How We Do It

With a focus to provide the best-possible know how that gives your business the leading edge, LSW offers world-class litigation and administrative support servicing which will work for your greater benefit.
Our services:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Infrastructure

People are our greatest asset and we value our Attorneys. Our Attorneys work full time with LSW, bringing consistency and stability to the team.

LSW hand picks the Attorneys from the best Indian law schools. The candidates have to undergo series of interviews and written test to be part of the vibrant team at LSW.

LSW has developed in-house training modules with help of legal industry experts. Our training team ensures that each new Attorney undergoes a one-month rigorous induction program. The program includes soft skills, computer skills, legal writing, introduction to the U.S. and U.K. legal systems, briefs on litigation document review, legal research and agreement drafting. Once the induction modules are over, emphasis is on project specific training.

If required, LSW also sends its transition manager onsite to understand clients’ business requirements and assist in knowledge transfer. This ensures a consistent approach, thus increasing efficiencies.

LSW provide the attorneys with a competitive edge in the legal outsourcing industry and is an equal opportunity employer.

Responsiveness, Privilege and Relevancy analysis

Quality drives business at LSW and emphasis on processes improve overall quality and further decrease cost.


LSW has developed a secure and controlled, global virtual delivery platform. This platform enables seamless delivery of our service offerings and integration of our people with our customers in what is effectively a virtual office, providing global legal solutions. The infrastructure has been set up with a focus on customers most sought out requirements of delivery, efficiency and secure outsourcing of legal work.


  • State-of-the-art technology architecture, servers with advanced security software and applications.
  • Physical access controlled by biometric access control.
  • 24×7 electronic surveillance of the premises.
  • Dual monitors for a paperless office and to minimize errors
  • Redundant systems: 100% data backup, power backup, dedicated and multiple Internet lines from top tier ISPs, 24×7 access.
  • Cyberoam UTM with Layer 8 technology
  • Enterprise suite for Virus prevention and cure
  • Spam filter for Internet access & mail server
  • URL filtering application for surf control
  • Capability to prioritize and control traffic and bandwidth allocation at user/application level.
  • Capability to seamlessly integrate into client networks using VPNs with the highest levels of security and confidentiality.
  • Profile based Desktop access which allows access to only required minimum applications. No data storage access at local machines.
  • Centralized server based storage.
  • LSW continue to work towards integrating “best practices” policies governing security, infrastructure and confidentiality.

Engagement Models

LSW provides the below engagement models to address the unique requirements of its clients. These models have been designed to provide a flexible operating framework and maximise the value of engagements.
Dedicated Teams

LSW provides dedicated/full-time teams of Attorneys to clients; these teams act as an extension of clients own office. In addition to dedicated attorneys, LSW provides relevant infrastructure and project management to meet client-specific requirements. Most of our clients prefer to engage with us through the dedicated team model. The team is selected and trained specifically for the client’s needs. The client is assigned a separate work area and segregated space on our servers.


  • Dedicated team size can vary from 1 FTE to any number FTEs based on project needs.
  • Fixed monthly charge per FTE on monthly basis.
  • Clients have full access and control of the dedicated team.
  • Customisable infrastructure, methodology and compliance to meet client-specific requirements
  • High applicability when there is predictable demand, requirement for expertise and specific infrastructure requirement

Project Based / Hourly Rates

LSW provides a project based model to its clients for one time projects, seasonal work and to support sporadic legal research projects that do not require dedicated attorney commitment.


  • Dedicated project management, however, no dedicated teams
  • Some scope for process improvement
  • Customised workflow based on size of the one-time team
  • Flexibility of resourcing based on project demand

Per Piece Rates

LSW provides per piece based pricing model to its clients for projects where a process could be divided into tasks and time have taken to complete the task at most occurrences is measurable in standard terms.


  • Fixed price for each task
  • Some scope for process improvement
  • Flexibility of resourcing based on project demand
  • Customised workflow

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