9 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in a Document Review Process!

Legal Document review

The document review process holds immense importance during litigation and is considered to be an expensive and labor-intensive task. It constitutes one of the major stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). The documents concerned with the litigation are assessed carefully for their responsiveness and relevance. The lawyers who review the documents must review them one by one to know the kind of information they contain and how useful that information is to the case. Adding tags, such as ‘hot’, ‘important’, ‘negative’, etc., help in collecting the most valuable information for the later use during the trial. 9 Common [...]

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Contract Management Services- Smart Manipulations of Preface of Business Deals

Contract Management

It is a cult quote to say ‘time is money’. In this quick-paced global market, deals are sealed in a wink of an eye. It is, then, utterly a wastage of time by going through epic writing on contract management with full of convoluted tropes and esoteric legal terminologies. We better leave the whole task of comprehending the service level or the primary contract to a trusted contract management services agency which is a generally ignored source of getting a cost saving, revenue pumping, and peace-bringing deal and indulge ourselves in other prolific business. Requirement of Contract Management: A general perception [...]

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Managing Legal Contracts in the Modern Enterprise

Legal Contract Management

Today, there is a rising need for corporations to implement rigorous legal contract management doctrines, especially contracts with third parties, to make sure that legal and regulatory requirements are carried out efficiently within the scope and constraints of the agreement. The ‘sign and forget’ attitude is a growing trend in today’s firms due to which many corporations’ are facing corruption and their bottom line is being severely affected. Signed paper copies of contracts that detail clauses, commitments, and obligations are required to be stored and preserved. The management of a contract needs to happen over its complete life cycle, which [...]

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