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Take Your Law Firm to Greater Heights By Outsourcing Legal Documents Retrieval

If you want to increase the efficiency of your law firm, we have a proposal that you can undertake.

Your staff might be too tied up in all the administrative work that your practice has to undertake. Outsourcing the management of administrative work like legal research services to a specialist can free up your staff and save your valuable time and money. Legal research along with legal documents retrieval would be the perfect candidate for outsourcing.

Key Elements of Documents Retrieval:

Document retrieval is a term that is used to refer to certain important processes such as

  • Tracking down required public records
  • Reclaiming these documents
  • Duplicating official copies of the documents for further use in legal functions
  • Handing in said documents on time to the law office

More than 50% of attorneys claim to have outsourced documents retrieval, legal research services and a lot other legal services. It saves them time and money that would otherwise be wasted doing it themselves. Documents retrieval business is a $1 billion industry, only set to grow further in the future.

Various Documents That Are Retrievable:

You can have a litigation support service provider track and acquire pretty much any court record, which includes:

  • Certificate of death, divorce records, probate rulings, bankruptcies and other public records
  • Records related to real estate, such as sales, foreclosures, and transfer of ownership
  • Tax records
  • Records related to patents and trademarks
  • Research material related to law practices from archives and libraries

Retrieval of these would be a time consuming and cost incurring activity. You can outsource this task to a legal outsourcing company that is an expert. It will save you the time and money you'd otherwise be spending.

Methodology Behind Retrieval of Documents:

Each different kind of document is located in a different location. A variety of methods are used by the third-party document retrieval firms when your firm needs documents, such as:

  • If a record is to be acquired from private individuals and corporate entities, a subpoena may be submitted.
  • Record searches and requests via public agencies are available if birth/death certificates and other documents are required.
  • Records related to bankruptcy, criminal activities and legal actions can be acquired through the court.
  • Financial records may also be retrieved through appropriate forms and releases
  • Relevant precedents that would be essential to your current cases can be acquired through outsourcing legal research and writing services.

You won't be allowed to handle the original documents beyond a limited time period in certain cases. What you can then do is duplicate the documents and upload them on your private, secure network where your employees can access them. This will result in an increase in efficiency in the proceedings to follow.

Expertise Will Enhance Your Efficiency

Your law firm may not have the developed methodology that goes behind retrieving documents. Firms that provide litigation support services, with their expertise and experience in the field, will allow your legal proceedings to go much faster and smoother. Your key employees will be freed up, allowing breathing room for them. Not only that, your service to your clients will reach a higher level of satisfaction and create stronger bonds between your firm and your clients.

Documents retrievable can be quite complex, along with requirement time and cost input, any misstep would only result in further loss of time and money. Delegating this very vital process to a firm that is trustworthy, has years of experience, and expert case handling will alleviate a lot of stress from your firm and allow you to focus more on your core legal activities. Your firm will be able to deal with cases at a quicker pace, with more accuracy which will allow you to take on new clients and cases. Achieving higher levels of efficiency and excellence will set you apart from your competition and let you set the bar for them to live up to.

Contact Legal Support World at +1 646-688-2821 to discuss all your outsourcing requirements with us. We are a well-recognized company offering world-class legal support services to law firms and attorneys worldwide.

Litigation Support

Why Litigation Support Should Be Outsourced?

Legal employees need not necessarily handle litigation support for all law firms. It is a good idea to outsource litigation support. Outsourcing has benefits for you whether you run a legal department within an organization or own a law firm.

Expenses are minimized when Litigation Support is outsourced

It can be rather expensive to maintain litigation support departments even as it is also expensive to start such a department.

You have to keep in mind the start-up costs of starting such a department before you embark on such an endeavor. It can be expensive to provide equipment, besides training suitable employees, after finding them, and a good deal of money and time has to be spent.

Keeping your e Discovery tools updated all the time also costs money, even if you have a litigation department in place. The equipment has to be improved regularly and you cannot stop improving it as it is necessary to have the latest technology at all times.

Outsourcing the e Discovery service lets you use it only when you need it.

To devote an entire department to a need that is intermittent at the most is not cost-effective, unless the workload in litigation support is crippling for each case you handle. You can pass the savings you make through outsourcing of e Discovery on to your clients.

Be Assisted by Specialists in Litigation Support

Not many of your legal staff is likely to be specialists in litigation support.

To employ experienced workers full time involves a lot of expense, if you start your own e Discovery department. A significant increase in overheads is going to take place if you combine these expenses with the costs related to operating and developing the litigation support department.

Benefit from an existing team of specialists rather than trying to assemble one.

However, before you hire such a team, the qualifications of the e Discovery experts should be apparent. Expect reduction in risks and greater efficiency once the credentials satisfy you.

Legal Services Focus

More than law, it is generally technology that e Discovery deals with, although it is a significant part of many legal cases.

You can leave such services to litigation support teams that are committed instead of expecting your employees to catalog discovery documents or set up software or carry out legal translations.

So, instead of performing unimportant tasks, your legal personnel can put their knowledge to build up cases on behalf of clients

Trying Out Litigation Support

A permanent and immediate change is not necessary for litigation support outsourcing. Before you finalize your decision, you can try out e Discovery outsourcing to see if you are likely to benefit from it.

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Have your team look after all support for litigation for a few cases and track the costs to compare these against what you would have to pay an outside company for the same purpose.

Ultimately, it is likely that you will find it beneficial to outsource various forms of litigation support, including e Discovery.

Litigation Support

What are the Different Types of Litigation Support?

The various types of cases being trialed in a court of law everyday are quite challenging and complicated. Such adverse situation and phases require litigation support. Litigation support is available for trial attorneys who are engrossed in complex case trials in the court. Support services provided to attorneys may include management of the documents in the form of hard copies and also in the form of electronic backup support to files in the form of database. The reports presented in the case and the summarizing depositions are assisted by the paralegals which perform from both parties/sides of the case. Mock trials are executed by Attorneys with the help of support services in order to know the possible response a jury might give. It gives an understanding of the insight on the case. Besides this, preparation of legal documents like briefs and motions also comes under the category of litigation support services.

In case of peculiar cases where more than two parties are involved, Litigation services provide support in filtering out the real and authentic data and further preparation in presentable data form. The presentation of the case is tagged with the series of events which might have happened in a particular case. And not only this, they equally highlight and focus the incidences which require concentration.

Nowadays, due to technology advancement professionals are able to filter only relevant data from a piece of information available to them. Cases also need demonstrative evidences in the form of pictures, graphs and charts to explain the details of the case during trials for better understanding. Here too, litigation support services play an important role in presenting the whole case history with the help of graphics which makes the case easier to understand and make it explainable. This helps in revealing the facts and episodes of happenings chronologically and understanding the support logic of right and wrong in the case. A good and understanding jury selection holds an important position in a trial.  Jury specialists are sociologists and psychologists, who remain sensitive towards the story of the case. Specialists in support function also help attorneys by creating the needful profiles of the jury. In case the trial ends, still the litigation support and paralegal staff work in figuring the post-trial motions.