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Is Your Data Secure While Outsourcing Legal Services?

In the present legal scenario, a growing trend is outsourcing legal services to third party providers. This has helped law firms around the world in a number of ways. The first is decrease of costs of legal services without compromising on the quality of services. This has in turn led to increase in profit margins for the law firms which can then offer competitive rates to their clients. By outsourcing repetitive and tedious tasks, lawyers can focus on the more important court appearances and analysis of materials collected by researchers.

A few examples will prove this point. Immigration lawyers outsource preparation of forms necessary for processing the case. Civil litigators largely spin off records research and review while class action lawsuits might entail parceling out the work of sending notices and claims classification. Structuring of initial drafts of contracts as well as due diligence work is mainly outsourced by transactional lawyers. With the stabilization of the legal outsourcing sector and its exponential growth after the global financial meltdown, even complex work such as writing of an appellate brief is being outsourced. All these require high skill sets and an enhanced level of professional expertise.

However, there is one common thread that runs through all of them and that is the need for stringent security systems in place at the outsourced agency so that the privacy of client data is fully assured. This is one aspect that is taken very seriously by lawyers while evaluating the competence levels of outsourced agencies.

How do lawyers make sure that data will be secure when outsourcing legal services

• Evaluating security levels – Evaluating the data security infrastructure provided by the outsourced agency is of utmost importance. However, this depends on the type of work being outsourced as security and privacy requirements of all data are not standardized. If research work is being outsourced or even preparation of write-up on a legal issue, the level of data security that has to be in place will be comparatively low as facts related to it are already inbuilt in laws and in public domain. But stringent data security setup has to be insisted upon in such matters as immigration, taxation or bankruptcy litigation.

• Strictly following outsourcing norms – Amidst growing concerns of data security, lawyers should strictly follow the rules as laid down by statutory bodies when outsourcing legal services. This is in addition to lawyers’ obligation to maintain client confidentiality. By asking a few questions and checking the infrastructure in place before signing on the outsourcing contract can solve a few problems. Some common points are – do employees sign confidentiality agreements, whether strict supervision and quality control checks on data security is being regularly carried out, procedures in place for ensuring security of private data and those in place for preventing physical theft or misuse of data. Most importantly, has the company ever faced any security breach in the past and if so measures taken to plug the leaks.

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Apart from legal firms, companies outsourcing their legal processes should be extra cautious about data security because of the present environment of rampant business espionage.


Assets of Paralegal Services

Paralegal services have become efficiently prominent now that they provide the clerical authentic secretory functions thereby forming a majorly important fraction in the law firm. It is dependent upon a number of factors that includes the kind of law that is practiced by the firm as well as the attorneys that are part of the firm. Not every attorney will need paralegal services however if there is one thing in common, it is that paralegal services if required need to be of the highest quality and insurance.

This is so that their clients can obtain the best services where retaining legal assistance through paralegal functions will not be as costly as it is in the case of hiring attorneys. Inclusive of this routine is that hiring paralegal services will aid attorneys in extracting more time. Due to the additional help that is provided by paralegal services while preparing for multiple cases, attorneys have their work simplified.

One thing to keep in mind is that the paralegal services are never similar and differ from law firm to law firm. Hence, we cannot specifically define the services. We do know that paralegal services are the supplemental assistance that attorneys can make use of while working on a multitude of tasks.

The functions of paralegal services that are fundamental for all types are:

Permissible Investigation Routines

Interrogating Suspects, Clients and Witnesses

Sketching Legal Pleadings and Messages

Managing Documents and Files for Trial

Supervising Attorney’s Court Schedule

Maintenance of Tickler System

There are a few attorneys that ask their paralegals to perform office based works where standardized clerical tasks are handed over in addition to the basic law assignments they must take care of. There are different kinds of paralegal services being offered to attorneys and clients today which are:

Freelance Paralegal Services: One of the best sources to obtain freelancing agents is the internet that has become a hub for plenty of paralegals to set up their portfolios for work. Independent paralegal functions provide attorneys with several options where they don’t have to directly hire an individual nor is the work on a permanent basis. Through freelancing paralegal services attorneys can benefit due to the fact that they can take on different kinds of tasks aided by different freelancing paralegal services without having to meet them each and every day.

Bankruptcy Paralegal Services: Their purpose is to interview correspondents to obtain information such that they can prepare bankruptcy schedules on time. Not only do they enter dates but gather necessary files for the trustee and the court jury while working as paralegals. Other than this their services include preparing legal hearings and pleadings as well as reviewing schedules of their attorneys.

Family Paralegal Services: They work specifically for family law attorneys and must interrogate witnesses, suspects as well as prepare affidavits during their term of services. Paralegals sketch out pleadings, maintain legal documents and schedule hearings for their attorneys.

Real Estate Paralegal Services: Another branch of paralegals, where right from preparing closing documents to coordinating the parties as part of the legal estate business, real estate paralegals communicate with the mortgage lenders. Their function mainly however is performing title research and preparing title indemnity binders.

Paralegal Services

Get to Know About Importance of Paralegal Services

Many have this idea that paralegal is equivalent to a lawyer. The real fact is not that. Paralegals are more like assistant to the lawyer. They don’t have the authority to offer legal advice, as many may belief. However, they are trained to do many tasks which a lawyer normally doesn't perform. By assigning duties like drafting documents, performing legal research, proof reading, or book keeping to the paralegal, the lawyer can take more time out and concentrate on other projects. Thus the lawyer can devote maximum of his professional time to more crucial topics. This further helps in saving costs too since the paralegal’s time is usually billed at a much lower rate than the attorney’s.

Paralegal staffs work for lawyers who cover varied and huge practice areas. Thus law firms or legal professionals who handle fields like litigation, bankruptcy, family law, foreclosures, probate and estate planning, collections, business/corporate, personal Injury, securities law can definitely benefit by hiring paralegal services. Such services can be broadly divided into two parts, based on skills and specialization: There are certain paralegal services which are voluminous but demand low-end skills.

On the other hand, certain tasks are of qualitative nature and demand legal knowledge to certain extent. Few common paralegal responsibilities include completion of forms, document management, proof reading, book keeping, data entry, title search and also extending legal editing and publishing supports. Some of these tasks may appear very simple but the fact is that each service demands maximum concentration and seriousness. Employees of a busy law firm may find it difficult to handle these responsibilities on their own. This is one reason why the concept of outsourcing certain legal tasks has gained huge support from USA based law firms and legal advisors.

The recent economic slowdown is another reason why many US law firms have opted for outside services rather than investing on own infrastructure and resources.  While the US based attorney usually charges an approximate of $200 -$300 on an hourly basis his counterpart from the offshore team charges quite a nominal amount of around USD 75-100 per hour. This straightaway results in saving up to 50%-90% of cost which is really an impressive amount! Thus hiring legal attorneys from the outsourcing company seems quite a practical and economical approach. Not only the law firm saves money but it can be sure of best standard service within limited time frame.

paralegal services

Paralegal Services- An Indispensable Name in the Legal System

A common epithet is, ‘(if) justice is delayed, justice is denied’. Nowadays it is more prevalent than ever that out-of-court settlements are happening at a considerable rate. Inadequacy of arbiters, scanty mass awareness cannot be solely blamed for such declension of hope over the Law and Justice System. The alarming dip in quantity of well-trained and experienced paralegal staff is adding woe to the wound. Clients also feel apprehensive about the cost burden a visit for consultation with an attorney entails.

Currently the international rates underline that paralegals, fit for a myriad of legal tasks, usually charge around $14 US dollars for an hour which is close to thrice as less as an attorney’s fee, around $40 USD. Simple ignorance of paralegal services, its outsourcing and virtual aspect makes people dwell under the belief that a paralegal can only work under the supervision of a lawyer and cannot be approached individually.

Insight of a paralegal’s purview:

Excerpts from the amended definition of the American Bar Association in 1997 refers the paralegals as the formally educated and/or practically experienced persons who work under the guidance of an attorney or assist an attorney in a freelance manner in carrying out specifically-commissioned substantive legal works that include technical know how. It will be unfair to confuse the clerical job with what the paralegals are supposed to do.

Paralegals usually are a part of the workforce of giant law firms. But the small-time law houses and stand alone practitioners cannot afford the luxury of paralegals. In such cases, the law firms hire paralegal personnel from Paralegal service outsourcers or offer to the freelancers as and when required. Albeit not limited to these tasks, paralegals, by and large, perform interviewing the clients, retrieving data, gathering the facts; case planning and management; doing legal research and analyzing legal documents to prepare memos and also asserting recommendations or suggesting those to the overseeing lawyer.

Yet there are some jobs not offered by Paralegal services for being universally proscribed by statutes to the non-lawyers i.e. paralegals such like giving clients unauthorized legal advice; representing them before the court of justice or attesting any document as signatory authority.

Virtual paralegals and outsourcing:

The grandest benefit of having the aid of virtual paralegals is the substantial slash in expenses. Otherwise, if one chooses to have a staff base of paralegal personnel that would have added burden to the fixed monthly expenditure but the virtual Paralegal services liberates us from that ‘extra cost’ during non-working hours of the legal assistants.

Mostly the virtual paralegals are up for your aid through the outsourcing platform and India holds an eminent position as the leading paralegal services provider largely since many outstanding professional firms like LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD (LSW) have their operational bases here. With the promise of 24X7 working schedule, LSW fares better among all. The service repertoire provides comprehensive solution to documentation, coding and proof reading; title search and data record to name a few; giving you ample scope to work on other serious aspects.

Resource Box:

The services provided by LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD in the domain of paralegal practice embraces every table work and pre-planning related to litigation and non-litigation tasks. At our law firm all the paralegals boast of profiles that are high on experience giving you less worry in effect.


Increasing Demands for Paralegal Services

Notice that today attorneys are struggling to keep up with a multitude of tasks handed over to them due to the rising rate of crime and embezzlement. It becomes difficult to increase profits as well as find time to ensure all cases are taken care of without losing any clients in the process. This is the height till where most attorneys wish to reach but cannot for the simple reason that they either don’t have enough time or lack resources. So, switch to paralegal services that most lawyers prefer at hand since they assist professional attorneys in not just managing their filing systems but also providing legal advice for a spectrum of authentic tasks.

As for defining paralegals, we know as a branch of qualified legal agents with education as well as training with respect to law and order. Right from maintaining legal documents, substantive regulation of official tasks to understanding the basic formalities present in legal procedures is what a paralegal does. Normally they assist solicitors however they may function in a legal environment that consists of both the commercial and public sectors of the economy.

Benefits of Paralegal Services

  1. Paralegals are a must for legal procedures since their main task is organizing correspondents, performing legal investigations and filing legal documents manually or electronically.
  2. Though they are supposed to mainly work under solicitors and barristers, they are associated with plenty of different sectors right from banking, insurance, and retail business to credit control, media, family and entertainment.
  3. Their focal initiative is driving their solicitors to conferences, legal hearings, filing court schedules and law libraries for research upon a case.
  4. Legal research is one of the main tasks of the paralegal in India where tracking legal activities, maintaining lists of correspondents, maintaining in depth understanding of the organization and most importantly filing the legal documents that can be proof and defend your case in court.

What Do You Mean By Outsourcing Legal Services?

Legal offshore outsourcing is a procedure where services are called for from another economical destination where face to face interaction between clients and law firm doesn’t exist. Today, we find that a number of organizations have begun to depend upon legal outsourcing services for the reason that it provides a standardized cost. Multitude of legal tasks can be managed from different outsourced legal companies belonging to different destinations where expertise can be obtained from a number of sources all giving their advice and professional care into the anomalous cases.

It aids those people who receive less attention due to the fact that everybody hires the attorney but forgets the assistance behind his rise. Hiring outsourced functions will allow the IT department to initiate software that can process legal events automatically and therefore is of high importance while filing petitioners. The services rendered in the case of legal outsourcing consists of quantitative tasks like litigation support, file management and data entry, legal coding and several other options where paralegal services prove to be the best. Paralegal services simply aid the attorneys in most of the legal activities that take place. If you’re putting forward a contract that is with respect to any lawsuit the paralegal will undergo thorough research such that a foundation can be built to defend the case with solid evidence and organized set of documents.

Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services Aid Divorce Formalities

You may find today that paralegal services are being provided within companies that function to handle legal issues professionally. The sectors where paralegal services are required mostly can be related to marriage, real estate, family business or divorces. Since the rate of divorces has begun to rise especially with the increase in assets of each and every family, it becomes necessary to ensure that the case may be handled by expert professionals.

Paralegal services aren’t completely meant for aiding divorce related cases, especially since their functions are limited to certain extents but they can surely ensure that the attorneys find enough time to efficiently use their skills and obtain information.

People part of the paralegal services help in drafting forms that may be required in court during hearings. It certainly is a long procedure where most people feel exhausted to make arrangements of such processes. This can cause great loss to the individuals involved in the pursuit hence paralegals are hired such that they can take care of the minor tasks while the majority are given attention towards.

Paralegals are of different types and thus are limited to simply helping individuals in submitting their forms. You cannot contact a paralegal expecting him/her to feed you any advice about your predicaments since they work accordingly to the wishes of their attorneys.

Paralegals will understand their clients and work alongside them to maintain the corresponding link such that the case is managed in such a manner that is suited the clients and can assist in gaining pursuit faster. The approach is doubtful for few however hiring paralegals helps not just clients but attorneys mostly making their tasks simpler and giving them more time to focus upon the major glitches in the case.

Although we’re talking about divorce cases, paralegal services often aid both parties especially if there are children involved in the situation. Since the scenario can prove to be an unpleasant environment for the children, paralegals make it a point to assign them to a different location away from the hearing lest the children be of appropriate age to be present in court.

Divorce cases are stressful for most parties and can prove to be dramatic which is why most individuals don’t even consider the option of going to court. However if the individual wishes to live legally with authenticated belongings and rituals, it is necessary to hire paralegal services to initially assist during the case.

It takes time to decide over the divorce and divide shares that can benefit both sides of the party. Just to make the transition easier, faster and without a hassle, paralegals ensure that both clients are in agreement of certain profits and losses in order to quickly wrap the case.

People therefore choose to settle their woes with paralegal services in India especially since they’re considerate of many options and boundaries. This proves to be a less stressful means of addressing the court where paralegal services act as a catalyst and ensure that suitable work is accomplished during the trials.