Reasons to Outsource Your Firm’s Litigation Support Needs

Litigation Support

Litigation support services are an important part of the legal process. It involves various important functions like document management services, document review services, e-discovery, deposition summaries and analysis, case summaries, drafting of motions and memos, summarization of records, proofreading etc. In the past, the legal firms used to execute the litigation support services themselves. But in recent times, the trend of hiring outsource litigation support specialist services have become popular. The third-party litigation support company services are widely sought after due to the reasons discussed below:   Cost Effective Service- Most of the legal outsourcing firms are generally based in developing nations [...]

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How does Outsourcing Litigation Services Impact Law Firms Efficiency?

Outsourcing Litigation Services

The concept of outsourcing litigation services is not a new phenomenon. It began in the 1950s with the patent process but established a solid footing when law firms around the world realized that this mere act of parceling out certain fixed activities resulted in manifold increases in efficiencies and profitability. This was hastened by the global financial meltdown that impacted law firms more than any other industry. The flood of new cases in the recessionary period of the early 2000s caught law firms on the wrong foot. On one hand was the immediate need to cater to this growing segment, [...]

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Why Litigation Support Should be Outsourced?

Litigation Support

Legal employees need not necessarily handle litigation support for all law firms. It is a good idea to outsource litigation support. Outsourcing has benefits for you whether you run a legal department within an organization or own a law firm. Expenses are minimized when Litigation Support is outsourced It can be rather expensive to maintain litigation support departments even as it is also expensive to start such a department. You have to keep in mind the start-up costs of starting such a department before you embark on such an endeavor. It can be expensive to provide equipment, besides training suitable [...]

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E-discovery Services – The Tough Job Handled With Ease

eDiscovery services

The eDiscovery services are an information service that the clients get from the LPO’s in India. The LPO’s take up those projects and make up an excellent compilation the information that needs to be accessed. The information is sent by the clients that are scattered. The information is then arranged chronologically and made into a good electronic compilation of the LPO’s in our country. The LPO’s ask their best men to do their work as his clients are potential in nature and the LPO’s would need further contracts to grab. The services are provided by the LPO’s and the work [...]

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Challenges Faced While Providing Legal Document Services

Legal Document Services

Legal document services that are being outsourced by the foreign clients can come up at any moment and the Indian LPOs should be well prepared for that. The LPOs in India are making a strong base on how well they can handle pressure. They are serving the clients in their best of the ability and the clients have nothing to do but to transfer the work to the LPOs and work freely over the strengthening of the cases. The services creating a great scope of an industry: Legal document services provided by the Indian LPOs have been serving the clients [...]

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