Legal Support Outsourcing / Legal Process Outsourcing – What is it?

LSO / LPO involve the outsourcing of certain tasks or functions that constitute part of the broader delivery of legal services. The practice of outsourcing in the legal business is not new. Lawyers have, for years, outsourced certain tasks to “temp” attorneys. Whereas the temp attorney previously sat somewhere down the hall,” she now sits in a service center in India.

Legal Support Outsourcing is an emerging industry in which in-house legal departments of large multinational corporations and forward-looking law firms benefit from the significant reduction in costs and time efficiencies by outsourcing more mundane, time-intensive tasks associated with legal practice, currently the province of junior associates. Thus far, LPO providers have been successfully handling contract drafting, review, and management; compliance assistance (e.g., regulatory filings); electronic discovery, records management, and other litigation support services, standard and less sensitive legal tasks to highly-qualified, skilled and motivated professionals based out of India.

Is Legal Support World (LSW) a Law Firm?

Legal Support World is not a law firm nor do we provide any legal advice to our clients. LSW provides legal support services to law firms and corporations based in the U.S., Europe, Canada and India. LSW works closely with its clients to understand their needs and then applies a rigorous training process, standardized workflow, quality checks and performance metrics to increase quality and efficiency. Our goal is to apply technology and modern management techniques to improve law firm and corporate law department productivity by providing services that free up highly paid corporate counsel and law firm lawyers to perform the intellectually challenging work that attracted them to the practice of law.

What services LSW offers?

LSW offers a wide range of legal support services, including:

  • Contract Review & Management Services
  • Litigation Support Services.
  • Legal Research Services.
  • Paralegal Services
How secure and confidential is client data?

LSW emphasise heavily on the security and confidentiality of the client information. LSW’s signs NDNC agreement with all its clients, we are happy to provide you with a copy of the confidentiality agreements and to incorporate additional language at your request. LSW requires all of our employees and supporting contractors to sign agreements mandating confidentiality and security of client information. Employees are subject to background checks before and during employment. Our Operations centre conforms to the highest and most stringent security measures. The facility offers both physical protection including biometric access controls, state of the art surveillance systems, 24/7 security guards and network protection including multiple firewalls, and password protection.

  • Entry to the office is restricted by biometric access controls;
  • Security guards are posted at the entrances.
  • Workstations computers have no individual printers or devices for removable storage; and all content between LSW and its customers is exchanged over the Internet through a secured VPN connectivity.
  • Data gets stored at the central servers. Client related information/materials are safe as it cannot be downloaded to the local system
  • Information access to employees only on need to know basis
What is the recruitment process?
  • Resumes are short-listed for the eligible candidates
  • The candidates are further screened via a telephonic interview.
  • Written test and rounds of personal interviews with HR and Operations.
  • Background and reference check of the shortlisted candidates.
  • Hire eligible employees
How does LSW train it lawyers on international Law?

LSW’s training and induction programs are critical aspects of the whole process. Our Training team ensures that each new Attorney undergoes a one month rigorous induction program. The program includes soft skills, computer skills, legal writing, introduction to the U.S. and U.K. legal systems, briefs on litigation document review, legal research, case summaries, lease abstraction, agreement drafting, and training on client specific processes.

How are projects managed?

LSW assigns a Project Manager for each job who is responsible for first-line communication with the US/UK client and for overseeing any work delivered. The Project Manager is also responsible for implementing the client’s directions and overseeing any work performed by the attorney team in India. The Project Managers are responsible for performing ongoing quality checks of the work to assure that mistakes are caught and questions are raised and answered quickly, thus increasing efficiency and cost savings over the course of the project.

How to test a pilot project?

We believe that a pilot project is a critical component of any large project. During the “pilot phase,” we work closely with the client to determine whether the team understands the parameters of the project and has the necessary training to take the project forward. We also use the pilot to create and implement protocols, processes and set expectation that will take us through the project to completion. During the pilot, we can also identify team members who are both exceptionally qualified (and thus will rise to a team leader position) and in need of further training.

What are LSW’s billing models?

LSW have flexible billing models – Full Time Equivalent (FTE), Hourly, Per page / document and project based. Rather than just an hourly rate, we can provide a better grip on costs by charging per page, per document, or per contract – whatever works best for the client. Most importantly, we provide cost savings without compromising on the quality of the work product. Our fixed prices include all of our project management as well as quality control costs. LSW try to work within a client’s budget. If the client talk to us about the expectations and their budget, we will try to work out an appropriate pricing/payment/service model.

How does LSW invoice its customers?

An invoice is sent to the customer for the work completed and delivered for a particular month or on a project. The customer can pay by Check, Bank Wire Transfer or Credit Card.

What are the key advantages of Legal Support World?

There are several key advantages gained by using LSW: Cost-Effective. Depending upon the type of legal service being outsourced, a law firm or a corporate legal department could achieve as much as 40% to 60% in cost savings by outsourcing legal support work to LSW.

Flexibility: Rather than hire full-time or even temporary in-house support staff to deal with the ups and downs in workflow, LSW can be utilized on an as need basis. Furthermore, LSW can allow a law firm or corporate legal department to tap into expertise that they may otherwise be lacking in-house.

High Quality Legal Support: LSW employ fully licensed Indian attorneys rather than just paralegals or legal secretaries.

Increase Efficiency: LSW utilize low cost professionals as well as specially designed software that automates and streamlines repetitive tasks, especially tasks that involve significant amounts of paperwork and documents.

Leverage Time Zone Differences: North American or European based clients have the ability to have work completed on a 24 hour basis or during the night.

Optimize Costly Resources: For law firms, expensive resources in high cost markets are freed up in order to focus on high margin fee generating work rather than repetitive tasks while corporate legal departments are able to focus more attention to their core competencies rather than on handling legal paperwork.

Security and Confidentiality: We address and ensure fool-proof security at People, Process and Technology level.

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