variety of Services- The outsourcing firms offer a variety of litigation support services like document management, document review, e-discovery, deposition summaries and analysis, case summaries, drafting of motions and memos, summarization of records, proofreading etc., for the benefit of the law firms. All the areas of litigation support are covered by them.

Improved Usage of Staff Time- By using the outsourcing option, the staff of the law firm can be engaged on more important activities. In cases of extreme work pressure, these services can prove to be extremely useful.

Useful in cases of urgent requirement-There is a 10-12 hour difference in the time zones of India and nations like US, Canada etc. So in cases of urgent requirement of work, law firms based in US or Canada can assign work to Indian firms in the evening and get the results by the early morning hours next day.


Data Security- While hiring the services of a third party law firm, the issue of data security may arise if you don't hire a reputed firm. You cannot rely completely on the outsourcing firm for ensuring the privacy of their data.

Reliability-Though the outsourcing firms have earned a reputation for being professional in their approach but still there are many law firms who find it difficult to rely on a third party firm.

Legal Support World (LSW) is among the leading provider of outsourcing legal support services to law firms. These services can help in cost cutting and revenue optimization. They have access to proficient staff and the latest technology for fulfilling the client needs. To get more information, contact us at or call us at +16466882821.

legal research outsourcing

Things To Check Before Selecting Legal Outsourcing Services Provider

Legal process outsourcing has become extremely important in the modern scenario. Many law firms are opting for legal outsourcing services to minimize their operational costs and optimize their revenue earning potential.

But hiring the right legal support services is not as simple as it seems. Selecting wrong services could lead to complications which can prove to be difficult to handle for a law firm.

The following points should be kept in mind to ensure that the right legal outsourcing services are selected:

Go Through the LPO Provider Profile- After shortlisting the profiles on internet; you should completely go through the information mentioned on the websites of the legal outsourcing services providers to find out whether they will suit your requirement. Generally companies which offer efficient services, have information presented in an eye catching manner on their websites.

Enquire About the Type of Services Provided- The requirements of one law firm can differ from another. Moreover every outsourcing service provider doesn’t offer the same services. So you should clearly ask from the outsourcing company whether they will be able to fulfil your specific requirements.

Ask Them for the Case Studies and Sample Work- In order to ensure that you end up hiring genuine and efficient services, you must ask the outsourcing firms to display the case studies and sample works of their previous clients. If they are able to produce good evidence in this regard then the services can be hired.

Ask Them for Trial- It is difficult to withdraw the services of an outsourcing firm after entering in to a contract. So it is better to look for services which are flexible in nature. You can ask the firm for a free trial for evaluating the quality of their services. The outsourcing firms which are offering the free trial option should be preferred over other firms.

Conduct a Telephonic Interview or Video Conferencing- A personal communication is always a better option. Conducting a telephonic interview or video conference can help in getting a fair idea regarding the proficiency of the staff members. You ask questions regarding the educational background and their previous experience.

Check for Data Security and Confidentiality- For a law firm, data security is of utmost importance. Ability to ensure data security and the measures followed by the firm for this purpose should be carefully scrutinised.

Track Record- By going through the customer reviews of the outsourcing firm, you can get a fair idea regarding their track record of the outsourcing firm. Selecting an outsourcing company with a good track record will be a good option.

Service Culture- Hiring the services of a company with a good customer service would be beneficial. A company which offers regular updates and communicates in a friendly manner should be preferred.

Cost- Last but not the least, the cost of hiring the outsourcing services should be less than the cost of hiring local talent only then the decision of using third party services will be justified.

LSW (Legal Support World) is among the leading legal outsourcing companies in the world. These services are meant for enabling the law firms to concentrate on their core activities, reduce costs and maximize profits. To know more, contact us at or call us at +16466882821.

Legal Support Services For Lawyers

Legal Support Services – The Real Path to Profits for Law Firms

The legal sector much like similar service-centric industries have slowly but surely imbibed the value of outsourcing. But unlike others it had not been quick on the take off and the full benefits were only realized with the global economic crash in the mid 2000s. Legal firms, faced with the meltdown found it hard to cope with the rise in litigation cases while keeping costs down to manageable levels. Hiring of legal luminaries was not a solution if highly paid lawyers had to attend to mundane duties that primarily comprised of a supporting role instead of carrying out tasks related to core competencies and offering high value service to fresh business. Thus the real path of business expansion, growth and profitability lay in outsourcing legal support services and today this field is almost as big in size and turnover as the main legal industry.

Before deciding to opt for outsourcing, you have to very sure of what you want out of it. The most important is of course reduction in costs in maintaining support services, both in relation to hiring qualified manpower and investment in infrastructure to run them. The second is being very clear about what you want to outsource that will save time and energy and help you focus on the primary tasks at hand. The core of all legal activities per se can be categorized in two – documentation, preparation and writing of briefs, carrying out research and other similar work on one hand and court appearances on the other. To reach your objective of exponential growth in business, you should opt to outsource comprehensive legal support services.

What then are the services you can outsource and yet ensure that your legal firm runs without a hitch – in fact more efficiently and profitably?

Research and writing – This is standardized work that requires no special discretion or interpretation of law by a top notch lawyer. As research is on laws that are already rigidly laid down, the scope of any discrepancies in research findings are almost eliminated. Thus you will do well to outsource such tedious activities as research for preparation of motions, appellate briefs, legal memoranda, letters and notices as well as structuring motions and pleadings, complaints and background information for trial preparation. Outsourcing these specific activities will save you a lot of time and costs as these services are available offshore at very affordable costs.

Contract Management – Any law firm has to deal with hundreds of contact and if you have to go through all of them with a fine tooth comb you’ll not have time for anything else. Moreover, managing the database of contracts, negotiating and maintaining the contracts, and ensuring that all clauses are client welfare centric is an onerous responsibility. Professional legal support services have the expertise to carry out these functions effectively not only in the initial stages but during the life cycle of the contract too. Choose an outsourcing company with experience in handling contracts related to various sections of laws – Family Law, Property Law, Employment Law and those related to trusts and estates or securities. You can even look for specialization in outsourcing agencies that match your primary area of activities in law.

Review of Documents – This is another key area that you’ll do well to outsource. It’s a highly manpower intensive work but very important nevertheless. Agencies who have long years of experience in legal outsourcing have expert document review teams who can carry out related activities with great professional skills. This includes coding of documents, preparing deposition summaries, reviewing the document database with definitive point specific issues and finally facilitating putting forth an evidential database.

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One thread runs common through the different factors given above and that is, each point contributes to cost savings as you don’t have to put in place any infrastructure to take care of them. This will increase your profitability and have a positive impact on client servicing and business growth.

outsourcing legal services

Is Your Data Secure While Outsourcing Legal Services?

In the present legal scenario, a growing trend is outsourcing legal services to third party providers. This has helped law firms around the world in a number of ways. The first is decrease of costs of legal services without compromising on the quality of services. This has in turn led to increase in profit margins for the law firms which can then offer competitive rates to their clients. By outsourcing repetitive and tedious tasks, lawyers can focus on the more important court appearances and analysis of materials collected by researchers.

A few examples will prove this point. Immigration lawyers outsource preparation of forms necessary for processing the case. Civil litigators largely spin off records research and review while class action lawsuits might entail parceling out the work of sending notices and claims classification. Structuring of initial drafts of contracts as well as due diligence work is mainly outsourced by transactional lawyers. With the stabilization of the legal outsourcing sector and its exponential growth after the global financial meltdown, even complex work such as writing of an appellate brief is being outsourced. All these require high skill sets and an enhanced level of professional expertise.

However, there is one common thread that runs through all of them and that is the need for stringent security systems in place at the outsourced agency so that the privacy of client data is fully assured. This is one aspect that is taken very seriously by lawyers while evaluating the competence levels of outsourced agencies.

How do lawyers make sure that data will be secure when outsourcing legal services

• Evaluating security levels – Evaluating the data security infrastructure provided by the outsourced agency is of utmost importance. However, this depends on the type of work being outsourced as security and privacy requirements of all data are not standardized. If research work is being outsourced or even preparation of write-up on a legal issue, the level of data security that has to be in place will be comparatively low as facts related to it are already inbuilt in laws and in public domain. But stringent data security setup has to be insisted upon in such matters as immigration, taxation or bankruptcy litigation.

• Strictly following outsourcing norms – Amidst growing concerns of data security, lawyers should strictly follow the rules as laid down by statutory bodies when outsourcing legal services. This is in addition to lawyers’ obligation to maintain client confidentiality. By asking a few questions and checking the infrastructure in place before signing on the outsourcing contract can solve a few problems. Some common points are – do employees sign confidentiality agreements, whether strict supervision and quality control checks on data security is being regularly carried out, procedures in place for ensuring security of private data and those in place for preventing physical theft or misuse of data. Most importantly, has the company ever faced any security breach in the past and if so measures taken to plug the leaks.

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Apart from legal firms, companies outsourcing their legal processes should be extra cautious about data security because of the present environment of rampant business espionage.

Legal Process Outsourcing

FACT: Large Numbers of Law Firms are Now Opting for Legal Process Outsourcing

A rising trend in the area of law is the utilization of Legal Process Outsourcing. An impetus behind this is the increasing amount of data which ought to be taken into account in day-to-day litigations as well as research. The expense of administration of this data, in several cases, has got uncontrollable.

A large number of corporate legal departments have experienced their financial budgets slashed, particularly during the last 2 years. Several corporate legal divisions and legal firms are unable to determine an approach to perform as much or more with significantly less and many have ventured into legal process outsourcing companies.

We are additionally observing a lot of mid-sized firms that previously did not have accessibility to particular markets for the reason that they did not possess the assets or spectrum for substantial issues, partnering with LPOs to enter into new lines of business from which they earlier perceived themselves precluded.

The major driver of that financial savings is the labor arbitrage. The assets that are being utilized to perform these legal support services, which were historically being carried out in the firms, are now being accomplished at a considerably lower price by the LPOs. It really is that difference which steers the appeal of an LPO. The legal outsourcing companies can provide superior rates since they have lesser overhead and for the reason that they concentrate on legal services.

It is crucial that you keep in mind that today's financial benefits are not tomorrow's financial benefits. Clients constantly desire higher and higher financial savings. Since the LPO Company focuses on legal services, it may also provide you with process improvements that can maneuver the service provider's capacity to continue providing further cost efficiencies.

Partnering with an LPO could also help companies and attorneys in litigation budgeting. A lot of LPO service providers put forward fixed prices that can help a client in estimation of the expenses.

With the help of an legal process outsourcing company, lots of firms are seeking out value-added services that assist keeping costs consistent and are obtaining a great deal of benefits for the lower costs they are spending.

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Legal Support World offers legal support services via certified attorneys who bring to you their knowledge and experience to fulfill your individual requirements. We can help you maximize your capabilities, reduce operational costs and all these at very affordable prices. Shoot us an email today at and we’ll get back to you as early as we can. We are always happy to help you!

Contract Management Services

Taking Help of Contract Management Services

Contract management services are the part of legal outsourcing. The Indian law support seekers had been taking all sorts of project for the clients and help them maintain their goodness at the court of law. The contracts that the law firms need to manage are pretty secondary and tertiary matters but the law firms without these services are unable to move a single inch. The lawyers in such cases looking into their helplessness are bound to turn these contracts to the law firms in the Indian Subcontinental nations. The law firms managing all the legal requirements of the American and the European law attorney’s will manage the contract services for their clients. The attorney’s don not need to run hither and thither anywhere for locating firms who would be managing the details of the contracts.

Contract management services taking all the responsibilities of the clients:

The contract management services taking all the responsibility of the clients had been helping them in all the possible ways by which they can have a smooth continuity of the business. The outsourcing companies managing the contracts coordinate with the 2nd party with whom their clients had been dealing and make sure that they are signing the right contracts. The contract papers are made duly by the contract management services company and they are signed by them in many cases where the attorney’s had given them the power legally and thus making it responsible the good and bad of the conditions. The attorney’s had been able to continue their business with the help of the outsourcing companies without which their lives would have been stranded. The companies also however had maintained the dignity and the integrity of eh clients with whom they had been doing the business with.

The contract management services a legal power by the attorney’s:

The contract management services which are managed by the same companies with whom they had been dealing the outsourcing of the secondary papers and the document review. The attorney’s in most cases give these companies a third party right and which is taken up legally signing legal documents where these companies gather the right to make the decision of contacts and manage them for the attorney’s or law firms whoever hires them.

The Legal Support World – creating summits on their performances:

The Legal Support World is continuing to make the new heights of success for them. The clients are served with the contract management services all along with the other LPO’s service that the company had been providing the customers. The attorneys who hire the services of the contract management service from the Legal Support World are served by the best of the lawyers from India who would be honestly dealing with the company’s clients. The contract management is yet again another service which they provide to their American and the European counterparts. The attorney’s in those countries are duly packed up by the complex cases and hen the Indian outsourcing companies come into the being and help the American and the European law firms to win cases as they don’t need to take care of such small and petty issues like contract management services.

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Resource Box:

The Legal Support World is assisted by a set of quality men and women who are handpicked by the company and then they are taken through a series of tests and training, after which they can work for the Legal Support World.


The Rising Trend of LPOs and Its Impact on the Market

The legal outsourcing development model is now following the growth pattern of the development models of BPOs and ITOs. The trend of outsourcing business processes to legal outsourcing companies has modified the manner in which this industry works. LPO is no more an alternative; it truly is the necessity of the time. Distinctly fast and instant communication, enhanced security levels and technical improvements have brought around this change.

India has turned up as an outsourcing focal point, and businesses around the globe are building essential alliances with India-based companies, for legal process outsourcing solutions like Litigation support, document review, paralegal services, contract management, research services and many more.

In what way has the LPO trend impacted the Legal Market?

Legal Outsourcing Services offered by the LPOs have supported up to the needs of clients and offered qualitative, time restricted and exceptionally cost-effective solutions. Legal process outsourcing companies have fully-grown their processes and operations; they have been able to attain confidence of the clients and render them superior legal outsourcing services that barely anybody else can. Consequently, the limitations between Law as an occupation and Law as a business have blurred. Technological innovation has impacted this in an enormous way.

The legal industry has swiftly and proficiently acknowledged and adapted to this transformation. LPO’s are backed up with the appropriate resources, information and have the benefits of the latest technology and this has made them indispensable. This has motivated them to systematically assist clients in saving a large sum of money invested in overheads and in setting-up an in-house division. Apart from the innovative technology, scalable infrastructure likewise enables legal outsourcing companies to handle rising document volumes effortlessly, without negotiating on the targets. This powerful and client-centric strategy has energized the development of LPO’s, its clients and as a result the entire legal industry.

Development of LPO’s and impact on Legal Industry:

The legal industry was greatly influenced by the global economic slump, and thus was trying to find ways to diminish costs. Legal process outsourcing was a productive way of minimizing costs and getting the work done in very less time.

Originally, there have been lots of trepidations regarding the quality of work LPO’s offered, and companies were hesitant to outsource to. Nonetheless, the situation changed. LPO’s partnered up with companies and efficiently carried out projects for them. In a few months the industry recognized the quality work and the advantages of employing LPO’s.

With all the concerns and fears concerning confidentiality and reliability put to rest, clients are now steadily outsourcing legal services. Having said that, with the transforming scenario, the prerequisites of clients have also changed, which means that only the LPO’s that live up to the expectations survived. At Legal Support World, we have clients for whom extended partnerships for business needs, continues to be the primary focus and henceforward they get in touch with us and know more about our services; and assign the project after proper researching.

Legal Outsourcing Services

Getting to Know About Legal Outsourcing Services

Business process outsourcing or BPO is a common phenomenon in India, but the LPO is a new and unexplored concept in the legal field. This article tries to analyze the pros and cons of legal process outsourcing or LPO.

LPO is basically employing help from legal outsourcing providers which can be either a corporation or law firm that exclusively provides legal outsourcing services. As of now LPO culture is new and rare in India.

The need for an LPO

LPO is a new emerging field and will soon find strong roots in the market hence it is essential to use its services, since as a pull up factor it is spontaneous and will help record litigators to be lead to the right and prosperous path. In the past ten years the legal field in India has witnessed drastic changes. For example until now the integrated 5 year course has been mandatory for students pursuing law and now majority of National Law Universities have begun offering a one year L.L.M. program which is attracting many students across the country and has also impressed them. In the same manner LPO has also been well received and in many cases applauded as it serves as a magnet to attract the bright minds in the litigation community. LPO has also served as a human backbone to support lawyers with courage to battle the most difficult disputes.

Cultural Conflict

As a recent observed trend many of India’s youth has been adapting to the western culture. In the Indian culture we prefer to mind our own business and let other mind their own, rather than building more relations and sharing information due to personal trust issues. LPO suppliers understand clients and work accordingly to their benefit. In India LPO is trying to reach its destination and goal by serving its most needed purposes. It involves the sharing of certain basic and privy information from its clients who are equally equipped as primary trustees. Hence LPO has also been referred to as ‘implied sharing of professional culture’. There is no harm in sharing the required information or data with the right organization for a just cause, as it will not only build trust but ensure an informed and efficient performance that will be beneficial for the firm.

Advantages of LPO in India

Not only does it help in increasing your number of clients but also reduces expenses in terms of wages.

Increases and initiates the thought process.

Discussing issues with experienced and ‘like-minded’ professionals helps you get a new and wider perspective on the present issues.

LPO is generally not made public and stays private at your own discretion.

Complicated issues get solved with ease and comfort.


Aside from being a new concept in India, LPO has been greeted and admired by lawyers, law academicians and law students. LPO has been considered as a helpful addition for the law students and their careers. LPO is a service that involves both parties and will hopefully be an engine to boost the employment rates in India as it requires a large number of persons to conduct its transactions. LPO is also an energy booster for future market trends in the litigation system of India.

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