8 Strategies to Protect Your Intellectual Property (IP) from Infringement!

Intellectual Property

The world is driven by change and innovation. This is the reason individuals and businesses are trying hard to come up with new business models, effective strategies, and inventions that can help streamline internal processes and aid business growth. If something good is created by someone, others try and copy the same. However, this is like taking the rewards of someone who has invested a lot of effort and time in coming up with an invention without his consent. This is where intellectual property (IP) rights come in. It is the area of law that revolves around the protection of [...]

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How is Case Management Software Better for Attorneys Than Traditional Methods?


A case management system plays a vital role in the legal industry as it helps to integrate all the crucial information that is relevant to a particular case. It provides a well-structured overview of the general information of a case, lawyers assigned to it, email communications, deadlines, and much more. The advent of this system has drastically changed the traditional approach of law firms and has made the processes paperless and easy to manage. This system finds its utilization in law firms as a database for past, present, and future clients and cases. The functionality of legal case management software [...]

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Importance of SWOT Analysis for Your Law Firm!

SWOT Analysis

Similar to any other enterprise, law firms can reap numerous benefits from SWOT analysis as a law firm’s growth heavily depends upon its productivity, profitability, and reputation in the legal sector. SWOT is an abbreviation for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A thorough SWOT analysis examines internal and extremal factors that can affect the firm’s capabilities to attract and retain clients, and the potentials to run progressively toward growth. What is SWOT Analysis? A SWOT analysis is an efficient tool to evaluate an organization’s strengths & weaknesses (internal factors) and opportunities & possible threats (external factors) to it. It is [...]

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Roundup : Lawyers’ Suggestions to Avoid Mistakes during Contract Drafting!

Contract Drafting

It takes a lot of precision and expertise to draft a contract that both the parties are happy with. In contracts, every detail and every word matters; hence, it becomes imperative to avoid mistakes during contract drafting. To provide contract drafting services, thorough understanding and trawling through all the significant details is the key! Lawyers strive to achieve the same by their undivided attention and diligence. Tips by Lawyers to keep in Mind during Contract Drafting 1. Take a Review of an Attorney Andrew Legrand Legal Assistant at Spera Law Group. Contracts are a particular area of the law where [...]

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Law Office Management: 10 Essential Tips to Organize Your Work!

Law Office Management

Law office management refers to the office management of a law firm, a single attorney, or a group of attorneys, with or without the inclusion of secretaries, paralegals, and other personnel. The main tasks to perform include managing the staff and workload, office and financial management, legal advertising, marketing, and more. Lawyers are not perfectionists when it comes to managing their law firms and offices. A poor law office management not only affects the efficiency of an organization, but also negatively affects the relations, environment, and the overall quality of the work. Let’s get started to seek ways to manage [...]

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