Legal Solutions Provider and Outsourcing Partner

When you want a flexible approach with strategic control and cost-benefit from your Legal outsourcing partner that works to provide timely and accurate corporate and legal solutions with reliability, LSW is one name that stands apart!
With Quality at the core of all its operations, LSW has been serving its huge client base with expert compliance analysis and consultation based on absolute trust and security. The fact that LSW ensures the strategic control and client engagement to be vested with the client make it your best choice for legal support solutions. At LSW every strategic decision making activity ranging from project planning to team selection is done collaboratively so to deliver operational excellent. This combination not only offsets the drawback of traditional total outsourcing not being aligned with the buyer company’s strategy, but also provides cost benefits associated with total outsourcing.
Partner us for legal issues, projects and outsourcing of legal services and representation.

LSW goes on extra mile to ensure:

  • Attorneys learn business of our clients.
  • Addressed and resolved legal issues such as practice of law, attorney-client privilege, confidentiality, and client conflicts of interest.
  • Exceptional quality work in a secure and seamless fashion
  • You hold the power to shrink or expand your co-sourced team as you like. You can enjoy full control over the legal team work and have a direct control on them.
  • Your remote Legal team will develop their knowledge in the same way the in-house team develops; even if an in-house team member resigns it will not affect your work or process.
  • Co-Sourcing model operates within your stipulated budget.

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