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Hiring Litigation Support Specialist – Pros & Cons

Litigation support services are an important part of the legal process. It involves all the activities in an organization required to prepare a case like documentation review, interviewing witnesses etc. This function is extremely time consuming and involves a lot of effort.

Now days, there are various third party firms based in nations like India, Argentina, China etc., offering litigation support services to established law firms in developed nations like US, UK etc. These legal support services help in enhancing the efficiency of the law firms and reducing the work pressure.

The various pros and cons of hiring these services have been listed below:

Cost Effectiveness-The costs of hiring legal support services based in developing nations is much less than hiring local talent in developed nations like UK, US etc. So by hiring the services of third party litigation support specialists, a law firm can save a lot of funds and enhance their profits. Moreover it also eliminates the need to spend on infrastructure.

Helpful in Dealing with Complex Cases-The litigation support specialists are capable of easily dealing with the most complex cases. These companies have access to highly competent staff that is capable of fulfilling all the requirements while maintaining the desired quality standards and the stipulated deadlines.

Up-to-date Knowledge-The outsourcing staff remains in touch with the latest developments in the legal field. As offering legal support services is their bread and butter, they possess complete information regarding the laws prevalent in the nations where their clients are based.

Access to Variety of Services- The outsourcing firms offer a variety of litigation support services like document management, document review, e-discovery, deposition summaries and analysis, case summaries, drafting of motions and memos, summarization of records, proofreading etc., for the benefit of the law firms. All the areas of litigation support are covered by them.

Improved Usage of Staff Time- By using the outsourcing option, the staff of the law firm can be engaged on more important activities. In cases of extreme work pressure, these services can prove to be extremely useful.

Useful in cases of urgent requirement-There is a 10-12 hour difference in the time zones of India and nations like US, Canada etc. So in cases of urgent requirement of work, law firms based in US or Canada can assign work to Indian firms in the evening and get the results by the early morning hours next day.


Data Security- While hiring the services of a third party law firm, the issue of data security may arise if you don't hire a reputed firm. You cannot rely completely on the outsourcing firm for ensuring the privacy of their data.

Reliability-Though the outsourcing firms have earned a reputation for being professional in their approach but still there are many law firms who find it difficult to rely on a third party firm.

Legal Support World (LSW) is among the leading provider of outsourcing legal support services to law firms. These services can help in cost cutting and revenue optimization. They have access to proficient staff and the latest technology for fulfilling the client needs. To get more information, contact us at info@legalsupportworld.com or call us at +16466882821.

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India – A Secure Destination for Legal Outsourcing

India today is an economic powerhouse and has been slowly climbing the rankings of agencies that grade countries on the basis of their financial standing and credibility. But few know that there is another field where India has made its mark and is today considered as the global leaders. This is the outsourcing industry where the country has risen to such high levels that any company or sector wanting to spin off its services to professionals with towering benchmarks of excellence considers India as the first option.

This is regardless of the industry or sector that you might think of. The range of services offered by Indian outsourcing agencies include insurance, accounts and bookkeeping, data entry and IT services and legal processes. The meteoric rise has been partly due to the enhanced levels of output offered, something that is at par with if not better than what would have been done in-house. Most importantly, the cost effective rates prevailing in India makes it a very attractive outsourcing destination.

If legal outsourcing services have to be considered, India is definitely on top of the pile. But before going into the details, a quick look at why it is beneficial to outsource litigation matters and its allied functions will be in order. The recession and crash of the global economies of the world in the not too distant past flooded law firms with cases but without the financial strength and power to add more highly paid lawyers to their rolls to deal with the incremental. The only way out was to outsource certain activities at affordable rates and this is how LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) became a force to reckon with.

The legal activities that are normally outsourced include all repetitive and tedious tasks like research, writing and documentation which of course no lawyer can do without while preparing his brief. Given this scenario, why is it that India keeps repeatedly cropping up when the hunt is on for a top global legal outsourcing company. Litigation services being outsourced if placed along with what India has to offer will make the picture very clear.

  • Savings in costs – It is an acknowledged fact that the cost of litigation services in the Western countries especially the USA is very high because the expense of supporting the legal process is more. Lawyers are very well paid and even young apprentices fresh out of college entrusted with research and writing too charge heavily. This increases the overall cost of legal work. If even a part of it is reduced, the savings can be better utilized by the firms to focus on valued clients and offer competitive fees.

Why India – By and large, the salary of LPO lawyers are below the $10,000 a year mark. Add to this low wages and costs which enable Indian outsourcing companies to offer services at one-tenth to one-third of the costs that any midsized Western law firms would charge per hour.

  • Superior quality of work – As discussed before, the bulk of the outsourcing work consists of providing legal support services such as drafting of memoranda, legal research and writing, contract and document review and discovery and patent services. These are generally entrusted to those who are fresh in this profession and have minimal skills and experience as the hourly costs will be low. This has a bearing on the standard of output.

Why India – A legal outsourcing company in India attracts the best, the brightest, and the most talented lawyers who are well conversant with the finer nuances of laws of other countries. This naturally makes their work a cut above the rest, one reason why India is a secure and favorite destination for those desirous of outsourcing legal services.

  • Speed of services offered – Lawyers are perpetually short of time. This is because legal cases do not line up in an orderly queue but run simultaneously in court rooms. Added to this confusion are clients’ queries and preparation of fresh cases. This makes it imperative that research, writing and drafting be completed in the minimum time possible and new cases be readied for trial at the earliest. Outsourcing then is the only answer to this ISSUE.

Why India – The time differential between India and the USA or other Western countries facilitates quick preparation and finalization of background work. Requirements can be uploaded at the end of day in the originating countries. Legal outsourcing services will be processing it during the day in India. When the processed task is uploaded back to the USA it is opening of business hours there. It is similar to making more number of hours work for you in a day.

These are the reasons why more and more law firms and legal departments of blue chip companies have chosen India as a secure destination for outsourcing legal services.

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If you need a top legal outsourcing firm in India, get in touch with Legal Support World. Our long years of experience and a pool of talented lawyers have made us leaders in this field today. For more information, write to info@legalsupportworld.com.

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How Your Company Can Grow With Legal Process Outsourcing?- Infographic

Due to globalization, competition level has been raising in legal industry. Everyone wants his/her business to be at top. Everyone tries the ways through which they can reduce their workload and can do more in less time. Outsourcing is one the best way to achieve such goals. Legal process outsourcing is process of outsourcing your legal work to another external organization with the benefits of customized costs and time management. Law firms and lawyers across the world are using this strategy for the ultimate growth of their business.

Have a look at this Infographic to know "How Your Company Can Grow With Legal Process Outsourcing?"

Legal process outsourcing


Legal Support Services For Lawyers

Legal Support Services – The Real Path to Profits for Law Firms

The legal sector much like similar service-centric industries have slowly but surely imbibed the value of outsourcing. But unlike others it had not been quick on the take off and the full benefits were only realized with the global economic crash in the mid 2000s. Legal firms, faced with the meltdown found it hard to cope with the rise in litigation cases while keeping costs down to manageable levels. Hiring of legal luminaries was not a solution if highly paid lawyers had to attend to mundane duties that primarily comprised of a supporting role instead of carrying out tasks related to core competencies and offering high value service to fresh business. Thus the real path of business expansion, growth and profitability lay in outsourcing legal support services and today this field is almost as big in size and turnover as the main legal industry.

Before deciding to opt for outsourcing, you have to very sure of what you want out of it. The most important is of course reduction in costs in maintaining support services, both in relation to hiring qualified manpower and investment in infrastructure to run them. The second is being very clear about what you want to outsource that will save time and energy and help you focus on the primary tasks at hand. The core of all legal activities per se can be categorized in two – documentation, preparation and writing of briefs, carrying out research and other similar work on one hand and court appearances on the other. To reach your objective of exponential growth in business, you should opt to outsource comprehensive legal support services.

What then are the services you can outsource and yet ensure that your legal firm runs without a hitch – in fact more efficiently and profitably?

Research and writing – This is standardized work that requires no special discretion or interpretation of law by a top notch lawyer. As research is on laws that are already rigidly laid down, the scope of any discrepancies in research findings are almost eliminated. Thus you will do well to outsource such tedious activities as research for preparation of motions, appellate briefs, legal memoranda, letters and notices as well as structuring motions and pleadings, complaints and background information for trial preparation. Outsourcing these specific activities will save you a lot of time and costs as these services are available offshore at very affordable costs.

Contract Management – Any law firm has to deal with hundreds of contact and if you have to go through all of them with a fine tooth comb you’ll not have time for anything else. Moreover, managing the database of contracts, negotiating and maintaining the contracts, and ensuring that all clauses are client welfare centric is an onerous responsibility. Professional legal support services have the expertise to carry out these functions effectively not only in the initial stages but during the life cycle of the contract too. Choose an outsourcing company with experience in handling contracts related to various sections of laws – Family Law, Property Law, Employment Law and those related to trusts and estates or securities. You can even look for specialization in outsourcing agencies that match your primary area of activities in law.

Review of Documents – This is another key area that you’ll do well to outsource. It’s a highly manpower intensive work but very important nevertheless. Agencies who have long years of experience in legal outsourcing have expert document review teams who can carry out related activities with great professional skills. This includes coding of documents, preparing deposition summaries, reviewing the document database with definitive point specific issues and finally facilitating putting forth an evidential database.

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One thread runs common through the different factors given above and that is, each point contributes to cost savings as you don’t have to put in place any infrastructure to take care of them. This will increase your profitability and have a positive impact on client servicing and business growth.

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Legal Process Outsourcing – How Can It Help Busy Attorneys?

Considered to be one of the rising advancements in the legal sector is the outsourcing of legal support services by means of legal process outsourcing companies. Regardless if making use of the affordable services of attorneys in India, employing legal research companies, or perhaps employing contract attorneys to manage short-term legal tasks, a good deal of legal support services are nowadays being carried out by someone besides the lawyer who was in fact appointed to get it done.

In certain circumstances, the American attorney is bypassed completely. The most favored method of legal outsourcing appears to incorporate assigning of legal work to attorneys in India.


Legal process outsourcing could be an ideal way for a busy lawyer or legal firm to deal with intricate or time-consuming tasks on a more economical budget. Individual practitioners, small companies, and boutique law practices are able to take on cases which would otherwise be too significant for them to manage. Midsize and large-scale legal companies can make their billing rates a lot more competitive by getting hold of subcontracted legal support services at a reduced rate. Companies which make use of legal outsourcing discover that it offers all the benefits associated with having associates and paralegals carrying out research and document review, however at a fraction of the cost as well as without needing to employ the full-time staff.

News Propagates Swiftly:

There is certainly a negative aspect to this movement - attorneys are not the only ones who are aware of legal outsourcing. A lot of Fortune 500 businesses have taken notice of the affordable billing prices for attorneys offshore, and have abandoned the middleman (the US company) in preference of working directly with the legal outsourcing companies.

Constraints on illegal practice of law are eliminated by means of having U .S. in-house team or a local legal firm examine and authorize the outsourced tasks.

The recession has encouraged businesses to check out what they are shelling out on legal services for techniques to keep costs down. It is believed that that legal businesses may also consider LPO companies with the intention to economize and handle data for their clientele.

Mundane Chores or Complicated Work?

Legal process outsourcing companies target the more everyday but nevertheless time-intensive jobs linked to the legal practice. They are usually employed to manage voluminous discovery functions, as opposed to drafting intricate legal briefs.

Whilst the majority of the work may be mundane, that definitely cannot be claimed for all legal outsourcing tasks. Latest experiences reveal that firms and companies nowadays are entrusting Indian legal outsourcing companies not just with everyday discovery tasks, but with complicated legal briefs and court pleadings too.

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Do you view legal outsourcing as a favorable phenomenon for the legal sector, or will this simply result in a lot more American attorneys to be on the dole? Do you observe challenges in legal outsourcing? Express your insights in the comments area below.

Legal Process Outsourcing

FACT: Large Numbers of Law Firms are Now Opting for Legal Process Outsourcing

A rising trend in the area of law is the utilization of Legal Process Outsourcing. An impetus behind this is the increasing amount of data which ought to be taken into account in day-to-day litigations as well as research. The expense of administration of this data, in several cases, has got uncontrollable.

A large number of corporate legal departments have experienced their financial budgets slashed, particularly during the last 2 years. Several corporate legal divisions and legal firms are unable to determine an approach to perform as much or more with significantly less and many have ventured into legal process outsourcing companies.

We are additionally observing a lot of mid-sized firms that previously did not have accessibility to particular markets for the reason that they did not possess the assets or spectrum for substantial issues, partnering with LPOs to enter into new lines of business from which they earlier perceived themselves precluded.

The major driver of that financial savings is the labor arbitrage. The assets that are being utilized to perform these legal support services, which were historically being carried out in the firms, are now being accomplished at a considerably lower price by the LPOs. It really is that difference which steers the appeal of an LPO. The legal outsourcing companies can provide superior rates since they have lesser overhead and for the reason that they concentrate on legal services.

It is crucial that you keep in mind that today's financial benefits are not tomorrow's financial benefits. Clients constantly desire higher and higher financial savings. Since the LPO Company focuses on legal services, it may also provide you with process improvements that can maneuver the service provider's capacity to continue providing further cost efficiencies.

Partnering with an LPO could also help companies and attorneys in litigation budgeting. A lot of LPO service providers put forward fixed prices that can help a client in estimation of the expenses.

With the help of an legal process outsourcing company, lots of firms are seeking out value-added services that assist keeping costs consistent and are obtaining a great deal of benefits for the lower costs they are spending.

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Legal Support World offers legal support services via certified attorneys who bring to you their knowledge and experience to fulfill your individual requirements. We can help you maximize your capabilities, reduce operational costs and all these at very affordable prices. Shoot us an email today at info@legalsupporworld.com and we’ll get back to you as early as we can. We are always happy to help you!

Outsourcing Legal Services

Don’t Commit These Mistakes When Outsourcing Legal Services

A large number of legal companies these days take into consideration the utilization of offshore resources on account of the substantial cost savings, especially on wages. The cost savings usually are passed through to the bottom line or, much more consistently, accustomed to increase extra organizational assets to cultivate the capabilities together with the potential of the business.

While there are major financial benefits which can flow in from the introduction of a legal outsourcing company, nevertheless, taking a downright economic strategy to precisely how your idea is executed and not investing in the time to perform things appropriately, has a tendency to cost more as opposed to help you save money over the long haul.

Inefficient Change Management Approach:

Substantial thoughts have to be put into how your idea to outsource legal support services may have an effect on your local team and the way you are going to convey the entire strategy to them. Failing to get this correct can bring about local staff turnover and considerable opposition to the execution of your decision to outsource. Decisions around whether your local team will be made extraneous with their jobs getting offshored or whether your business is only going to look for ways to include extra resource offshore, have to be made rapidly and conveyed evidently to the team to keep away from predicaments.

Decreased Cultural Awareness:

Don’t undervalue the outcomes of failing to recognize cultural differences. Any kind of valuable legal outsourcing approach must consist of training courses geared toward both increasing the knowledge of local staff to the cultural nuisances of the off-shore company and similarly instructing the offshore staff regarding the local cultural peculiarities.

Rushing it:

One of the things that can undoubtedly be assured with any legal outsourcing strategies is the fact that you will confront teething problems. In this case, it is crucial to never rush the procedure and to spend your time to slowly build an understanding regarding the way in which things ideally operate and after a while, increase the scope of your outsourced project.

As you go along, it is essential to handle the expectations of all shareholders that includes staff also. In cases where staff along with the other parties that are associated with managing the outsourced project are told from the very start to look forward to issues and delays, it is quite possible that they will offer you the time and assistance to deal with these problems when (and if) they arise.

Poor Support from Local Team:

When your initial step is to make staff extraneous and shift their functions to another legal outsourcing company, you will probably find it hard to gain support from your local staff for your approach. On the other hand, when your initial step is to introduce the outsourcing company to release bottlenecks or incorporate services which you are not able to manage locally, you will have greater chances of obtaining all the desired support.

At the end of the day, substantial gains can be experienced from a nicely executed outsourcing approach. If you are concentrating on the most inexpensive method to outsource your legal support services and are not ready to shell out the required time and cash essential to make things run smoothly, you might end up ruining your entire offshoring strategy.


Outsource Legal Support Services Now

Why Seek Legal Support?

There are numerous advantages associated with seeking legal support services more so when they are outsourced to India. These services are linked to those who are looking for expert advice and know all about the law and the required procedures that have to be followed. Providing legal and litigation support services has helped many law firms stay afloat from competitors. There are volumes and volumes that have to be considered while offering such services by the law firm. These include in-depth knowledge about the client and its activities which are summed in notices, depositions, wills, legal proceedings, intellectual properties and others. There is nothing that can be omitted since every small bit of information plays a key role in offering quality legal support services.

Advantages Of Legal Support Services

Services of professionals must be availed since they have the skill and required knowledge that will help the client sail through troubled times. The professionals offer up-to-date status on the court cases, ensure the client understands what they are doing and how beneficial it is for the client, have access to latest technology thereby ensuring everything is done at a faster pace and also ensuring that the proceedings go smoothly through their able guidance. Responsibilities of the legal support service team include researching the case. Everyone on the team should be very well aware of the case and all its intricacies. Other responsibilities include preparing reports, writing documents, and also maintaining a log of documents. Everything in a law firm is governed by documents and evidence thus ensuring everything is recorded in an orderly manner is essential.

How Beneficial Is Outsourcing Legal Support Services?

Outsourcing in general has been well-received and has overcome all the initial apprehensions of how, why and when. These days’ people are continuously looking for outsourcing companies that can help deal with their innumerable problems thereby reducing the workload. There are other advantages of outsourcing which broadly sum up to cost effectiveness, getting more work done and having a backup legal support. Outsourcing eliminates the trouble of you hiring a temporary employee in getting work done followed by providing office equipment, training, health benefits and also overtime pay. All of this is taken care of by the legal outsourced company. Another reason for the popularity of legal support services being outsourced is the workload gets divided or even entirely shifted. This helps the team in the foreign country to concentrate on work and produce quality output. While looking for outsourcing India is a prominent and sought after destination and more specifically Legal Support World.

Offering The Best Possible Know-How

Legal Support World is a very reliable company which has been encouraging outsourcing. There is a very able and professionally sound team that works delicately. The legal support services are numerous that they offer few of them include legal coding and indexing, medical record review, drafting of motions, summarization of records, deposition summaries and the like. Most of the work revolves around finding and documenting.

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Be assured of quality and fast service through Legal Support World. Over the years the experience gained by this company reflects very well in the completed legal work. With assurance of confidentiality, there is no better place to outsource your legal work.