Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 Disruption on The Legal Industry

Legal Industry

 The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a drastic change in the working patterns of law firms and legal departments. Embracing remote work, legal back-office services, and other techniques is now becoming prevalent in the legal arena. Still, firms must stay vigilant amid the current crisis as the pandemic can cause lasting damages to the way legal professionals operate.    For example, the work-life balance may further disintegrate in the long-term due to the COVID-19 pandemic as seasoned attorneys who have been around for a lengthy time recount that the work-life balance has already been a concern in the legal profession for a [...]

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Must-Read E-Discovery Trends & Insights for Lawyers & Law Firms

Insights in E-Discovery

The COVID-19 virus last year had brought along change and disruption, which was a lesson for everyone in many ways. Legal professionals, too, had learned to meet unique challenges and adapt to new circumstances. During and in the aftermath of the global pandemic, the legal sector realized a need for technology to execute several business continuity plans and strategies—for instance, the big shift to remote working.   According to a Clio survey, 83% of legal professionals (in 2020) viewed cloud technology as necessary for the survival of their law firms. While 76% said working virtually can help streamline workflows and [...]

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Experts’ Tips on Efficiently Reading & Summarising Legal Cases

Experts’ Tips on Efficiently Reading & Summarizing Legal Cases

The practice of law revolves around determining how courts have previously considered a situation similar to your case, how they applied the law and ruled upon it. In any law practice, lawyers and law clerks need to read and summarize cases. These summaries help lawyers determine appropriate strategies, identify precedent, and point out potential weaknesses. Many times, especially when the caseload increases, many lawyers take help from legal research services to ease their workload and focus on other essential tasks. However, while each legal professional will have their own method for understanding cases, here are some experts’ opinions about reading [...]

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Is Digital Disruption a Threat or an Opportunity for Law Firms?

Is Digital Disruption a Threat or an Opportunity for Law Firms?

Disruption can come from anywhere; for instance, in the legal sector, disruption is brought by companies like LawDingo that offers a platform for consumers to find professional legal services and bid for the legal work they need to get done. Similarly, Clearspire and Axiom are proving that a lot of clients today are moving from traditional to new ways in order to gain value. Legal professionals can now deliver excellent services using technology and new working models that used to be considered only in the IT sector. Gone are the days when a law firm’s competitors were other law firms. [...]

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Litigation Amid COVID-19 Outbreak: From the Perspective of Lawyers

Litigation Services Company

A lot has happened in the last few months, which is not limited to healthcare and economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies fighting against the pandemic on the front line are at risk of scrutiny and litigation, specifically while making statements in media interviews, press releases, and public disclosures. The same is the case for businesses that have been impacted heavily by the pandemic, either negatively – travel or event companies or positively – digital communication companies. Companies need to ensure they disclose COVID-19 related news and forecasts only after careful and wise considerations. A Recent Securities Litigation [...]

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