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Outsourcing Deposition Summaries – A Boon or Bane?

Deposition Summaries

Deposition Summaries is usually identified by additional names like a testimony, confession or a statement. A deposition is generally obtained verbally by interviewing the witnesses or perhaps the offenders, also referred to as deponents in the legal terminology. The solicitor puts forward several questions to the deponent as the title reviewer records their arguments and evidences.

A deposition can often be lengthier than a hundred pages and such massive amount of data ought to be summarized by an expert with the intention that the solicitor could very well analyze it and put it to use. Deposition summaries are utilized in innumerous instances like civil cases, medical malpractice, personal injury, indemnity, patent infringement, wrongful end of contract, breach of agreement, trusts and estates, and the intellectual property.

Deposition summaries act as a vital document for the preparing a trial, they ensure it is simpler for the attorneys to gain access to the necessary information/detail instantly and conveniently. A flawless summary is most likely the one which does not assess but summarizes the testimony after an intensive review and analyzing by a group of professionals.

Listed below are a few of the essential advantages of opting for skilled deposition summary services from a veteran legal process outsourcing company:

  • Legal support outsourcing companies have experts that are skilled in litigation concerns in addition to having an outstanding spoken as well as written English capabilities. Specialists from popular LPO’s are well-acquainted with state/national/international legal guidelines and legislation processes.
  • To outsource deposition summaries can help save law firms and individual solicitor’s considerable time, which they may invest in interacting with new clients as well as other on core tasks.

  • Outsourced legal transcriptionists complete their tasks with impressive speed and proficiency and are skilled to draft and summarize a well-articulated summary in the fastest turn-around time.

  • Employing a full-time legal in-house team is usually very costly while in contrast the off-shore firms also provide the facility of rendering services at an hourly or pay per page rate.

  • Legal process outsourcing companies deliver the results day and night to offer the most precise and suitable solutions to their clientele. Opting for expert deposition summary services will save senior legal professionals considerable amount of time since these documents exhibit the related facts in condensed form.

  • An additional crucial benefit of choosing deposition summary services from a legal outsourcing company is their know-how and expertise. Legal transcriptionists possess the comprehensive understanding of their job whilst a layman might skip an important aspect in the course of the summarization procedure that may unfavorably influence the case.

  • Legal process outsourcing companies feature revolutionary technology, first-class infrastructure and plentiful manpower to offer personalized solutions in accordance with the necessity and budget of their clients. They offer international standard solutions in the most budget-friendly prices.

  • Having an effectual support team boosts the performance of attorneys and smoothens their work flow and judgment abilities.

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An Essential Guide to Summarizing Deposition

Deposition summary services

Somebody has correctly stated, “Deposition is the primary aspect of litigation”. A lawyer intensely depends on the testimony of the witnesses so as to substantiate the claim of the client while discarding the claim of the opposition. The intent behind the testimony is always to bring forward the truth. It contributes greatly in bringing out the exact veracity from the witnesses. The outcome of the trial to a large degree is determined by the depositions. Testimony is a strategy to tacitly explicate the accurate version from a bystander. Attorneys ask questions to the witness in order to bring them to their preferred argument in extremely scattered ways. This makes the deposition an exhaustive process.

Since the depositions head to the root of the trial, it includes the demarcation of required section out of the deposition, which additionally has to be summarized. The accurate summarization of deposition is determined by 2 essential criteria:

  • Legal acumen

  • Potential to summarize

Every trial bears a distinct set of facts which require its course of trial. The testimony is anticipated to center around the elements associated with it. In deprivation of a legal acumen, the crucial details of testimony are at risk of getting overlooked. The selection of valuable text out of the deposition may be accomplished primarily by an experienced lawyer. Any person apart from a lawyer or paralegal might possibly be struggling to realistically recognize and determine the essential part in the testimony to back-up the defense or otherwise. Therefore, the responsibility of an individual with legal acumen ends up being imperative in emphasizing the selected part. The legal acumen in summarization deposition necessitates the following expertise:

  • Capability to recognize the main points associated with the testimony available

  • Ability to have an understanding of the legal points lightly to be reinforced or eradicated by the witness

  • Picking out the main points inclusive of the supported/non-supported variation by the witness

Summarization delivers an extensive and structured part of testimony. It entails the actual knowledge about the featured parts by connecting them with appropriate connectors or other terms. High-quality comprehension in addition to grammatical and analytical abilities will play a significant part in expressing the similar sense however in a far more succinct and emphasized way.

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Legal Support World offers top-notch deposition summary services to clients worldwide. Our summaries are created by a workforce of skilled summarizers; consisting of attorneys, paralegals, and specialist writers. We cautiously trim down testimony to facts, cautiously keep track of dates, statistics, names, and exhibits; provide an archive of fundamental events and actions; clear away unrelated data; and arrange subject material into logical paragraphs. If you are planning to outsource deposition summary services, get in touch with us today. We offer free trial to all our clients.

A Brief Overview to Significance of Deposition Summary

Deposition Summary

We all are aware of the fact that in today’s competitive environment, one has to remain focused on the core specialization domain in order to stay on the top among your competitors. A legal service, such as,deposition summary necessitates an extensive experience in litigation field and a strong grasp of English writing skills. One also has to have a clear understanding of the case and the involved issues.

Whether it’s a case related to medical negligence or personal injury, deposition is an integral aspect for discovery since it puts forward several unknown facts and assists the lawyers in reaching out to the elementary issues related to the case. Deposition begets a chance to both the parties to view the case from a different angle, i.e. something more than the sheer typewritten papers. A deposition that has been recorded in an appropriate manner can extend a long way in advancing the case to a victorious situation.

At the time when depositions extend up to 100 pages or more and the case demands several witnesses to be testified, it turns into a complicated situation to maintain a track of all of them. Alternatively, it is better to summarize the deposition rather than getting involved in vast number of pages and formulating notes based on them. In order to win the case, Deposition Summary has a crucial role to play. It’s the Deposition Summary that abridges the question and answers to a concisely written, understandable format.

Deposition Summaries in varied formats can benefit the lawyers in attaining the anticipated essential information regarding the case. Although, there are no defined rules or laws relating the formats of Deposition Summary, however, the standardized industry formats are 3 column, 2 column and topical summary formats.

Legal attorneys can ask for a personalized format of the Deposition Summary and the same can be developed within a time span of a few hours. In a situation where the attorney prefers to draw headings of a specific paragraph in addition to the information, 2 or 3 column format suits the best. In these formats, page and line wise summarizations along with the headings of the paragraph are done. However, in a situation where an attorney is keen to retrieve information of a selected topic right away and intends to summarize only particular information, he should opt for Topical summary.

Acknowledging the significance of services, such as, Deposition Summary and the amount of time expended in summarizing lengthy depositions, one of the best choice is to outsource deposition summaries task to a reliable legal outsourcing company. Large number of legal firms now-a-days have benefited by saving a great deal of their time and remained competitive by outsourcing deposition summarization services.

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Legal outsourcing companies, such as, Legal Support World offers a free trial to all the interested clients, which may assist them in deciding the quality of services they can expect later on. Outsourcing Deposition Summaries not merely helps the attorneys in remaining focused towards their case, but, it also helps them in preparation for trial and reducing the costs to a great extent.

Available Services of Indian Firms Offering Outsourced Deposition Summaries

Deposition Summaries

 There are thousands of other works in legal matters which need to be sorted besides deposition summaries, and so it may happen that paralegals from the litigation team will be a bit busy with those works. Aside to this it may seem to you that the fund you are having is not sufficient enough to recruit paralegals in your team, and then we guess the best thing for you will be to hire outsourced people for this work. This will give you great relief as well as keep you free from tension too. On time delivery of the deposition summaries will take place and peace of mind will be there with you. No more you need to lead a scared life for pending work which can take out some valuable time from your schedule.

The main features of the firm which outsource the deposition summaries work include:

Only relevant facts get extracted for easy understanding and perusal

Summaries gets displayed in Crisp form which will help the client to get an opinion which is totally unbiased

The summaries which are delivered are given in the format which the client is looking for. It may include cross-reference, based on topic, charts or even page wise.

Whatever assignment given to the reputed outsourcing firm are delivered in time

The outsourcing firms which are very popular for deposition summaries assignments are capable to handle assignments in large volumes and deliver the task on time, within a given deadline. Complicated and even large volume tasks are handled in an excellent manner. All these seem possible for these firms because these firms are having an experienced team of well qualified professionals in this field. Latest technology as well as infrastructure is available to these firms which makes it possible for it to deliver the task right in time with zero loopholes. The experts with these firms can meet all requirements of clients in a well defined manner even in case the task is laborious for them. The best part in availing services from these outsourced firms is that in an emergency turnaround time situation the experts are capable to deliver the task on urgent basis.

Client’s confidentiality is important for these firms and it assures best practice in it

Before handing over the task to any outsourced deposition summaries firm, it is the sole responsibility of the client to check whether proper measures are always taken by the firm to safeguard the confidentiality of the client data. Don’t forget to sign:

Confidentiality agreement with the firm

Agreement of guarantee for safe storage of data in internet

Try to take as much information as possible before giving the task.

Outsourcing the deposition summaries task is one of the intelligent ways to work in a cost effective manner

Try to team up with such outsourced firms which offer quality service and that too at an affordable price even in flexible hours.