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India – A Secure Destination for Legal Outsourcing

India today is an economic powerhouse and has been slowly climbing the rankings of agencies that grade countries on the basis of their financial standing and credibility. But few know that there is another field where India has made its mark and is today considered as the global leaders. This is the outsourcing industry where the country has risen to such high levels that any company or sector wanting to spin off its services to professionals with towering benchmarks of excellence considers India as the first option.

This is regardless of the industry or sector that you might think of. The range of services offered by Indian outsourcing agencies include insurance, accounts and bookkeeping, data entry and IT services and legal processes. The meteoric rise has been partly due to the enhanced levels of output offered, something that is at par with if not better than what would have been done in-house. Most importantly, the cost effective rates prevailing in India makes it a very attractive outsourcing destination.

If legal outsourcing services have to be considered, India is definitely on top of the pile. But before going into the details, a quick look at why it is beneficial to outsource litigation matters and its allied functions will be in order. The recession and crash of the global economies of the world in the not too distant past flooded law firms with cases but without the financial strength and power to add more highly paid lawyers to their rolls to deal with the incremental. The only way out was to outsource certain activities at affordable rates and this is how LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) became a force to reckon with.

The legal activities that are normally outsourced include all repetitive and tedious tasks like research, writing and documentation which of course no lawyer can do without while preparing his brief. Given this scenario, why is it that India keeps repeatedly cropping up when the hunt is on for a top global legal outsourcing company. Litigation services being outsourced if placed along with what India has to offer will make the picture very clear.

  • Savings in costs – It is an acknowledged fact that the cost of litigation services in the Western countries especially the USA is very high because the expense of supporting the legal process is more. Lawyers are very well paid and even young apprentices fresh out of college entrusted with research and writing too charge heavily. This increases the overall cost of legal work. If even a part of it is reduced, the savings can be better utilized by the firms to focus on valued clients and offer competitive fees.

Why India – By and large, the salary of LPO lawyers are below the $10,000 a year mark. Add to this low wages and costs which enable Indian outsourcing companies to offer services at one-tenth to one-third of the costs that any midsized Western law firms would charge per hour.

  • Superior quality of work – As discussed before, the bulk of the outsourcing work consists of providing legal support services such as drafting of memoranda, legal research and writing, contract and document review and discovery and patent services. These are generally entrusted to those who are fresh in this profession and have minimal skills and experience as the hourly costs will be low. This has a bearing on the standard of output.

Why India – A legal outsourcing company in India attracts the best, the brightest, and the most talented lawyers who are well conversant with the finer nuances of laws of other countries. This naturally makes their work a cut above the rest, one reason why India is a secure and favorite destination for those desirous of outsourcing legal services.

  • Speed of services offered – Lawyers are perpetually short of time. This is because legal cases do not line up in an orderly queue but run simultaneously in court rooms. Added to this confusion are clients’ queries and preparation of fresh cases. This makes it imperative that research, writing and drafting be completed in the minimum time possible and new cases be readied for trial at the earliest. Outsourcing then is the only answer to this ISSUE.

Why India – The time differential between India and the USA or other Western countries facilitates quick preparation and finalization of background work. Requirements can be uploaded at the end of day in the originating countries. Legal outsourcing services will be processing it during the day in India. When the processed task is uploaded back to the USA it is opening of business hours there. It is similar to making more number of hours work for you in a day.

These are the reasons why more and more law firms and legal departments of blue chip companies have chosen India as a secure destination for outsourcing legal services.

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Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing Trends in 2015

The act of practicing law is transforming at an exponential rate and clients do not easily digest the increase in billing rates without probing. To maintain existing clients and attain new ones, companies are required to put forward exceptional cost-saving techniques. One such technique is to engage the services of a legal outsourcing company offering world-class services at affordable rates. There are many Indian outsourcing companies that are operational 24/7 and are also working in the ‘down time’ of the United States.

Nevertheless, clients are usually delivered the work assignment at the beginning of the next working day. The most common legal outsourcing services these days are eDiscovery, document review, drafting, legal research and writing, transcription services, and many more.

Legal outsourcing offers a win-win situation for both the law firm and the outsourcing service provider. The employees of the law firms can pay attention to the core value work while the outsourcing company takes care of the routine tasks. Outsourcing not only fulfils the requirements of the legal industry, it also makes the practice of law much easier and exciting.

The Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs) in India have been progressing at a rapid pace and have witnessed a high growth rate. As per one the latest surveys, currently, there are more than 25,000 professional law graduates who are working in several LPOs across India.

The Indian LPO industry’s growth rate is quite fast as compared to the other countries. Now, every outsourcing business firm is anticipating on investing largely in the systems, procedures and security to safeguard the primary aspect of their business i.e. Security and Confidentiality of the Data. Undoubtedly, clients’ now-a-days pay utmost attention to the business confidentiality and it is one of the key considerations when planning to outsource.

The growth in the LPO industry has been tremendous as the LPO that started with 5-10 employees a year ago have now improved their employee strength to about 500. The LPO industry is likewise going through a similar phase just as the BPOs, which multiplied considerably in the recent past. The future of the legal outsourcing industry can be best determined by the following facts:

• As per the Forrester Incorporation, jobs in this field are going to reach the mark of 79,000 by the end of 2015.

• According to Evalueserve, the Indian LPO service providers would incur a revenue of $960 million by 2016.

• According to the Forrester Incorporation, the present value of legal process outsourcing is $85m, which is roughly 3 percent of the estimated market.

• Forrester Incorporation suggests that the present value of legal process outsourcing in India alone is $60m of the total.

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So, what are you thinking? It’s the right time to outsource your mundane tasks to a reliable legal outsourcing company in India and reap all the benefits.

Legal outsourcing trends in 2016

Legal Outsourcing Trends and Possibilities 2016

In the present business and commercial scenario, whichever way one chooses to look, there is no denying the importance of the ever growing outsourcing sector. It has been the trend over the last decade or so and will continue to develop exponentially in 2016 too. There has been a shift in the dynamics of international trade and that includes the outsourcing industry.

However, it is seen that the lead has been taken by legal outsourcing services due to certain specific factors. The global financial meltdown saw even some supposedly strong economies of the world take a hit not to speak of the millions affected by this upheaval. Suddenly law firms the world over were inundated with people seeking relief from bankruptcies and litigation initiated by lending companies. Unable to cope with the rush, they found that the only way out was to resort to outsourcing. And they also found that a legal outsourcing company could help them absorb the pressure while they focused on core activities.

What then are the legal outsourcing trends and possibilities for 2016?

Competitive pricing – The cost of providing high-value services by legal firms at a fraction of the prevailing cost will become a reality thanks to enhanced legal outsourcing opportunities. The level of expertise provided by legal outsourcing is on the rise and more and more law firms will take advantage of this scenario to spin off such activities as research and documentation. The wage differential between offshore legal outsourcing services and what associates and paralegals of the outsourcing countries charge will be an added and attractive proposition to law firms around the world.

Enhanced business opportunities – Small legal firms and individual legal practitioners will take on cases that even in the not too distant past were beyond their capacity because of the quantum of processing that was required in such cases. Now, the proficiency, level of professionalism and cheap rates offered by legal outsourcing agencies will ensure that small firms too will opt for increased business as they can outsource a more mundane task. This will have a cascading effect and result in an increase in the legal outsourcing business.

Direct liaison with top companies – There is a flip side to the legal outsourcing scenario which is today in a nascent stage but is bound to grow exponentially in 2016. With the obvious advantages of hiring a legal outsourcing company, top companies, more specifically those in the Fortune 500 category will directly get on this bandwagon to reap the benefits. They have legal teams on their payrolls but will prefer to reduce billing costs by dealing directly with the outsourcing company. In this way, the go-between (legal firm) will be affected but the growth of outsourcing agencies will remain unhindered. By having a local law firm simply stamp its approval on the outsourced work, any restrictions on the unauthorized practice of law can be circumvented. This is especially true for the United States.

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These then are the legal outsourcing trends and possibilities likely to emerge in 2016. But whatever way one looks at it, all leads point to a strong and fast growing legal outsourcing industry.

outsourcing legal services

Is Your Data Secure While Outsourcing Legal Services?

In the present legal scenario, a growing trend is outsourcing legal services to third party providers. This has helped law firms around the world in a number of ways. The first is decrease of costs of legal services without compromising on the quality of services. This has in turn led to increase in profit margins for the law firms which can then offer competitive rates to their clients. By outsourcing repetitive and tedious tasks, lawyers can focus on the more important court appearances and analysis of materials collected by researchers.

A few examples will prove this point. Immigration lawyers outsource preparation of forms necessary for processing the case. Civil litigators largely spin off records research and review while class action lawsuits might entail parceling out the work of sending notices and claims classification. Structuring of initial drafts of contracts as well as due diligence work is mainly outsourced by transactional lawyers. With the stabilization of the legal outsourcing sector and its exponential growth after the global financial meltdown, even complex work such as writing of an appellate brief is being outsourced. All these require high skill sets and an enhanced level of professional expertise.

However, there is one common thread that runs through all of them and that is the need for stringent security systems in place at the outsourced agency so that the privacy of client data is fully assured. This is one aspect that is taken very seriously by lawyers while evaluating the competence levels of outsourced agencies.

How do lawyers make sure that data will be secure when outsourcing legal services

• Evaluating security levels – Evaluating the data security infrastructure provided by the outsourced agency is of utmost importance. However, this depends on the type of work being outsourced as security and privacy requirements of all data are not standardized. If research work is being outsourced or even preparation of write-up on a legal issue, the level of data security that has to be in place will be comparatively low as facts related to it are already inbuilt in laws and in public domain. But stringent data security setup has to be insisted upon in such matters as immigration, taxation or bankruptcy litigation.

• Strictly following outsourcing norms – Amidst growing concerns of data security, lawyers should strictly follow the rules as laid down by statutory bodies when outsourcing legal services. This is in addition to lawyers’ obligation to maintain client confidentiality. By asking a few questions and checking the infrastructure in place before signing on the outsourcing contract can solve a few problems. Some common points are – do employees sign confidentiality agreements, whether strict supervision and quality control checks on data security is being regularly carried out, procedures in place for ensuring security of private data and those in place for preventing physical theft or misuse of data. Most importantly, has the company ever faced any security breach in the past and if so measures taken to plug the leaks.

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Apart from legal firms, companies outsourcing their legal processes should be extra cautious about data security because of the present environment of rampant business espionage.

Litigation Support Outsourcing Services

How Can Paralegal & Litigation Support Outsourcing Services Prove to be Beneficial?

A law firm or individual solicitors would considerably benefit by choosing the services rendered by a legal outsourcing company offering paralegal support services. The paralegal and litigation support outsourcing services assist the attorneys in staying focused on their key competency fields without being concerned regarding the procedural issues such as obtaining background details, drafting legal documents as well as letters, proofreading, researching, summarizing depositions and documents, arranging data and so on. Paralegals are competent in several practice areas of law and possess a solid knowledge concerning the manner in which the legal system succeeds, the characteristics that allow them to function as a virtual assistant.

Paralegal support services are undoubtedly a major resource for legal in addition to non-legal businesses. Outsourcing firms feature a skilled and veteran team of paralegals that can be utilized in a number of functions.

Below outlined are a few of the areas where paralegal support services facilitates attorneys:

  • Bankruptcy situations
  • Business Law
  • Litigation
  • Corporate cases
  • Criminal Law
  • Collections
  • Immigration
  • Personal injuries Injures
  • Intellectual Property
  • Family Legislation
  • Housing Law
  • Foreclosures

The legal process outsourcing industry is growing considerably and enjoying a crucial role in business mergers and acquisitions. The majority of large-scale companies have their own legal division while outsourcing companies offering litigation support services are catering to the legal requirements of small as well as mid-sized across the globe. Legal firms and litigators normally have insufficient time to look at and analyze long transcripts and need a short and well-presented summary. The assortment of paralegal and litigation services is increasing gradually with time.

Legal outsourcing companies can likewise personalize solutions in accordance with the particular requirements of their clients. With a growing amount of attorneys and cases, the number of legal support companies is furthermore escalating. Litigation outsourcing companies make use of a variety of strategies like document imaging, converting of audio and video clips, duplicating and deposition resources, etc. Litigation and paralegal outsourcing services specialists recuperate, study, examine and symbolize the data requested by legal firms, individual attorneys, corporations and public defenders.

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The most crucial service provided by outsourcing companies is the preparation and paperwork of evidence which assists the attorneys in the course of the court hearings and dealings. The litigation process generally begins with a grievance and the document including particulars of the grievance. Litigation and paralegal outsourcing companies assist solicitors concentrate their precious time and hard work on their primary job and effectively and dependably manage their managerial responsibilities for them. Legal service providers continue to stay in demand for their economical, rapid and precise legal services. Their professionals can be appointed for as much period of time as obligated by the job or till the time a trial concludes.

Social Media

Social Media and its Impact on the Legal Industry

Social media has totally changed the manner in which people talk to each other as well as socialize. It has emerged as an integral part of the daily regimen for the majority of the people nowadays. The amount of persons making use of social media is multiplying by leaps and bounds and so is the situation with companies also. Nevertheless, the extent to which legal experts have accepted social media continues to be uncertain. It is pointed out that the market has totally changed its frame of mind and is benefiting from the latest networking techniques. A fairly recent study regarding the usage of social media marketing in the legal sector by LexisNexis discloses that 81% of the respondents actually have put to use social media marketing while another 10.1% of the respondents state they look forward to using social media for promotional purposes within the following 6 months.

It is certainly not only marketing that is getting impacted by social media but it is utilized in litigation additionally to obtain evidences that can be imperative in determining the specifics of a case. Recently, social networking evidences happened to be crucial aspect in a huge selection of cases. It has aided in figuring out the mental condition of an individual, evidence of location as well as situation etc. The civil process specifications and the litigation rules define that digital documents that may be required can incorporate instant messages and consequently material from social media websites.

Attorneys are choosing social media websites to intensify their professional network, obtain recent market updates and to always keep an eye on what can impact their clients’ interest. Commercial networking website LinkedIn bears numerous groups wherein attorneys enroll in and network with like-minded individuals. There are groups specifically for in-house attorneys, general counsels along with other legal specialists where non legal professionals are not permitted to sign up for. Mobile apps on smartphones are also playing a vital role. Attorneys become more relaxed using their thumbs rather than making use of all their fingers on the keyboards.

Growing competition continually provides an upper hand to the customers. With the advent of Legal Services Act, the competition is defined to increase. The people who are not making use of social media must take into consideration about changing their attitudes and also be open for networking by means of distinct channels of interaction as change is the necessity of the hour for survival. Be it any legislative variation or perhaps any kind of major occurring in the legal industry, it advances like fire in the jungle and all stemming from the effect of social media in our everyday life. Undoubtedly, it has turned out to be an inseparable part of the marketing methods of not merely law firms but also for almost all the establishments.

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LSW is a premier legal outsourcing company offering its clients round-the-clock services, such as Litigation Support Services, Legal Research Services, Paralegal Services and Contract Review Services. Contact us today and start your free trial!

Outsourcing Legal Services

Don’t Commit These Mistakes When Outsourcing Legal Services

A large number of legal companies these days take into consideration the utilization of offshore resources on account of the substantial cost savings, especially on wages. The cost savings usually are passed through to the bottom line or, much more consistently, accustomed to increase extra organizational assets to cultivate the capabilities together with the potential of the business.

While there are major financial benefits which can flow in from the introduction of a legal outsourcing company, nevertheless, taking a downright economic strategy to precisely how your idea is executed and not investing in the time to perform things appropriately, has a tendency to cost more as opposed to help you save money over the long haul.

Inefficient Change Management Approach:

Substantial thoughts have to be put into how your idea to outsource legal support services may have an effect on your local team and the way you are going to convey the entire strategy to them. Failing to get this correct can bring about local staff turnover and considerable opposition to the execution of your decision to outsource. Decisions around whether your local team will be made extraneous with their jobs getting offshored or whether your business is only going to look for ways to include extra resource offshore, have to be made rapidly and conveyed evidently to the team to keep away from predicaments.

Decreased Cultural Awareness:

Don’t undervalue the outcomes of failing to recognize cultural differences. Any kind of valuable legal outsourcing approach must consist of training courses geared toward both increasing the knowledge of local staff to the cultural nuisances of the off-shore company and similarly instructing the offshore staff regarding the local cultural peculiarities.

Rushing it:

One of the things that can undoubtedly be assured with any legal outsourcing strategies is the fact that you will confront teething problems. In this case, it is crucial to never rush the procedure and to spend your time to slowly build an understanding regarding the way in which things ideally operate and after a while, increase the scope of your outsourced project.

As you go along, it is essential to handle the expectations of all shareholders that includes staff also. In cases where staff along with the other parties that are associated with managing the outsourced project are told from the very start to look forward to issues and delays, it is quite possible that they will offer you the time and assistance to deal with these problems when (and if) they arise.

Poor Support from Local Team:

When your initial step is to make staff extraneous and shift their functions to another legal outsourcing company, you will probably find it hard to gain support from your local staff for your approach. On the other hand, when your initial step is to introduce the outsourcing company to release bottlenecks or incorporate services which you are not able to manage locally, you will have greater chances of obtaining all the desired support.

At the end of the day, substantial gains can be experienced from a nicely executed outsourcing approach. If you are concentrating on the most inexpensive method to outsource your legal support services and are not ready to shell out the required time and cash essential to make things run smoothly, you might end up ruining your entire offshoring strategy.

Legal Outsourcing

How to Simplify the Process of Legal Outsourcing?

The legal process outsourcing sector has introduced a lot of innovative ways to revolutionize the industry standards in the last decade. Small and large-scale legal companies have been busy finding the right approach to overcome both short as well as long-term hurdles. They’ve been able to conquer most of the challenges thrown at them. Like any other sector, there are some common issues that have marred the growth pattern. The best practice is to take help of a well-recognized company offering legal support services.

Participate in Day-to-day Activities:

You should know that job is not complete by merely outsourcing legal processes. Your role is to overview things and guide the legal outsourcing company from time to time. The biggest task is to ensure that quality guidelines are followed and work is delivered on time.

Define Business Goals, Clearly:

Both the sides should have a clear understanding of the financial goals. They should know what they’re trying to achieve and obstacles expected in the way. You should show the bigger picture by making the outsourcing team aware of the bonus points they can earn by achieving the target.

Prepare and Share a List of Points:

The first task is to provide as much information as you can to the offshore team. You should share the information regarding the nature of your business to help them accomplish the task well on time. They can learn a lot of things from your experience.

Track Progress at Every Step:

Every professional is accountable for the task he or she has been assigned. However, you still need to go ahead and make sure that they’re doing the work, as expected. The golden rule is to ask for weekly reports and focus on areas requiring improvement.

Specify Key Points to Gather Attention:

You should never forget that offshore team members belong to a different country and culture. It becomes important to discuss all key points in detail prior to starting the project. It would take time for both the sides to develop a level of comfort and confidence.

Have Clear Conversation and Use Straight Tone:

Law firms or experts who’re outsourcing legal services should follow a straightforward approach. There are chances that they miss one thing while trying to pay attention to another. They can minimize the risk factor of doing something wrong by having a clear conversation with the legal outsourcing company. The communication between both the sides should be on a regular basis and one must discuss all the issues that they’re facing with the offshore team.

Set the Alarm for End Date:

There is one thing that causes severe damage to both the law firm as well as the legal outsourcing company. There can be several reasons for missing the deadline. It is better to monitor and keep a track of things on a daily or weekly basis. It becomes your primary responsibility to share the feedback with the outsourcing company if they’re missing small deadlines or running behind the schedule.

Reward Good Work, Timely:

Legal firms often overlook the need to reward good work. You should reward the outsourcing team as and when they achieve their predetermined targets. It would encourage them to perform better and finish up the project on a timely basis.


Legal Outsourcing Companies- From the Vantage Point of Marketability

It is not only stupid of thinking to pass on a few naive things such as documentation or indexing to an overseas company in the wake of overrun of work in your own firm; but also an ideation that could have shown you the doors calling curtains untimely to your career if it were a couple of decades back. The scenario has shifted drastically post the global financial crisis since legal consultancy firms have been prodded by the general counsels and by others to cut down on expenditure to steadfast the floating profit. The Legal outsourcing companies or corporations simply have lapped up the dire situation of the prominent as well as small time firms overseas. It is now has become more of a need that companies now setting up project management team to supervise the provision of outsourced team for ensuring time bound delivery but can’t think beyond legal process outsourcing (LPO).

Credentials of LPOs:

People are yet a bit hesitant to show confidence on the offshore law houses with legal tasks as they fear the safety of data and the time frame difference. Still the global market share of $440 million USD the Legal outsourcing company services have been estimated at, speaks highly of the credibility of the far away law firms. Although not contained to, the legal outsourcers, by and large, are offered with-

  • Paralegal works like completion of the plaintiff’s firm

  • Patent and acquisitions review
  • E-discovery by title or database search
  • Litigation support
  • And also legal research chores like preparing research memos.

Market prospects from India standpoint:

The emergence of Indian Legal outsourcing companies as hot spot for offshoring has seen a giant leap in last 3 to 4 years. After a brief sabbatical during recession, Indian market’s yearly growth in the last 5 years is an impressive 8.2%. It is reported by Fronterion LLC that India and Philippines are posed to generate $960 million USD by 2015 which is staggeringly more than double of total market value of legal outsource. Companies like LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD, understanding the future opportunities, has established dedicated operation center in India to tap the market. The abundance of quality law graduates; patience to carry out meticulous tasks like filing all the data in a timeline manner and proficiency in lingual skill have strengthened India’s position as one of the leading producers of Legal outsourcing companies.

Offshore v/s Onshore:

In comparisons to overseas Legal outsourcing companies, onshore market is small, less-rewarding and is going through a budding phase. A handful of things that are pro- onshore outsourcing are:

  • Almost similar time frame and closer geographic location ascertain better delivery satisfaction and comfortable correspondence with the client due to close accent.

  • The risk of data leakage is substantially low for contracting out to on-shore firms.

After taking all these factors together, offshore companies have two prime advantages as follows:

  • A permanent cost reduction
  • Guarantee of streamline workflow due to simultaneous tasking in different branches.

The testimonial of such assertions is the fact that Indian legal consultancy names like LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD handle almost 65% of US’s net outsourced legal works.

Resource Box:

Among the many market players in Indian Legal outsourcing business, LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD has carved a niche with its superior legal and para legal services. Our expertise confronts clients’ standard and the attorney-client privilege.