Outsource Function: Conveyancing

Customer (s)

  • Law Firm based in North Carolina, USA
  • Law Firm based in Florida, USA
  • Attorney based in Colorado, USA
  • Attorney based in Australia

Outsource Function:

  • Title Search
  • Preparation of
  • Title Reports
  • Ownership & Encumbrance Reports
  • Pre-foreclosure tile Examination Report
  • Drafting of Documents
  • Drafting of Power of Attorneys
  • Drafting of Wills
  • Drafting of Trust Packages

Our Solution:

In Title Search, we have prepared pre-foreclosure title examination reports for the client based in US. The Client provided us a standard form that could be used as a base for issuance of a policy title, following foreclosure of the mortgage. We need to fill the information on the basis of the documents like deeds, Mortgage, Assignment of mortgage, Quitclaim deed, Satisfaction of claim of lien, Declaration of Covenants, conditions, Easements and Restrictions on the Property, Reports of Tax Collector and Reports of Property Collector etc.

We have also prepared Title Report along with Ownership and Encumbrance Report for another Client. For both the reports, the client provided us template/Blank Forms and we filled the documents while going though all relevant documents as mentioned above.

We have prepared Preliminary Title Opinion on a Form for concerned Land Title Association. In this Form, we were required to fill the information regarding Owners, Property Description, Taxesalong with information regarding Restrictive covenants, Liens, Deeds of trust, and Objections of Defects in the Property.

Thus, we have prepared Title Search reports, Ownership and Encumbrance Report, Preliminary Title Report, Pre-Foreclosure title examination reports for various clients.

Apart from the above mentioned documents, we are also preparing documents related to Conveyancing like Agreements, sale and purchase agreement, lease Agreement. For the preparation of these documents, we receive information from the in-house attorney and on the basis of that, we draft the document and also keep in consideration the applicable law. We send the first draft to the in-house attorney and after receiving the feedback; we make the changes and modifications accordingly and send the document back.

An another task that we are handling is preparation of Wills, Power of Attorneys, wherein we are drafting Last Wills, Power of Attorney- Financial, Power of Attorney-Medicaland Trust packages. In Last Wills, there are the sections where the Testator/ Testatrix convey right to their personal representatives or fiduciaries regarding Real Estate property, Tangible personal property. We are preparing Wills and POAs for an Attorney based in Australia and Colorado, USA.

Benefits Delivered by Cogneesol Team:

  • Delivery of Quality work: One of the major success points is the delivery of quality work. Our internal process focus on quality both at the process and at the review and delivery level.
  • Round-the-clock Support: Round-the-clock support is available to the clients, which enables them to have a fast turnaround time.
  • Increased cost savings

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