Process 1


During the Analysis phase, we comprehend the client’s main points, their business environment and our capabilities as a service provider. After an exhaustive analysis, we come up with an outsourcing strategy to fulfill all their legal needs.

Process 1


During this phase, we work on finalizing the work flow, project schedule, resources required and process maps to ensure a smooth and effective legal outsourcing process. Terms are finalized and Service Level Agreements are furnished to the clients.

Process 3


Herein, the execution of the knowledge transfer plan takes place. SOPs are constructed and we obtain access to the client’s technology setup. The operations team gets prepared to commence the project after the roles and responsibilities are assigned to the employees by their project managers.

Process 4

Parallel Run

To establish a proof of concept, we offer the client to test our efficiency, quality, level of productivity and turnaround time with the help of a Pilot Project. All the tasks undertaken during this phase are carried out under the strict supervision of a senior attorney.

Process 5

Steady State

The completed project is handed over to the client and they can monitor the results of SLA compliance. The in-house team of Quality Analysts ascertains quality controlat all stages. Reports are furnished and review meetings are held to obtain feedback on the performance and changes necessitated.


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