• US-based Corporate Law Firm

Outsource Function:

  • Legal Research Services (focus area – companies listed in the US stock market)

The Client’s Challenges:

  • Requirement for extensive legal research
  • Time-consuming process

Our Solution:

Time- and cost-effective deliverables on a weekly basis

Process included;

  • Abstraction of information from a platform as the first source (obtaining a daily deletion list)
  • Research on companies using
  • Research on cross-listings and up-listings

Extracted important information such as;

  • Companies’ stock symbols on the stock market
  • Relevant business sectors
  • Prospectuses and latest press releases
  • Date of listing
  • Listing price
  • First trading price
  • Reverse split ratio
  • Warrants (checking if tradeable or not)
  • Capital amount raised (at initial as well as secondary public offerings)
  • Legal details – underwriter counsel, auditor, and company counsel

Benefits Delivered by LSW:

  • High-speed work
  • Assured confidentiality
  • Assured quality (delivered highly accurate information)
  • Provided continuity and risk management
  • Flexible working models
  • On-time project delivery
  • Provided crucial information (abstracted key terms and provisions out of data spanning over the last three years)
  • Delivered extracted data in the client-suitable format
  • Converted unorganized data into a searchable, organized, and accurate database
  • The provided database will help minimize the time required to search for information

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