At Legal Support World, delivering exquisite services to our clientele while sustaining the highest possible standards of data security, privacy and credibility is of substantial importance to us. To attain the above mentioned, we make sure that stability and accountability are integrated into our systems.

Secure and Protected Technology:

  • Transmission of data in an encrypted manner with 128-bit SSL
  • Capability to seamlessly integrate into client networks using VPNs with the highest levels of security and confidentiality
  • On-site autopilot back-up and restoration provision
  • Proper audit trails
  • Enforced network access control policies
  • Ascertaining environment allegiance with the help of competent and specialized network administrators

Data Security and Privacy:

  • At Legal Support World, employees ought to sign a non-disclosure agreement and are given distinct user accounts and passwords for logging onto their systems, and the passwords are changed from time to time
  • Every PC and folder is secured with a password
  • Surveillance cameras are set-up to monitor the employee’s actions round-the-clock.
  • Personal communications or data recording gadgets, like cellular phones, cameras and personal laptops are prohibited in the operations area
  • Obtaining access to the work of a team is unfeasible by the other team
  • All inbound and outgoing mails are tracked on the exchange server, and all the attachments are scrutinized for malware and viruses.

Pertaining to Employees:

  • Zero paper policy
  • Employee photo identification access cards and passcode to enter into the operations area
  • Security breach detectors
  • Training imparted to the recruits on information security
  • Employees are strictly prohibited from sharing the client details with other employees
  • Restricted access to the Internet,email, printing devices and other external drives.

All employees at Legal Support World undertake an extensive background check and verification, both pre-employment as well as post-employment. The track record verification procedure consists of the following:

  • Criminal record checks
  • Educational verification
  • Previous employment verification
  • Personal recommendation verification
  • Current and permanent residence address verification


Absolutely no visitors are permitted on the work-floor of the operations area. All our employees are appointed for a project primarily after a comprehensive third-party background check. In accordance with the policy of the Company, an exclusive security audit is carried out in every quarter that ascertains no malpractices.

Secure Web Servers and Infrastructure:

  • Multiple levels of security programs and data located on our servers
  • Cyberoam UTM with Layer 8 technology
  • The web servers are located in a secure place and only entrusted individuals are permitted to get there and gain access to the web server after presenting their identity proofs. Additionally, every single physical visit to the server room is recorded
  • Our web servers are backed up with Intrusion Detection Technologies and several Firewalls thus, protecting the servers from the hackers
  • The server rooms are fully equipped with CCTVs, access control programs, accurate sized UPS, backup power, air conditioners, fire detectors, fire extinguishers, waterproofing and so on
  • Our network supervisorsproactively keep track of the web servers by keeping a close watch for endeavored intrusions and continuously updating our technologies and devices to minimize the threat of illegal access and to steer clear of unanticipated server downtime
  • The web servers are pre-loaded with server administration applications and diagnostic & detective programs like anti-virus,firewall,etc. These kinds of software consistently scan themselves for an indication of interruption or perhaps accumulate such details from external resources and instigate an alert in a well-timed manner

LSW continues to work towards integrating “best practices” policies governing security, infrastructure and confidentiality.

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