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Aspects of Handling Outsourced Paralegal Correctly

Paralegal Support Services

Despite hiring permanent staff being the preference for attorneys, there lie certain advantages in looking to acquire paralegal outsourcing services to meet your law firm's requirements of additional staff for cases. It is a practical solution when your law firm's caseload rises. Some attached advantages include curbing costs such as payroll, office space, and benefits. Many leading law firms agree that outsourced or virtual paralegal services are immensely helpful, especially when they're working on a large matter that requires a high number of workforce.

Paralegal outsourcing services can be useful not only for the firm but for the client as well as you get certain benefits such as cost effectiveness, utilization of external talent, shortened turnaround time and flexibility.

One major decision that comes up when looking into outsourcing is that of whether to go for onshore or offshore firms.

Offshore or Onshore?

Both of these choices have their pros and cons, which must be weighed when making your decision. The major factor is the cost effectiveness. For a long time, the trend has been to the offshore choices, such as India, as it used to be extremely cheap compared to onshore outsourcing. However, recent spikes in foreign wage rate coupled with softened domestic labor markets in the U.S. have made onshore outsourcing an equally viable option. In a survey report, Fronterion has stated that domestic outsource companies charge an hourly rate of $25-30 while offshore providers charge an hourly rate of $10-15. According to this trend, offshore may be more consideration when it comes to paralegal support outsourcing.

Most Optimal Modus Operandi When Handling Outsourced Paralegal Providers:

1. Parallel Ethics: One of the important things to keep in mind when weighing different providers is that your firm's ethics should be parallel to those of the provider. Whatever duties and tasks the provider is assigned, they must complete them as long as the work is conducted in a manner that is ethically and legally correct. Different legal outsourcing providers from different countries have different ideologies when it comes to ethics. So it must be made sure that your firm and your provider are on the same page and ethical ideas are shared. A provider in Brazil or Turkey may not be aligned to the ethics that exist in the US. You need to be wary of this aspect and make sure the provider complies with the ethics.

2. A Clearly Established Purview of Work: Separate law firms may have their own definitions and parameters covered by 'paralegal'. The exact purview of the nature of work that you require should be very clearly established to make sure your firm and your provider are working in a parallel manner. Take into consideration what the provider's strengths are and match them with your needs.

3. Two-Way Communication Practice: The most efficiency inducing methodology to be adopted when handling paralegals is to establish a two-way communication practice. An experienced manager should hence be put in charge of the outsourced staff in order to ensure this methodology is properly incorporated. The manager needs to be able to command and direct the outsourced staff properly while being open to all feedback from them. This will ensure that the law firm's and the client's interests are protected, even if the feedback they provide may be sensitive. You want the communication between your firm and the outsourced staff to be as efficient as it is between your firm and your internal staff.

4. Constant Regulation: It is the responsibility of the law firm to ensure that the work of the outsourced paralegal is being constantly overlooked. The firm should assign a representative that provides constant supervision to all of their functioning. Policies and procedures should be constructed beforehand to ensure that management of the work is streamlined and that expectations are being met all the while avoiding possible miscommunication errors.

If handled efficiently, paralegal outsourcing services can be extremely beneficial in realizing the firm's goals. Aforementioned recommendations should help you manage the paralegal service provider in a manner that maximizes productivity.

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What can Paralegal Support Services do for you?

Paralegal support services

The foundation of any industry, corporation, business or sector is based on its ability to fine tune its operation to an extent that it has the time to focus on aspects that really contribute to growth and development. These are known as core activities and while their importance cannot be questioned there is another side to the picture. There is always a wide range of tasks that support the main ones without which no industry can function well. The same is relevant for the legal scenario too. Client servicing, trials, depositions and exact interpretation of the law form the basis of legal practice but all these have to be ably backed up by drafting of contracts, agreements, documents and letters and legal research on cases including non-legal research. These paralegal tasks are crucial to the success of any case.

It has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that if you opt for paralegal support services it can do wonders for your legal firm. But before coming to a detailed analysis on how and why this can be achieved, it will be relevant to see the areas of law for which you can take help of these specialized services. These include broadly all branches of corporate and business law, criminal and civil law, banking, finance, bankruptcy and labor and employment law and others pertaining to patents and trademarks, product liability, personal injury and immigration laws. This list is only indicative and not exhaustive in nature. Any backup required under these laws can be safely entrusted to paralegal outsourcing agencies that have over the years built up a strong infrastructure of resources and are well versed in the finer nuances of every aspect of law.

There are two scenarios that will be considered here and these are the biggest beneficiaries of top of the line paralegal services –

Law firms and corporations – While the business goals are different for these two entities, there is a common ground when it comes to outsourcing paralegal services. In both cases, you can take assistance on-demand from these agencies without resorting to adding to the staff strength whenever there is a short-term rise in legal requirements. This will keep overheads under control. There is also an increase in productivity as you have the time to focus on core activities related to your business or law firm while outsourcing the regular and tedious tasks to paralegals. Examples of the work that can be delegated include assistance in due diligence, reviewing contracts and agreements and normal corporate assistance in legal matters which the regular legal department need not be tied down to.

For law firms specifically, you can be sure that paralegal support services have the necessary professional expertise to carry out all backup services. You need not get tied down to the tedious task of legal research, drafting and preparation of contracts and agreements and reviewing existing letters and documents for loopholes in the law. This saves you the costs of hiring a legal team to look after these aspects only, more so since backup work is mostly on a project to project basis and not all forms run simultaneously. Permanent staff will therefore be underutilized.

Small firms and individual practitioners – This is the sector that is most benefitted by paralegal support services. If you have a small law firm these services are like an extension of your business. You need not be limited by scalability issues knowing there is a whole team of expert paralegals to support you. There is a significant saving in infrastructure investment as the majority of the work can be outsourced while you focus on incremental business and new clients as well as trials and depositions. The research and preparation of briefs will be ready for you at prices that will not break your bank.

The same is true for individual and solo practitioners of law who can depend on expert services, both on legal and administrative fronts. They can expand business knowing that there is always a team of senior paralegals to back them up in every respect. This is a big help especially when they take on more business without having to incur prohibitive overheads.

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Do not worry when you go for more business or in the case of law firms or corporate entities when there is a sudden jump in the quantum of business. Paralegals will take care of the finer details leaving you to concentrate on the broader picture.

How Can Paralegal & Litigation Support Outsourcing Services Prove to be Beneficial?

Litigation Support Outsourcing Services

A law firm or individual solicitors would considerably benefit by choosing the services rendered by a legal outsourcing company offering paralegal support services. The paralegal and litigation support outsourcing services assist the attorneys in staying focused on their key competency fields without being concerned regarding the procedural issues such as obtaining background details, drafting legal documents as well as letters, proofreading, researching, summarizing depositions and documents, arranging data and so on. Paralegals are competent in several practice areas of law and possess a solid knowledge concerning the manner in which the legal system succeeds, the characteristics that allow them to function as a virtual assistant.

Paralegal support services are undoubtedly a major resource for legal in addition to non-legal businesses. Outsourcing firms feature a skilled and veteran team of paralegals that can be utilized in a number of functions.

Below outlined are a few of the areas where paralegal support services facilitate attorneys:

  • Bankruptcy Situations
  • Business Law
  • Litigation
  • Corporate cases
  • Criminal Law
  • Collections
  • Immigration
  • Personal injuries Injures
  • Intellectual Property
  • Family Legislation
  • Housing Law
  • Foreclosures

The legal process outsourcing industry is growing considerably and enjoying a crucial role in business mergers and acquisitions. The majority of large-scale companies have their own legal division while outsourcing companies offering litigation support services are catering to the legal requirements of small as well as mid-sized across the globe. Legal firms and litigators normally have insufficient time to look at and analyze long transcripts and need a short and well-presented summary. The assortment of paralegal and litigation services is increasing gradually with time.

Legal outsourcing companies can likewise personalize solutions in accordance with the particular requirements of their clients. With a growing amount of attorneys and cases, the number of legal support companies is furthermore escalating. Litigation outsourcing companies make use of a variety of strategies like document imaging, converting of audio and video clips, duplicating and deposition resources, etc. Litigation and paralegal outsourcing services specialists recuperate, study, examine and symbolize the data requested by legal firms, individual attorneys, corporations and public defenders.

The most crucial service provided by outsourcing companies is the preparation and paperwork of evidence which assists the attorneys in the course of the court hearings and dealings. The litigation process generally begins with a grievance and the document including particulars of the grievance. Litigation and paralegal outsourcing companies assist solicitors to concentrate their precious time and hard work on their primary job and effectively and dependably manage their managerial responsibilities for them. Legal service providers continue to stay in demand for their economical, rapid and precise legal services. Their professionals can be appointed for as much period of time as obligated by the job or till the time a trial concludes.

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Assets of Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services

Paralegal services have become efficiently prominent now that they provide the clerical authentic secretory functions thereby forming a majorly important fraction in the law firm. It is dependent upon a number of factors that includes the kind of law that is practiced by the firm as well as the attorneys that are part of the firm. Not every attorney will need paralegal services however if there is one thing in common, it is that paralegal services if required need to be of the highest quality and insurance.

This is so that their clients can obtain the best services where retaining legal assistance through paralegal functions will not be as costly as it is in the case of hiring attorneys. Inclusive of this routine is that hiring paralegal services will aid attorneys in extracting more time. Due to the additional help that is provided by paralegal services while preparing for multiple cases, attorneys have their work simplified.

One thing to keep in mind is that the paralegal services are never similar and differ from law firm to law firm. Hence, we cannot specifically define the services. We do know that paralegal services are the supplemental assistance that attorneys can make use of while working on a multitude of tasks.

The functions of paralegal services that are fundamental for all types are:

Permissible Investigation Routines

Interrogating Suspects, Clients, and Witnesses

Sketching Legal Pleadings and Messages

Managing Documents and Files for Trial

Supervising Attorney’s Court Schedule

Maintenance of Tickler System

There are a few attorneys that ask their paralegals to perform office-based works where standardized clerical tasks are handed over in addition to the basic law assignments they must take care of. There are different kinds of paralegal services being offered to attorneys and clients today which are:

Freelance Paralegal Services: One of the best sources to obtain freelancing agents is the internet that has become a hub for plenty of paralegals to set up their portfolios for work. Independent paralegal functions provide attorneys with several options where they don’t have to directly hire an individual nor is the work on a permanent basis. Through freelancing paralegal services attorneys can benefit due to the fact that they can take on different kinds of tasks aided by different freelancing paralegal services without having to meet them each and every day.

Bankruptcy Paralegal Services: Their purpose is to interview correspondents to obtain information such that they can prepare bankruptcy schedules on time. Not only do they enter dates but gather necessary files for the trustee and the court jury while working as paralegals. Other than this their services include preparing legal hearings and pleadings as well as reviewing schedules of their attorneys.

Family Paralegal Services: They work specifically for family law attorneys and must interrogate witnesses, suspects as well as prepare affidavits during their term of services. Paralegals sketch out pleadings, maintain legal documents and schedule hearings for their attorneys.

Real Estate Paralegal Services: Another branch of paralegals, where right from preparing closing documents to coordinating the parties as part of the legal estate business, real estate paralegals communicate with the mortgage lenders. Their function mainly, however, is performing title research and preparing title indemnity binders.

Get to Know About Importance of Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services

Many have this idea that paralegal is equivalent to a lawyer. The real fact is not that. Paralegals are more like assistant to the lawyer. They don’t have the authority to offer legal advice, as many may belief. However, they are trained to do many tasks which a lawyer normally doesn't perform. By assigning duties like drafting documents, performing legal research, proofreading, or bookkeeping to the paralegal, the lawyer can take more time out and concentrate on other projects. Thus the lawyer can devote a maximum of his professional time to more crucial topics. This further helps in saving costs too since the paralegal’s time is usually billed at a much lower rate than the attorney’s.

Paralegal staffs work for lawyers who cover varied and huge practice areas. Thus law firms or legal professionals who handle fields like litigation, bankruptcy, family law, foreclosures, probate and estate planning, collections, business/corporate, personal Injury, securities law can definitely benefit by hiring paralegal services. Such services can be broadly divided into two parts, based on skills and specialization: There are certain paralegal services which are voluminous but demand low-end skills.

On the other hand, certain tasks are of qualitative nature and demand legal knowledge to a certain extent. Few common paralegal responsibilities include completion of forms, document management, proofreading, bookkeeping, data entry, title search and also extending legal editing and publishing supports. Some of these tasks may appear very simple but the fact is that each service demands maximum concentration and seriousness. Employees of a busy law firm may find it difficult to handle these responsibilities on their own. This is one reason why the concept of outsourcing certain legal tasks has gained huge support from USA based law firms and legal advisors.

The recent economic slowdown is another reason why many US law firms have opted for outside services rather than investing on own infrastructure and resources.  While the US-based attorney usually charges an approximate of $200 -$300 on an hourly basis his counterpart from the offshore team charges quite a nominal amount of around USD 75-100 per hour. This straightaway results in saving up to 50%-90% of the cost which is really an impressive amount! Thus hiring legal attorneys from the outsourcing company seem quite a practical and economical approach. Not only the law firm saves money but it can be sure of best standard service within the limited time frame.