8 Medical Record Retrieval Tips for Busy Personal Injury Lawyers!

Medical Record Retrieval

Every now and then, minor or major accidents take place in the interiors and exteriors of a place, along with incidents of emotional or mental disturbances, resulting in personal injuries. To help such people get compensated against the mistake of the person responsible for the accident/incident, lawyers come forward for providing personal injury litigation support. However, they need accurate medical records for winning the trial, and medical record retrieval is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Apart from this, a good amount of expertise and experience are needed to retrieve, secure, and organize the sheer volume of medical data. The following [...]

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How can Law Firms Overcome Emerging Challenges in Business Development?

Business Development Challenges by Law Firms

Law firms have become competitive than ever before, owing to the increasing demand of customers for an enhanced and personalized service and the changing market trends due to technological innovations. Amidst all this, business sustainability is quite an achievement for law firms, which is followed by business development as by leveraging growth opportunities only, can a law firm gain an edge over its competitors. Today, business development is not just about having more billable hours; it is all about marketing and branding yourself in the market. So, let’s get started and throw some light on the same! Challenges Faced by [...]

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The Importance of Contract Management for Growing Businesses: Experts’ Opinions

The Importance of Contract Management for Growing Businesses: Experts’ Opinions

For any business, reputation is everything. And it very much depends upon how well you stay in compliance with contracts. Your business is more likely at risk of getting its reputation hampered if you miss contractual obligations. If you are running a growing company, you would know the value of repeated business opportunities as they help you meet your business objectives. Failing to complete a business contract is a sign of poor contract management, which can do irreversible damage to your business. Therefore, let’s read what experts say about the importance of contract management for growing businesses. 1. Contracts: The [...]

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Data Breach Litigation Preparation: What Measures Law firms Need To Consider?

Data Breach Litigation Support

If there is one thing that holds enormous importance in this digital world is nothing but data. Today, almost every firm has gone digital, and so has gone data of its clients. When it comes to the law firms, the significance of data held by them is a lot since it can directly impact the judgment of a case. According to the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), from Jan 1, 2020, California became the first state in the United States of America to allow its residents to claim statutory damages in case of a data breach with respect to their [...]

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8 Strategies to Protect Your Intellectual Property (IP) from Infringement!

Intellectual Property

The world is driven by change and innovation. This is the reason individuals and businesses are trying hard to come up with new business models, effective strategies, and inventions that can help streamline internal processes and aid business growth. If something good is created by someone, others try and copy the same. However, this is like taking the rewards of someone who has invested a lot of effort and time in coming up with an invention without his consent. This is where intellectual property (IP) rights come in. It is the area of law that revolves around the protection of [...]

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