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Legal Process Outsourcing- Infographic

How Your Company Can Grow With Legal Process Outsourcing?- Infographic

Due to globalization, competition level has been raising in legal industry. Everyone wants his/her business to be at top. Everyone tries the ways through which they can reduce their workload and can do more in less time. Outsourcing is one the best way to achieve such goals. Legal process outsourcing is process of outsourcing your legal work to another external organization with the benefits of customized costs and time management. Law firms and lawyers across the world are using this strategy for the ultimate growth of their business.

Have a look at this Infographic to know "How Your Company Can Grow With Legal Process Outsourcing?"

Legal process outsourcing


outsource legal services

Secrets How Legal Services Can Increase the Growth of Law Firms?

Like all business scenarios, the legal industry too has to depend on growth and development and incremental business to stay afloat. But there is a very distinct and unique perspective for law firms around the world. In the not too distant past they had to extend their area of operations outside their own four walls (outsourcing) to survive a disaster that had even economies of countries reeling under financial depression.

The global recession led to large scale bankruptcies of even blue chip companies not to speak of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Law firms were inundated with work and this led to a rise in a peculiar situation – lots of work but no man power resources to back it up as the firms could ill afford huge expenses in hiring additional staff.

What was the path chosen by the law firms to get out of this mess? They decided to outsource legal services, an option that is still very relevant now and in fact growing at a fast clip. Once the legal industry tasted success in this process it became their sole mantra for business expansion. But outsourcing must be done right and now that it has been established that this is the shortest path for business development a look at the pointers to be followed in this regard will be in order.

If law firms have to delve into the secrets that can help them grow at a quick rate the answer will be outsourcing, outsourcing and yet more outsourcing of their legal services. There is nothing that can matter more. As a legal luminary of a law firm you have to spin off large sections of your work to companies that have equally qualified lawyers with enough experience to optimize the work allotted to them.

When you outsource and want to reap the benefits fully, there are two things that should be kept in mind – the functions that you should outsource and the advantages you get out of it.

Functions that should be outsourced-

1. Research and legal drafting – This aspect is purely based on the    tenets of the law without any need for specific interpretations. However, it is a very tedious and painstaking work and will keep your lawyers engaged fruitlessly when they can be better utilized in client servicing.

2. Management of contracts – If you have to go through all contracts that come up before you with a fine tooth comb, you’ll hardly have time for anything else. Free yourself up by outsourcing this activity to those offering professional legal services. Not only will the initial stages of the contract be taken care of but its monitoring will continue throughout the life cycle of the contract.

3. Document Review - This is a highly man power intensive activity again and includes preparing deposition summaries, coding of documents and other related work. By keeping it to yourself, you deprive valued customers of the undivided attention they deserve from you.

The common factor in all these above points is that they are all back office related time consuming work. Outsourcing them is surely one of the primary secrets of business growth and development.

Why should you outsource for business growth –

1. Focus on core competencies – When you outsource legal services that require no interpretation of law but simply has to follow it to the letter, you do not really lose anything. Instead you are taking expert external help to further prepare your cases in the shortest possible time. This will give you a lot of time to offer quality service to existing clients as well as bring in fresh cases.

2. Reduction in costs – Outsourced work can be done at a much lower cost than what you would have paid your high salaried staff. This is because of the wage differentials existing between countries. This savings can be better utilized to offer competitive legal fees to your clients thereby stealing a march over law firms.

3. Increase in business opportunities – This is especially true if you have a small to mid sized legal firm. It is no more the scenario where top legal firms garner prize clients and small firms get left behind. By outsourcing a part of the functioning at cheaper rates you too can go for quality customers and increase business without having to add to your manpower resources.

4. Coming of age of outsourcing companies – Outsourcing companies today offer services that can be deemed to be parallel in quality to the originating legal firms. Over a period of time they have honed their skills, added to their infrastructure and taken on board lawyers of international standards with a high degree of expertise in the laws of different countries. By hiring them you are adding value to your services and this will naturally rub off on your client servicing and business development.

These then are the secrets to law firms increasing their growth in business. At the cost of repetition it can be said that the magic mantra is to outsource legal services.

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Social Media

Social Media and its Impact on the Legal Industry

Social media has totally changed the manner in which people talk to each other as well as socialize. It has emerged as an integral part of the daily regimen for the majority of the people nowadays. The amount of persons making use of social media is multiplying by leaps and bounds and so is the situation with companies also. Nevertheless, the extent to which legal experts have accepted social media continues to be uncertain. It is pointed out that the market has totally changed its frame of mind and is benefiting from the latest networking techniques. A fairly recent study regarding the usage of social media marketing in the legal sector by LexisNexis discloses that 81% of the respondents actually have put to use social media marketing while another 10.1% of the respondents state they look forward to using social media for promotional purposes within the following 6 months.

It is certainly not only marketing that is getting impacted by social media but it is utilized in litigation additionally to obtain evidences that can be imperative in determining the specifics of a case. Recently, social networking evidences happened to be crucial aspect in a huge selection of cases. It has aided in figuring out the mental condition of an individual, evidence of location as well as situation etc. The civil process specifications and the litigation rules define that digital documents that may be required can incorporate instant messages and consequently material from social media websites.

Attorneys are choosing social media websites to intensify their professional network, obtain recent market updates and to always keep an eye on what can impact their clients’ interest. Commercial networking website LinkedIn bears numerous groups wherein attorneys enroll in and network with like-minded individuals. There are groups specifically for in-house attorneys, general counsels along with other legal specialists where non legal professionals are not permitted to sign up for. Mobile apps on smartphones are also playing a vital role. Attorneys become more relaxed using their thumbs rather than making use of all their fingers on the keyboards.

Growing competition continually provides an upper hand to the customers. With the advent of Legal Services Act, the competition is defined to increase. The people who are not making use of social media must take into consideration about changing their attitudes and also be open for networking by means of distinct channels of interaction as change is the necessity of the hour for survival. Be it any legislative variation or perhaps any kind of major occurring in the legal industry, it advances like fire in the jungle and all stemming from the effect of social media in our everyday life. Undoubtedly, it has turned out to be an inseparable part of the marketing methods of not merely law firms but also for almost all the establishments.

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Outsourced Legal Services

The Changing Priorities of Outsourced Legal Services

The term outsourcing itself was coined in the latter half of the 20th century and legal purpose outsourcing came into being even much later in 21st era. Legal procedures like case documentation, risk evaluation, litigation, filing a petition are all very complex tasks which need an expert intervention. It is quite obvious that the legal outsourcing field had not taken off as soon as the outsourcing pattern brought a sea change in PSUs like banking and private enterprises like IT alike. It took a few years and a boost by cost management obligation post recession to spur the western and European law firms to go for LPO and BPO. In the latter type of outsourced legal services only a part of a project is contracted out to an on-shore or offshore vendor.

Areas of legal outsourcing:

Assistance to clients in litigation process was the first thing to be outsourced. Still the outsourcing pattern was not same in case of eastward countries like India, South Korea, and Singapore etc. Skeptics in law practice in trans-Atlantic giant firms believed at one point of time that quality control of the in major legal services was not at par with them. As a result they were trusted upon with simpler and ‘risk-free’ tasks like e-resourcing, research, and proofreading to name a few. Today it is more relaxed approach towards outsourced legal services by the city-based big-time law houses as the sub-continent companies like LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD (LSW) has proven its mettle in all-embracive quality legal processes in a planned way that not only brings down the cost; also benefits the clients with timely operations.

Coign of vantage with outsourcing:

Outsourcing legal processhas, so far, represented itself as a magical solution to the grinding issue of cost capping for keeping the margin of profit untouched. Although the recession effects have mellowed down with time, clients and counsel chiefs will still ask for effective tabs on expenses in any legal assignment. But before one ventures into provisioning a third-party enterprise or joining hands in parallel work, the pros must be weighed with respect to the cons. The biggest of the bonuses one gets from outsourced legal services is to concentrate on the core areas while letting your outsourcing provider brainstorm over the non-core practices. Also as you don’t need to do many tasks in house, you can check costs for infrastructure up-gradation and channelize that capital into publicity. Also the manpower requirement goes down due lesser physical involvement and there is flexibility in severing the ties in case of non-adherence to Service Level Agreement (SLA).

How to overcome apprehensions?

As mentioned earlier the priority choices for outsourcing have morphed into more critical and confidential ones. Patent and acquisitions are now common as outsourced legal services. But the practice entails an apparent danger as the third-party outsource provider gets to know every core detail of your client. There are also fears in outsourced legal services of not clearing the backlog in time which ultimately will defame your firm, not the outsourcer. These hiccups can be surmounted by choosing an expert in the job like LSW which features a streamline workflow and impeccable security.

Resource Box:

Security of important data is the utmost priority of LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD. We maintain the shroud of confidentiality between attorney and client and also impress on using VPN network for a bug-free safe correspondence.


Knowing About Deposition Summary Services

Court runs on evidence’ is a common notion heard by us. As we all know the real facts and instances do not drive a case to conclusion, unless and until circumstances are supported by authentic proofs. Evidence plays a vital role which might have happened during a certain episode. It can be in the form of both – oral testimony or documentary testimony.

Focusing more from the legal point – oral testimony has two classifications; one is oral testimony made before the trial of case and the other is oral testimony made during the trial of a case. The type of testimonies made before the trial of case are termed as depositions and the person presenting or making the deposition is called the deponent.

Why is summarizing deposition essential?

It is quite a requirement that depositions need a prescribed limit which includes accurate information and relevant data which constitute necessary details of the matter.

Today’s court already faces a grave problem of pending and overburdened cases where the situation remains chaotic. Every day a large number of cases are filed which remain in queue to stand their fate. In order to legitimate matters during the hearing, witnesses present both relevant as well as irrelevant details which lengthens depositions, not to mention, their length might run up till hundred pages. So, it is crucial that only substantial aspects of the case should be presented before the court during hearings.

How is deposition summarized?

A professional lawyer needs to be consulted for summarizing depositions in any particular case. Summarizing depositions are a part of the legal process while a case is being prepared in the light of pros and cons. To filter the less, more and more important ones are the real task. Out of which only the genuine facts and details should be fed in the court. While summarizing depositions all the aspects related to who, what why, how of the case is figured with proper answers. However, following are a few outlines which need to be touched while summarizing depositions.

  1. All the important points should be included.
  2. Crucial facts related to cases should be highlighted.
  3. Filter out the inauthentic details given if any.
  4. A peculiar gist in form of transcript should be prepared which should hold sensitive details related to the case.

Who may summarize the deposition?

A highly professional person with perfect skills needs to encapsulate and bind together all the details and facts which also require intense scrutiny and revision of the prepared transcript. Without fail he/she should have exceptional skills with the English language and proficiency in presenting the case before the court. Legal Support World helps the client who requires authentic and efficient deposition summary in their case. You may rely completely on the proficient method of summarizing deposition services and feel the synergy in your case. We also provide other support related services in combination to legal services at our best to our clients who trust us.