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Things To Check Before Selecting Legal Outsourcing Services Provider

Legal process outsourcing has become extremely important in the modern scenario. Many law firms are opting for legal outsourcing services to minimize their operational costs and optimize their revenue earning potential.

But hiring the right legal support services is not as simple as it seems. Selecting wrong services could lead to complications which can prove to be difficult to handle for a law firm.

The following points should be kept in mind to ensure that the right legal outsourcing services are selected:

Go Through the LPO Provider Profile- After shortlisting the profiles on internet; you should completely go through the information mentioned on the websites of the legal outsourcing services providers to find out whether they will suit your requirement. Generally companies which offer efficient services, have information presented in an eye catching manner on their websites.

Enquire About the Type of Services Provided- The requirements of one law firm can differ from another. Moreover every outsourcing service provider doesn’t offer the same services. So you should clearly ask from the outsourcing company whether they will be able to fulfil your specific requirements.

Ask Them for the Case Studies and Sample Work- In order to ensure that you end up hiring genuine and efficient services, you must ask the outsourcing firms to display the case studies and sample works of their previous clients. If they are able to produce good evidence in this regard then the services can be hired.

Ask Them for Trial- It is difficult to withdraw the services of an outsourcing firm after entering in to a contract. So it is better to look for services which are flexible in nature. You can ask the firm for a free trial for evaluating the quality of their services. The outsourcing firms which are offering the free trial option should be preferred over other firms.

Conduct a Telephonic Interview or Video Conferencing- A personal communication is always a better option. Conducting a telephonic interview or video conference can help in getting a fair idea regarding the proficiency of the staff members. You ask questions regarding the educational background and their previous experience.

Check for Data Security and Confidentiality- For a law firm, data security is of utmost importance. Ability to ensure data security and the measures followed by the firm for this purpose should be carefully scrutinised.

Track Record- By going through the customer reviews of the outsourcing firm, you can get a fair idea regarding their track record of the outsourcing firm. Selecting an outsourcing company with a good track record will be a good option.

Service Culture- Hiring the services of a company with a good customer service would be beneficial. A company which offers regular updates and communicates in a friendly manner should be preferred.

Cost- Last but not the least, the cost of hiring the outsourcing services should be less than the cost of hiring local talent only then the decision of using third party services will be justified.

LSW (Legal Support World) is among the leading legal outsourcing companies in the world. These services are meant for enabling the law firms to concentrate on their core activities, reduce costs and maximize profits. To know more, contact us at info@legalsupportworld.com or call us at +16466882821.

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India – A Secure Destination for Legal Outsourcing

India today is an economic powerhouse and has been slowly climbing the rankings of agencies that grade countries on the basis of their financial standing and credibility. But few know that there is another field where India has made its mark and is today considered as the global leaders. This is the outsourcing industry where the country has risen to such high levels that any company or sector wanting to spin off its services to professionals with towering benchmarks of excellence considers India as the first option.

This is regardless of the industry or sector that you might think of. The range of services offered by Indian outsourcing agencies include insurance, accounts and bookkeeping, data entry and IT services and legal processes. The meteoric rise has been partly due to the enhanced levels of output offered, something that is at par with if not better than what would have been done in-house. Most importantly, the cost effective rates prevailing in India makes it a very attractive outsourcing destination.

If legal outsourcing services have to be considered, India is definitely on top of the pile. But before going into the details, a quick look at why it is beneficial to outsource litigation matters and its allied functions will be in order. The recession and crash of the global economies of the world in the not too distant past flooded law firms with cases but without the financial strength and power to add more highly paid lawyers to their rolls to deal with the incremental. The only way out was to outsource certain activities at affordable rates and this is how LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) became a force to reckon with.

The legal activities that are normally outsourced include all repetitive and tedious tasks like research, writing and documentation which of course no lawyer can do without while preparing his brief. Given this scenario, why is it that India keeps repeatedly cropping up when the hunt is on for a top global legal outsourcing company. Litigation services being outsourced if placed along with what India has to offer will make the picture very clear.

  • Savings in costs – It is an acknowledged fact that the cost of litigation services in the Western countries especially the USA is very high because the expense of supporting the legal process is more. Lawyers are very well paid and even young apprentices fresh out of college entrusted with research and writing too charge heavily. This increases the overall cost of legal work. If even a part of it is reduced, the savings can be better utilized by the firms to focus on valued clients and offer competitive fees.

Why India – By and large, the salary of LPO lawyers are below the $10,000 a year mark. Add to this low wages and costs which enable Indian outsourcing companies to offer services at one-tenth to one-third of the costs that any midsized Western law firms would charge per hour.

  • Superior quality of work – As discussed before, the bulk of the outsourcing work consists of providing legal support services such as drafting of memoranda, legal research and writing, contract and document review and discovery and patent services. These are generally entrusted to those who are fresh in this profession and have minimal skills and experience as the hourly costs will be low. This has a bearing on the standard of output.

Why India – A legal outsourcing company in India attracts the best, the brightest, and the most talented lawyers who are well conversant with the finer nuances of laws of other countries. This naturally makes their work a cut above the rest, one reason why India is a secure and favorite destination for those desirous of outsourcing legal services.

  • Speed of services offered – Lawyers are perpetually short of time. This is because legal cases do not line up in an orderly queue but run simultaneously in court rooms. Added to this confusion are clients’ queries and preparation of fresh cases. This makes it imperative that research, writing and drafting be completed in the minimum time possible and new cases be readied for trial at the earliest. Outsourcing then is the only answer to this ISSUE.

Why India – The time differential between India and the USA or other Western countries facilitates quick preparation and finalization of background work. Requirements can be uploaded at the end of day in the originating countries. Legal outsourcing services will be processing it during the day in India. When the processed task is uploaded back to the USA it is opening of business hours there. It is similar to making more number of hours work for you in a day.

These are the reasons why more and more law firms and legal departments of blue chip companies have chosen India as a secure destination for outsourcing legal services.

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If you need a top legal outsourcing firm in India, get in touch with Legal Support World. Our long years of experience and a pool of talented lawyers have made us leaders in this field today. For more information, write to info@legalsupportworld.com.

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How Your Company Can Grow With Legal Process Outsourcing?- Infographic

Due to globalization, competition level has been raising in legal industry. Everyone wants his/her business to be at top. Everyone tries the ways through which they can reduce their workload and can do more in less time. Outsourcing is one the best way to achieve such goals. Legal process outsourcing is process of outsourcing your legal work to another external organization with the benefits of customized costs and time management. Law firms and lawyers across the world are using this strategy for the ultimate growth of their business.

Have a look at this Infographic to know "How Your Company Can Grow With Legal Process Outsourcing?"

Legal process outsourcing


Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing Trends in 2015

The act of practicing law is transforming at an exponential rate and clients do not easily digest the increase in billing rates without probing. To maintain existing clients and attain new ones, companies are required to put forward exceptional cost-saving techniques. One such technique is to engage the services of a legal outsourcing company offering world-class services at affordable rates. There are many Indian outsourcing companies that are operational 24/7 and are also working in the ‘down time’ of the United States.

Nevertheless, clients are usually delivered the work assignment at the beginning of the next working day. The most common legal outsourcing services these days are eDiscovery, document review, drafting, legal research and writing, transcription services, and many more.

Legal outsourcing offers a win-win situation for both the law firm and the outsourcing service provider. The employees of the law firms can pay attention to the core value work while the outsourcing company takes care of the routine tasks. Outsourcing not only fulfils the requirements of the legal industry, it also makes the practice of law much easier and exciting.

The Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs) in India have been progressing at a rapid pace and have witnessed a high growth rate. As per one the latest surveys, currently, there are more than 25,000 professional law graduates who are working in several LPOs across India.

The Indian LPO industry’s growth rate is quite fast as compared to the other countries. Now, every outsourcing business firm is anticipating on investing largely in the systems, procedures and security to safeguard the primary aspect of their business i.e. Security and Confidentiality of the Data. Undoubtedly, clients’ now-a-days pay utmost attention to the business confidentiality and it is one of the key considerations when planning to outsource.

The growth in the LPO industry has been tremendous as the LPO that started with 5-10 employees a year ago have now improved their employee strength to about 500. The LPO industry is likewise going through a similar phase just as the BPOs, which multiplied considerably in the recent past. The future of the legal outsourcing industry can be best determined by the following facts:

• As per the Forrester Incorporation, jobs in this field are going to reach the mark of 79,000 by the end of 2015.

• According to Evalueserve, the Indian LPO service providers would incur a revenue of $960 million by 2016.

• According to the Forrester Incorporation, the present value of legal process outsourcing is $85m, which is roughly 3 percent of the estimated market.

• Forrester Incorporation suggests that the present value of legal process outsourcing in India alone is $60m of the total.

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So, what are you thinking? It’s the right time to outsource your mundane tasks to a reliable legal outsourcing company in India and reap all the benefits.

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Legal Process Outsourcing Seen As a Permanent Trend in Legal Industry

Outsourcing of specific services is a trend that has swamped nearly all major sectors of trade and commerce. The obvious benefits are being cashed in, so much so that outsourced services are almost running in tandem with mainstream services. However, it took a while for the legal sector to really imbibe the full benefits, though legal outsourcing has its roots in the 1950s when the patent process was all that was outsourced. The first hesitant steps of LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) were seen in the United States, Canada, Israel, the Philippines and India but legal process outsourcing became a permanent trend in the legal industry just after the global crisis when law firms faced a survival battle. Cost cutting became the need of the hour and what better way than to outsource selected legal services.

Even though LPO is here to stay there is a subtle difference between industries. While in such sectors as tax preparation and insurance whole chunks of activities are outsourced, in the legal sector a lot depends on whether the outsourcing is within the country or offshore. This is because basic legal work has two very important factors – research, preparation and writing of briefs and documentation on one hand and court appearances on the other. Hence, if the outsourced company is within the country comprehensive services can be delegated and legal luminaries of the parent law firm can focus exclusively on client interaction and new business. But if the outsourcing is to an offshore agency, the physical job of presenting the case in court has to be in the control of the law firm.

What then are the main areas of legal outsourcing services that have made outsourcing a permanent trend in the legal industry?

Dealing with extra work – The legal industry witnessed an exponential growth of business, especially after the global recession and melt down in recent times when even countries felt the heat. There was a rush for hiring expert and professional legal help more so for real estate industry related cases. During this period, legal firms found it advantageous to parcel out routine activities such as research and documentation and focus on representing the client in court. This enabled them to take on more business than the strength of their legal team would have permitted in normal circumstances.

•Advent of specialised outsourcing agencies - Legal process outsourcing services really took off on the back of the rise in expert service providers with each of them specializing in a particular aspect of the legal process thereby offering cutting edge efficient services. Legal firms realised that multi outsourcing their work to different authoritative firms helped them get top end quality work done at highly reduced costs. Hiring equally talented and proficient legal experts for separate areas of specialisation would definitely be a very costly proposition. 

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The points given here are just examples and not comprehensive in nature of why outsourcing is a permanent trend now in the legal industry. The common denominator running through them is that all legal outsourcing services are available at very affordable rates

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing – How Can It Help Busy Attorneys?

Considered to be one of the rising advancements in the legal sector is the outsourcing of legal support services by means of legal process outsourcing companies. Regardless if making use of the affordable services of attorneys in India, employing legal research companies, or perhaps employing contract attorneys to manage short-term legal tasks, a good deal of legal support services are nowadays being carried out by someone besides the lawyer who was in fact appointed to get it done.

In certain circumstances, the American attorney is bypassed completely. The most favored method of legal outsourcing appears to incorporate assigning of legal work to attorneys in India.


Legal process outsourcing could be an ideal way for a busy lawyer or legal firm to deal with intricate or time-consuming tasks on a more economical budget. Individual practitioners, small companies, and boutique law practices are able to take on cases which would otherwise be too significant for them to manage. Midsize and large-scale legal companies can make their billing rates a lot more competitive by getting hold of subcontracted legal support services at a reduced rate. Companies which make use of legal outsourcing discover that it offers all the benefits associated with having associates and paralegals carrying out research and document review, however at a fraction of the cost as well as without needing to employ the full-time staff.

News Propagates Swiftly:

There is certainly a negative aspect to this movement - attorneys are not the only ones who are aware of legal outsourcing. A lot of Fortune 500 businesses have taken notice of the affordable billing prices for attorneys offshore, and have abandoned the middleman (the US company) in preference of working directly with the legal outsourcing companies.

Constraints on illegal practice of law are eliminated by means of having U .S. in-house team or a local legal firm examine and authorize the outsourced tasks.

The recession has encouraged businesses to check out what they are shelling out on legal services for techniques to keep costs down. It is believed that that legal businesses may also consider LPO companies with the intention to economize and handle data for their clientele.

Mundane Chores or Complicated Work?

Legal process outsourcing companies target the more everyday but nevertheless time-intensive jobs linked to the legal practice. They are usually employed to manage voluminous discovery functions, as opposed to drafting intricate legal briefs.

Whilst the majority of the work may be mundane, that definitely cannot be claimed for all legal outsourcing tasks. Latest experiences reveal that firms and companies nowadays are entrusting Indian legal outsourcing companies not just with everyday discovery tasks, but with complicated legal briefs and court pleadings too.

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Do you view legal outsourcing as a favorable phenomenon for the legal sector, or will this simply result in a lot more American attorneys to be on the dole? Do you observe challenges in legal outsourcing? Express your insights in the comments area below.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing – A Smart Approach for Small Businesses

Legal process outsourcing is mainly deemed as an exceptionally clever as well as time-effective business approach for a lawyer; resulting into increased profit margins, reducing the client costs and improving the quality of service.

In contradiction to precisely what a lot of attorneys believe, outsourcing is not only a trend for bigger law firms. Additionally, even small companies and their potential customers can take advantage of the substantial gains by outsourcing legal support services and assignments related to Litigation Support, Contract Review, Paralegal Services or Legal Research Services, to exceptionally knowledgeable outsourcing companies who take up the project on contract basis.

Small-firm attorneys generally deal with the rising pressure from clients to reduce costs whilst not negotiating on the top quality representation. Additionally, a small firm at times loses a good opportunity to take up a new business because they are not able to shell out money or distract their attention and assets in employing, training and bearing the costs of a new associate. In wake of this kind of scenario, a growing number of small firms and solo practitioners are subcontracting tasks to veteran legal outsourcing companies.

In this article, we are going to understand how outsourcing has worked in support of small-scale legal firms and enabled them to streamline their position in the legal market!

Time-effective Techniques and Steer Clear of Work Overloads:

A well-drafted motion, pleading or perhaps brief, on the basis of a certain amount of superior quality legal research, has the ability to determine the fate of your case. However, this process is significantly cumbersome; that an attorney might not be in a position to take out plenty of time. By outsourcing a project to a legal service provider, companies can possibly re-channel their focus and energy into preparing emphatically for a case and make certain that their client receives incomparable services.

A Chance to Grab New Business:

Outsourcing definitely facilitates a lawyer to bring in more revenue! To begin with, the workload minimizes, providing him or her a longer time to carry out some extra work from new or present clients, resulting into a boost in the earnings as well as profits, and that too, without employing or having to pay a new associate.

Employing, training and paying a new associate might end up being a financial burden for a solitary or a small-firm attorney. Subcontracting the task, legal professional may gain substantially more profits whilst not making any kind of new or needless investments.

Extremely Effective Services for Maximum Client Satisfaction:

Although a few attorneys possess a proficiency in legal research; a good number of them likewise lack the time to concentrate on the recent changes in research solutions and technologies. The legal outsourcing service providers possess both capability as well as the time! They have the ability to finish off a task in the most effective and economical way. This lead to decreased attorney’s costs and in turn saving the clients’ finances (even though there is a reasonable gain for the attorney).

The point of emphasis is that the Legal process outsourcing has proven to be the smartest approach to guarantee a top notch end result, for the clients, building your credibility as an outstanding attorney!


The Upsurge Of Legal Process Outsourcing Companies

Business profession is a volatile domain. But when it comes to Legal outsourcing India, there is a perpetual sense of growth in market share as the present situation stands. Being a developing country, India is notoriously looked down upon for lagging behind in every socio-economic aspect. However the low standard of living has nothing to do with the reputation of India as a trustworthy place in contracting out a legal assignment completely or in part and this burning truth is already preached to many legal corporations in UK and USA as the foot smaller firms there are also following the large city based firms’ strategy to provision works to the major far away country in sub-continent.

LPO-The reshape of law practice:

There is always an inherent risk in off-shoring serious business like law service. Even taking all other things being equal, law professionals dread the legal process outsourcing option for a series of challenges like language obstacle, time zone difference, client comfort and an overall threat of data protection concerns. However, in the wake of economic meltdown, the law firms irrespective of its market share have shifted their outsourcing preferences from domestic corporations to overseas vendors.

Look at the east motto:

Economic downturn, in a way, is a boon in the guise of bane for the promising law graduates in Asia and non-European and non-USA countries. Move back a decade or so en route history and one would find a gaping void in the Legal Outsourcing market of today’s leaders e.g. India. Overcoming the primary skepticism regarding quality deficiency, the LPO share by the Asian vendors now command $440 million out of the estimated $400 billion USD legal market. Although it is a meager 0.1%, ValueNotes, an Indian consultancy group, puts it that India alone will notch up mind-boggling $1.6 billion revenue in 2014.

Legal outsourcing India- The brand in making:

When it comes to business, there is no place for bias. The US or European firms’ general counsels are no brainers that they will just flow away with a Mexican wave of ‘Legal outsourcing India’ trend. Albeit testified in sectors like IT, call centers, bank offices, the brand Legal outsourcing India was not an instant hit as the market revenue in 2006 was around $1.6 million soon after its inception. The country has a favorable time zone position as the time differential between India and US stands at 12 hours due to which efficient attorneys here can work in the dead of night in US and firms there would reap the benefit by submitting the task in morning developing better client relationships.

The goodwill of one-way Indian companies:

The leverage in revenue gain by the market position of Legal outsourcing India is mainly for skillful law trainees nurtured by LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD and other agencies. The company offers a two step training regime. First the apprentices undergo an all-embracive program in all technical and soft skills by market doyens and then are pitched towards assignment centric training ensuring a client-specific outcome.

Resource Box:

LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD is renowned for its legal expertise in every area of law consultancy. Our mantra is to address every detail of client’s requirement and we always strive to achieve client’s satisfaction.


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Say Yes to Legal Outsourcing For Drafts, Documents or Analysis

When your legal firm is going under immense pressure of cost increment or your hired lawyers are wasting much of their time on a few legal issues, which are not even a part of the core company business, the only way to get rid of these monotonous and laborious works is to get connected with a legal process outsourcing company from India. The very efficient and knowledgeable lawyers from India can actually help you. They would draft all your legal pleadings and make up discovery documents as well as analyze all the legal information. If this time-killing part is handed over to them, you and your firm can deliver and concentrate at your best on other core company activities.

Why should you choose India for drafting, documentation & analyzing?

  • Your firm will get the best of the skilled and qualified lawyers who all are tremendously efficient and equipped in all the legal analysis, drafting and documentation work.

  • Indian Lawyers have deep knowledge about US and UK’s legal system.

  • The thorough 24*7 service system can lead you completing all the leftover and back end work.

  • Indian lawyers are well gripped and successful at all sections of legal Outsourcing work.

  • There will be a decline of 50% operating cost of your firm by legal outsourcing to India.

  • Lawyers from India have a great command over the jurisdiction's laws and legal drafting rules.

  • As the employment cost is much lesser, you can easily control the estimated cost of the firm.

  • After taking assistance from an Indian LPO service provider, you would surely notice an increment in the company’s productivity.

The Various Kinds of Legal Outsourcing Work:

  • Organizing and maintaining the legal files

  • Preparing legal papers of deposition notices, interrogatories and subpoenas

  • Crafting the structure of deposition questions, stipulations and motions

  • Drafting of legal briefs, memoranda and discovery documents

  • Leading research on legal, non-legal and medical facts

  • Preparing  legal complaints, summons, correspondences and pleadings

  • Analyzing and preparing responses to discovery requests

  • Correcting and Proofreading of agreements previously drafted

  • Revising, identifying and arranging the legal documents

Legal Process Outsourcing

Significance of Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal process outsourcing has opened up a new domain whereby competent, dedicated and reliable service providers have come up with innovative sourcing solutions to lessen work load of legal departments, law firms and insurance companies. This article concentrates on different aspects of legal support services and how these have positively affected the legal world of countries like the United States.

US based law firms and legal advisors have benefited immensely from legal process outsourcing. Few of these advantages are discussed below:-

Reduction in expenses

Maintaining in-house legal personnel and proper infrastructure is always expensive in comparison to hiring resources from outside. By contracting out certain legal processes, the law firm can save valuable time. Since the outsourcing company charges on task basis, this allows the legal firm to save cost by picking up specific services as per requirement.

Access to qualified legal professionals

It may not be possible for a law firm to maintain skilled personnel for every department, e.g. if the firm handling litigation cases lacks expert manpower then it can outsource certain administrative support services to an external company. By contracting out, the firm can benefit from high level talent and niche expertise.

Reduction in turnaround time

US based law firms which work on pressing legal projects have profited by availing of outsourcing services from companies which maintain both onshore and offshore team. Suppose the offshore team belongs to India. Then the time gap between two countries can be utilized in a fruitful manner thus helping the project to get completed within minimum time.

Customized legal support

When it comes to outsourcing legal processes, legal professionals have their unique requirements. Apart from high standard services, most law firms based at US stress on stringent security measures and backup support, considering the sensitivity of information they handle. There are LPO service providers who not only offer customized legal solutions but ensure safety of crucial information. Services are offered from premises which are electronically monitored along with biometric access control and CCTV monitoring. Data and power backup supports are available 24×7. Internet access is also strictly scrutinized.

Legal process outsourcing includes a gamut of services like legal contract review and management, litigation support, legal research and paralegal assistance. All these responsibilities are handled by qualified attorneys and management professionals. At the initial stage, the outsourcing company sends its transition manager to understand the client’s needs in details. Accordingly they come up with customized solution. Prior to final implementation, the company insists on a parallel run of the previous and the new processes.

LPO services are meant to relieve US based law firms and legal professionals from day-to-day intricacies. Processes like contract review, preparation of deposition summaries, drafting of summary judgment motion, analyses of medical records, etc. are efficiently carried out by the outsourcing company. This enables the law firm to speed up the legal process and ensure positive legal outcome in favor of the client. By outsourcing paralegal tasks like document management, form completion, legal publishing and editorial services the law firm can avoid tedious and complicated paper work.