Legal Advisors Team – Outsourcing Experts

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and Head of Outsourcing, Taran Sidhu leads all outsourcing operations across group delivery centers. In this capacity, Taran oversees LSW’s India legal outsourcing business operations, overall business strategy and manages all delivery, quality control and administrative services.

He has an extensive experience in the outsourcing industry providing consulting and advisory services to International Customers. His expertise includes business development, operations, performance improvement and strategic planning. Prior to Cogneesol, Taran has worked in Senior Management positions with a leading Indian outsourcing company. He was instrumental in setting up independent profit centres in India and Latin America. Taran has a MBA from Symbiosis, Pune.

Vice President- Client Relations(US)

Carlo D’ Angelo oversees LSW’s southwestern U.S. client relationships, Law Firm relationships and manages key project transitions.
As a former Assistant Professor of Law, Carlo D’Angelo, trained countless aspiring young lawyers in the art of legal research and writing. In the Spring of 2008, then Professor D’Angelo published his groundbreaking law review article, Overseas Legal Outsourcing and the American Legal Profession: Friend or “Flattener”? In June 2009, Carlo’s article was cited at Georgetown Law’s Global Legal Skills Conference entitled Outsourcing of Legal Research and Writing: Practicing in a Global Legal Community.

In private practice, Carlo D’Angelo has championed the rights of thousands of clients throughout every stage of the criminal justice system. In addition to his many courtroom accomplishments, Carlo’s published works in the areas of Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Trial Practice and Evidence have been cited by numerous respected legal commentators and scholars. Carlo D’Angelo is also an experienced appellate practitioner having filed briefs and petitions at the state and federal appellate court levels as well as the United States Supreme Court.

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