Legal Support World recognizes the formidable challenges faced by law firms when managing and reviewing extensive quantities of legal documents. Document review is essential, whether driven by litigations, internal investigations, or regulatory requirements.

Our unparalleled managed document review services optimize legal processes and elevate case outcomes. Serving various industries such as legal, pharmaceuticals, insurance, manufacturing, construction, telecom, and more, our experienced legal professionals, coupled with cutting-edge technology, provide meticulous attention to detail.

Our team is dedicated to reviewing legal documents like intellectual property law, arbitration of civil matters, i.e. patent, internal investigations Subpoena, Law of Tort, trademark litigations, disputes and investigations etc. We have expertise in software like Relativity, Ringtail, Everlaw, and Disco.

From document review to analysis, we prioritize accuracy, thoroughness, and adherence to legal standards.

Our Managed Document Review Services

Objective Coding

Legal Suport World specializes in objective coding, which involves collecting and recording various documents data points that include information such as the date, author, recipient, source, title, and more. With the help of simple indexes and search keywords, you can easily identify and study your documents.

Responsive Analysis

At LSW, we ensure accuracy in data delivery to help lawyers determine the responsive status of documents according to state protocols or case matters as per their specific requirements. We are committed to helping you achieve your desired goals without any hassle.

Confidentiality Review

We comprehensively assess sensitive data in documents, ensuring its protection and compliance with legal requirements. LSW prioritizes confidentiality to safeguard contract data and maintain the utmost privacy and security throughout the document review process.

Privilege Analysis

Our comprehensive privilege document analyses are tailored to meet your specific legal needs, preserving privileged rights. Confidently withhold relevant documents during the crucial disclosure stage of litigation. Trust LSW’s team for efficient and effective review of privileged documents.


We provide PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and PHI (Personal Health Information) services, performing redactions as per client requirements or HIPAA regulations. Our expertise enables us to ensure data compliance and security.

Due Diligence

Legal Support World’s expert team collates case information, defining the scope of the case and identifying and preserving relevant documents. We meticulously handle these tasks to ensure thoroughness and accuracy in legal proceedings.

Internal Investigations

Our internal investigation involves collecting, analyzing, reviewing, and formatting documents to filter out relevant information. Our expertise ensures a thorough and efficient process that helps uncover crucial insights for your organization’s internal investigations.

Incident Response

LSWs experts thoroughly review legal documents to identify PII, PHI, and trade secrets/IP based on client guidelines. We extract and create a Notification List using the extracted data, specializing in FERPA matters (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Managed Legal Document Review Workflow

  • Develop effective search strings and search terms to ensure persistent highlighting for responsiveness.
  • Efficiently segregate client-coded documents from the rest.
  • Conduct document sampling to estimate the percentage of responsive documents in the project.
  • Organize documents into batches for streamlined review.
  • Generate a calibration set or sample set for the client at the beginning of the review process.
  • Maintain a query log and decision log to document uncertain decisions regarding specific documents.
  • Perform daily conflict checks to ensure data integrity.
  • Prepare a consistency sheet to verify the correct coding of documents with similar file names or subjects within the authorized population.
  • Deliver the completed project with precision and accuracy.

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