US-based Estate Planning Attorney

Outsource Function:

Will Drafting Services (Elder Law) and Agreement Drafting Services (Corporate Law)

The Client’s Challenges:

  • An increasing flow of incoming projects
  • Pre-occupied assistants
  • Time-sensitive cases
  • Budget constraints

Our Solution:

We set up a process to obtain the required documents and information from our client safely in abundance.

Serving the client with a customized solution in a package of services, we drafted Will Packages including, Last Will, Living will, Irrevocable Trust Package, Deed to Irrevocable Trust, Financial Durable Power of Attorney, and Medical Durable Power of Attorney.

We drafted the Will Packages on the basis of the specific instructions and details provided by the client for each Will Package.

We also drafted Operating Agreements for our client attorney by systematically organizing all capital accounts, membership interest, distributions of profit, and allocated tax responsibility.

The drafted document was made for an internal agreement set by the attorney’s client company members containing provisions for critical items and rules that run the company.

Benefits Delivered by LSW:

LSW delivered a smooth and fast service experience and drafted thousands of Will documents for the client and helped them to;

  • Effectively handle multiple cases
  • Serve more clients simultaneously
  • Free up assistants for other crucial tasks – resulting in a 55% increase in performance
  • Reduce turnaround times – 97% of Will Packages are delivered by the due dates
  • Manage costs via our cost-effective, customized services

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