Top 5 Mistakes Lawyers Commit while Contract Drafting!

Contract Drafting Services

Drafting contract is the practice of evaluating and writing down the terms and conditions of the agreements/contracts with absolute detailing. This is specifically written in order to provide a clear insight into the contract to the signing parties and other readers. It is vital for both the parties to accurately understand the legal terms mentioned in the contract as any misunderstanding might pave way to a conflict in the future. Due to the complexities involved in drafting an error-free contract, bringing in the professional expertise of an attorney is recommended. But, ‘to err is human’ and this holds true for [...]

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Guidelines for Contract Drafting Agreements for Independent Contractors

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Independent contractor agreements are agreements drafted by companies while hiring contractors for a short period and they are different from your regular permanent employees. It is important to have a well-written contract with an independent contractor because of the many differences that exist between a trusted employee and an independent contractor about whom you don’t know much. Consider some points while drafting and hiring an independent contract  drafting service provider or contractor: Training: Training workers by making them work with one of your employees and attend meetings will help the worker understand the work and the process he is required to [...]

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