• USA based Client

Outsource Function:

  • Preparation of Lien Search Report

The Client’s Challenge:

The client was looking for a company that could help them in generating property details and furnish complete reports in order to make an informed decision.

Our Solution:

We are making Lien search reports for our client. We received the information from client’s researcher regarding the status of the files relating to properties. The information provided is property-specific as how to proceed with the file of property, whom to contact to receive information regarding services for water, sewer and other utilities, and also to ascertain whether those services and utilities have been paid or not. We also search for the liens on the property through Property Appraiser report of the particular county where the subject property is located. We also handle preparation of reports related to real estate taxes, which involves us visiting the site of Tax Collector of that county and on the basis of the information gathered, we prepare Real Estate Taxes report and Tangible Taxes report.

Code Enforcement: We search for whether the subject property is located in the jurisdiction for Code Enforcement or not. This is found in the Property Appraiser under Municipality or Tax District.

Likewise for Permissions, sanctions, license and authorizations, we are searching for the location of the subject property in the appropriate jurisdiction.

For the provision of utilities, we search for who provides the utility services for water and sewer for the address where the subject property is located.

Another step of Lien Search is to visit the site of county clerk, in order to search for Lien, Notice of Lien and in some cases Mortgage as well on the subject property.

Hence, on the basis of the above-mentioned process, we generate a comprehensive report regarding the Liens on the subject property.

Benefits Delivered by LSW:

  • Delivery of Quality work: One of the major success points is the delivery of quality work. Our internal processes focus on top-notch quality at the process level, review level and delivery level.
  • Round-the-clock Support: We have a well-trained team that works in two shifts, enabling the client to have a fast turnaround time.
  • Enhanced Cost savings
  • Increased Efficiency: Since there is a team working during the US hours, there has been constant interaction amongst the teams to streamline the process, which lead to increased efficiency.

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