Legal Research Services

Today’s fast-paced legal environment leaves little time for errors and even less time for conducting quality research. Legal research and writing entails extensive, well-reasoned, and succinct writing tactics typically perfected by training and experience. For a practicing legal professional who happens to be already hard-pressed for time, it is usually challenging to find time for detailed legal research and writing. This is where our attorneys from Legal Support World, a reputable provider of legal research and writing services, come into the picture to help you out.

With over 16 years of experience, we, as a legal research company, offer unique legal research and writing outsourcing services to assist attorneys and law firms in meeting strict deadlines and fulfilling unpredicted client requirements without having to spend money on hiring full-time in-house staff.

Our attorneys specialize in making use of LexisNexis and Westlaw databases to carry out legal research for suitable cases, statutes, and stipulations. Our highly efficient team of attorneys and paralegals originate from diverse backgrounds and impart their rich experience in conducting effectual legal research for our clients. They proficiently sift through data by means of various research tools readily available to us, provided by these legal research companies. Our legal research services are designed to support your practice by offering comprehensive research and analysis, ensuring that solid legal precedents and statutory authority back every case. Consistent additional training and updates related to the ever-changing laws strengthen our teams’ analytical abilities and detail-oriented methodology.

Legal Research Services

Our Legal Research and Writing Services

Legal Research Services:

The legal research is carried out using a variety of resources like newspapers, books, journals, periodicals, and several other online sources, often provided by reputable legal research service providers. An apparent knowledge about the goal facilitates our professionals in extracting information that is valuable. Our rigorous quality control measures ascertain that the information gathered is from reputable sources.

For case-specific research, our experts perform their tasks in tandem with the main attorney to make sure that the purpose is fulfilled. We additionally conduct comprehensive research of past cases and judgments passed and present an overview to have feasible expectations concerning the case. This collaborative approach ensures thoroughness and accuracy in legal research services.

  • International law research
  • Federal legislative history research
  • Regulatory and administrative law research
  • Legislative bill tracking research
  • LexisNexis/Westlaw research
  • Legal research of secondary sources
  • Jury verdict and settlement research
  • Legal opinions

Legal Writing Services


Motion to dismiss, Motion for a directed verdict, Motion for a new trial, Motion for summary judgment, Motion to compel, Motion in limine, and so on.


Case Evaluation briefs, Trial briefs, Appellate briefs, and so on.


Legal Research Memorandums, Investigative Memorandums and Memorandum of Law

Pre-Trial and Discovery:

Initial Disclosures, Interrogatories, Depositions, Request for Admissions, and Production of Documents


Applications, Complaints, Petitions, Responses, Answers, Motion, Replies and so on.

Legal Correspondence:

Opinion Letters Advocacy Letters etc.

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Why Outsource Legal Research and Writing Services

Optimized Turnaround Time

Optimized Turnaround Time

Our internal capabilities integration enhances your operational efficiency and a streamlined turnaround for specialized cases. With our extensive network of delivery centers, we strategically blend onshore and offshore expertise for project completion.
Stringent Security Measures

Stringent Security Measures

Entrust us with your most sensitive legal documents, confident in the knowledge that our robust security protocols, unwavering business ethics, and values safeguard your information throughout our collaboration. We follow best security practices.
Unparalleled Work Quality

Unparalleled Work Quality

Legal Support World boasts a team comprising the industry’s finest legal professionals, lawyers, and paralegals. Our team’s exceptional intellectual acumen consistently garners praise from clients for delivering results that exceed expectations.
Significant Cost-Efficiency

Significant Cost-Efficiency

Delivering exceptional legal research services to attorneys and law firms, we offer substantial cost savings compared to local alternatives, making high-quality work accessible without compromising your budget.
Global Accessibility

Global Accessibility

Our global presence ensures accessibility to a diverse talent pool, allowing us to assemble specialized teams proficient in various legal domains. This global perspective enhances the comprehensiveness and depth of our legal research and writing services.
Legal Insights and Advisory

Legal Insights and Advisory

We take pride in offering strategic legal insights and advisory services that go beyond standard research and writing. Our team of experts provides valuable perspectives, helping clients navigate complex legal landscapes and make informed decisions.

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