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Is Your Data Secure While Outsourcing Legal Services?

In the present legal scenario, a growing trend is outsourcing legal services to third party providers. This has helped law firms around the world in a number of ways. The first is decrease of costs of legal services without compromising on the quality of services. This has in turn led to increase in profit margins for the law firms which can then offer competitive rates to their clients. By outsourcing repetitive and tedious tasks, lawyers can focus on the more important court appearances and analysis of materials collected by researchers.

A few examples will prove this point. Immigration lawyers outsource preparation of forms necessary for processing the case. Civil litigators largely spin off records research and review while class action lawsuits might entail parceling out the work of sending notices and claims classification. Structuring of initial drafts of contracts as well as due diligence work is mainly outsourced by transactional lawyers. With the stabilization of the legal outsourcing sector and its exponential growth after the global financial meltdown, even complex work such as writing of an appellate brief is being outsourced. All these require high skill sets and an enhanced level of professional expertise.

However, there is one common thread that runs through all of them and that is the need for stringent security systems in place at the outsourced agency so that the privacy of client data is fully assured. This is one aspect that is taken very seriously by lawyers while evaluating the competence levels of outsourced agencies.

How do lawyers make sure that data will be secure when outsourcing legal services

• Evaluating security levels – Evaluating the data security infrastructure provided by the outsourced agency is of utmost importance. However, this depends on the type of work being outsourced as security and privacy requirements of all data are not standardized. If research work is being outsourced or even preparation of write-up on a legal issue, the level of data security that has to be in place will be comparatively low as facts related to it are already inbuilt in laws and in public domain. But stringent data security setup has to be insisted upon in such matters as immigration, taxation or bankruptcy litigation.

• Strictly following outsourcing norms – Amidst growing concerns of data security, lawyers should strictly follow the rules as laid down by statutory bodies when outsourcing legal services. This is in addition to lawyers’ obligation to maintain client confidentiality. By asking a few questions and checking the infrastructure in place before signing on the outsourcing contract can solve a few problems. Some common points are – do employees sign confidentiality agreements, whether strict supervision and quality control checks on data security is being regularly carried out, procedures in place for ensuring security of private data and those in place for preventing physical theft or misuse of data. Most importantly, has the company ever faced any security breach in the past and if so measures taken to plug the leaks.

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Apart from legal firms, companies outsourcing their legal processes should be extra cautious about data security because of the present environment of rampant business espionage.

Outsourcing Legal Drafting

Outsourcing Legal Drafting is a Wise Choice – Here’s Why?

Opting for outsourcing legal drafting services by business establishments which commonly need and utilize any kind of legal documents such as employment contracts, sale or purchase contracts or leases and contracts oftentimes turns out to be an extremely wise choice. A lot of companies are lacking a separate legal division and make an effort to draft the documents on their own, which possibly uses up a considerable amount of time or might result in errors triggering devastating outcomes. Making use of expert and qualified drafting services guarantees that your work is going to be carried out in a correct manner and in a reduced amount of time.

Generally, large-scale legal firms and regional solicitors do not focus on drafting work and those that do usually ask for a crazy amount. As a result, one of the most effective alternatives is to outsource legal drafting services to an offshore company. Certain internet sites likewise offer free of cost software programs or tools for specific drafting preferences however they are generally not 100% precise. Whilst, a few other sites contain huge databases of free legal documents that can be saved and printed after which the users can make the required modifications or complete the blank areas according to necessity; however these techniques are merely a solution for straightforward and general documents.

Legal drafting is an exhaustive procedure which demands paying close attention to details to generate error-free immaculate documents. Legal drafting procedure takes care of editing, proofreading, copy editing documents and reviewing for errors in pre-drafted documents and then re-drafting them as needed. Attorneys, judges as well as other legal workers handling exclusive or complicated documents give preference to outsourcing their drafting work to expert legal process outsourcing companies for their comfort.

With far-reaching hands on practical knowledge, outsourcing companies offer customized solutions at economical costs with a quick turnaround time. These companies will often be able to perform faster as compared to a solicitor since they are actually knowledgeable about the areas of law and do not have to perform an intensive research to be able to get the job done.

Legal Drafting Services Provided By Outsourcing Companies:

  • Writing of summons as well as deposition notices

  • Drafting of deposition queries and parameters

  • Drafting of terms and conditions and also motions

  • Making interrogatories

  • Drafting, re-drafting and proofreading of aesthetic real estate documents

  • Composing memorandums of law

  • Analyzing, reviewing, consolidating, indexing and systematizing legal documents

  • Examining and preparing responses

  • Drafting briefs and legal memoranda

  • Drafting letters in accordance with the client’s directions

  • Drafting discovery documents

  • Drafting letters of settlement and compensation contracts

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Businesses offering specialist and skilled legal drafting services are seasoned and capable of offering customized solutions for various necessities of the numerous clients.

Legal Support Services

What to Take Care of When Outsourcing Legal Support Services?

In today's economic system, lots of firms are switching over to Legal Process Outsourcing Companies on account of their capability to provide quick and cost-efficient legal support services at a reduced cost.

Nevertheless, there are numerous worthy things to consider which are exclusive to LPO companies, such as chances of disclosure of confidential data, inadvertent waiver of attorney-client opportunity as well as client consent specifications. Nevertheless, the major concern is related to the illegal practice of law, because a lot of the individuals carrying out the work at the LPO Company might not be certified to pursue law in the proper jurisdiction or perhaps might not be attorneys at all. However, there are a lot of companies in India that hire legal staff who hold a valid license to pursue legal career.

Six bar associations, which includes the ABA standing committee on ethics as well as specialized accountability have dispensed views regarding this issue. Each of them have claimed that the attorney may outsource legal support services and simultaneously adhere to his or her ethical duties, as long as particular conditions are fulfilled.

All together, the viewpoints dispensed to date recommend that attorneys can ethically get involved with an LPO company to outsource legal support services, as long as they:

  1. Appropriately administer the work being carried out by the outsourcing company;

  2. Ascertain the client's privacy is taken care of;

  3. Prevent clashes of interest when outsourcing;

  4. Charge the clients suitably for services carried out by their staff;

  5. Demonstrate the client the outsourcing concept whenever relevant.

From the above necessities, the most crucial obligation is to work out ideal supervision.

The main points are this- the administration must be direct as well as purposeful, and the attorney should perform practical research to make sure the outsourcing company is adequately in a position to complete the outsourced projects.

Let alone all the above statements, Legal Support World is a premier outsourcing company offering legal support services to several clients worldwide. We only hire legal professionals who are graduates in Law and hold a valid license to carry out legal tasks. Call us today or shoot an email to understand more about what we can offer you.

Legal Process Outsourcing

FACT: Large Numbers of Law Firms are Now Opting for Legal Process Outsourcing

A rising trend in the area of law is the utilization of Legal Process Outsourcing. An impetus behind this is the increasing amount of data which ought to be taken into account in day-to-day litigations as well as research. The expense of administration of this data, in several cases, has got uncontrollable.

A large number of corporate legal departments have experienced their financial budgets slashed, particularly during the last 2 years. Several corporate legal divisions and legal firms are unable to determine an approach to perform as much or more with significantly less and many have ventured into legal process outsourcing companies.

We are additionally observing a lot of mid-sized firms that previously did not have accessibility to particular markets for the reason that they did not possess the assets or spectrum for substantial issues, partnering with LPOs to enter into new lines of business from which they earlier perceived themselves precluded.

The major driver of that financial savings is the labor arbitrage. The assets that are being utilized to perform these legal support services, which were historically being carried out in the firms, are now being accomplished at a considerably lower price by the LPOs. It really is that difference which steers the appeal of an LPO. The legal outsourcing companies can provide superior rates since they have lesser overhead and for the reason that they concentrate on legal services.

It is crucial that you keep in mind that today's financial benefits are not tomorrow's financial benefits. Clients constantly desire higher and higher financial savings. Since the LPO Company focuses on legal services, it may also provide you with process improvements that can maneuver the service provider's capacity to continue providing further cost efficiencies.

Partnering with an LPO could also help companies and attorneys in litigation budgeting. A lot of LPO service providers put forward fixed prices that can help a client in estimation of the expenses.

With the help of an legal process outsourcing company, lots of firms are seeking out value-added services that assist keeping costs consistent and are obtaining a great deal of benefits for the lower costs they are spending.

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Legal Support World offers legal support services via certified attorneys who bring to you their knowledge and experience to fulfill your individual requirements. We can help you maximize your capabilities, reduce operational costs and all these at very affordable prices. Shoot us an email today at info@legalsupporworld.com and we’ll get back to you as early as we can. We are always happy to help you!


Dealing With Legal Process Outsourcing Companies in India

The Legal process outsourcing companies abbreviated as LPO is serving the country in all possible ways. The Legal process outsourcing companies are slowly becoming a part of the national economy as the profession is making some big steps towards success. The clients for such companies are mainly some international law firms or some attorney in the American or in the European court. The lawyers in many cases fail to make some time for the secondary and the tertiary legal activities with which they can never make it through to the winning podium in the court of law. The legal requirements never can be predicted before hand, hence the lawyers had to find out some way by which they can make the things work in their favor.

The Legal process outsourcing companies serving the clients in any way they want:

The Legal process outsourcing companies had been serving the clients according to their needs, wants and preferences. The clients to these LPO’s demand legal documents and other legal activities which need to be done. But the lawyers in the American and the European courts are unable to look into those activities as they are busy enough to overlook those activities but unfortunately the court would stop functioning. To ensure that nothing of such things happens the lawyers had been taking help of the Legal process outsourcing companies and thus presenting the cases from all the sides. The lawyers taking help of the LPO’s can fully relax as the companies will never bother them regarding anything of the work yet the work would be completed way ahead of the deadline.

The Legal process outsourcing companies assisted by the best men available:

The Legal process outsourcing companies are duly assisted by a team of well advanced and trained professionals. The workers in such LPO’s could be termed as qualified lawyers, as these personnel’s had been trained in the law schools. The professionals in the law schools get specialized in various parts and divisions of law. There are many instances where highly qualified persons are willing to take up legal process outsourcing as their profession instead of the normal regular course of law. The workers serving the LPO’s are mostly trained professionals with whom anyone can depend at any moment.

The Legal Support World a vision for the LPO’s in India:

The Legal process outsourcing companies in India is definitely making a revolution in the law industry. The Legal Support World is a true vision for any of the LPO’s running in the country. Legal Support World had been making the LPO’s in India a world class matter. The state of the art facilities and services that they had been providing marks to be a landmark in the services of the company. The Legal Support World in India serves their clients in all possible ways and all the legal activities are taken into their own hands. The activities are generally completed on time and the company allows only trained and skilled professionals to handle their projects. The workers at the beginning are tested and trained so that they are able to stand up meeting the expectation of the clients and also to maintain the highest esteem and the standard of the company.