The best thing about Legal Outsourcing is the fact that you get the services of qualified lawyers and legal experts who are working as a part of your team yet without an additional burden of their monthly salaries and other fixed costs

Few of the Important Reasons Why Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments Consider outsourcing are:-

Reduced Costs

Reduce operating costs by outsourcing to legal services vendors that have the advantage of labor arbitrage, better IT systems, and improved scale efficiencies. Depending upon the type of legal service being outsourced, a law firm or a corporate legal department could achieve as much as 40% to 70% in cost savings by outsourcing legal support work.

Increase in Quality and Productivity

Trained attorneys from the best law schools in India constitute your support team. LSW employ fully licensed Indian attorneys rather than just paralegals or legal secretaries. The right talent fit complimented by the established processes ensures increased quality and productivity in Law Firm operations.

Faster Turnaround

The dedicated teams are available 24×7 providing faster turnaround time and meet strict project deadlines.

Focus On Core Competencies

Attorneys can focus attention on strategic issues rather than support activities. Law firms can devote valuable critical resources to complex legal functions. For law firms, expensive resources in high cost markets are freed up in order to focus on high margin fee generating work rather than repetitive tasks while corporate legal departments are able to focus more attention to their core competencies rather than on handling legal paperwork.

Enhance Control

Improve financial controls and regulatory compliance.

Increase Flexibility

Increase operational flexibility and scalability of resources without tying up capital.

Time Zone Advantage

Law firms can leverage the convenient time zone difference that exists between India and the West. Get your job done while you are closed for the day and wake up to your service being delivered the next morning. This unique advantage gives you the benefit of round-the-clock business operations. Even the small and medium size Law firms can afford to run 24/7 support functions for their customers by outsourcing their functions.. The best thing about LSW is the smooth flow and increased speed and quality of business process with the leverage of our expertise and value-added transactional activities.

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