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Legal Support Services For Lawyers

Legal Support Services – The Real Path to Profits for Law Firms

The legal sector much like similar service-centric industries have slowly but surely imbibed the value of outsourcing. But unlike others it had not been quick on the take off and the full benefits were only realized with the global economic crash in the mid 2000s. Legal firms, faced with the meltdown found it hard to cope with the rise in litigation cases while keeping costs down to manageable levels. Hiring of legal luminaries was not a solution if highly paid lawyers had to attend to mundane duties that primarily comprised of a supporting role instead of carrying out tasks related to core competencies and offering high value service to fresh business. Thus the real path of business expansion, growth and profitability lay in outsourcing legal support services and today this field is almost as big in size and turnover as the main legal industry.

Before deciding to opt for outsourcing, you have to very sure of what you want out of it. The most important is of course reduction in costs in maintaining support services, both in relation to hiring qualified manpower and investment in infrastructure to run them. The second is being very clear about what you want to outsource that will save time and energy and help you focus on the primary tasks at hand. The core of all legal activities per se can be categorized in two – documentation, preparation and writing of briefs, carrying out research and other similar work on one hand and court appearances on the other. To reach your objective of exponential growth in business, you should opt to outsource comprehensive legal support services.

What then are the services you can outsource and yet ensure that your legal firm runs without a hitch – in fact more efficiently and profitably?

Research and writing – This is standardized work that requires no special discretion or interpretation of law by a top notch lawyer. As research is on laws that are already rigidly laid down, the scope of any discrepancies in research findings are almost eliminated. Thus you will do well to outsource such tedious activities as research for preparation of motions, appellate briefs, legal memoranda, letters and notices as well as structuring motions and pleadings, complaints and background information for trial preparation. Outsourcing these specific activities will save you a lot of time and costs as these services are available offshore at very affordable costs.

Contract Management – Any law firm has to deal with hundreds of contact and if you have to go through all of them with a fine tooth comb you’ll not have time for anything else. Moreover, managing the database of contracts, negotiating and maintaining the contracts, and ensuring that all clauses are client welfare centric is an onerous responsibility. Professional legal support services have the expertise to carry out these functions effectively not only in the initial stages but during the life cycle of the contract too. Choose an outsourcing company with experience in handling contracts related to various sections of laws – Family Law, Property Law, Employment Law and those related to trusts and estates or securities. You can even look for specialization in outsourcing agencies that match your primary area of activities in law.

Review of Documents – This is another key area that you’ll do well to outsource. It’s a highly manpower intensive work but very important nevertheless. Agencies who have long years of experience in legal outsourcing have expert document review teams who can carry out related activities with great professional skills. This includes coding of documents, preparing deposition summaries, reviewing the document database with definitive point specific issues and finally facilitating putting forth an evidential database.

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One thread runs common through the different factors given above and that is, each point contributes to cost savings as you don’t have to put in place any infrastructure to take care of them. This will increase your profitability and have a positive impact on client servicing and business growth.

Review & Management services

Review And Management Services: How Can it Benefit Legal & Business Firms?

Review requests often overwhelm the lawyers working in a legal or business firm. A significant amount of time is spent in negotiation and drafting of such contracts, which is a grueling process due to high volumes.  They demand considerable capitals for drafting, reviewing and managing contracts, and the process as a whole is a critical one.  Organizations need to improve their capability to cater to the demand for contract legal- liability advices, edit and improve service in order to decrease risk, such as unintentional obligations which result in unapproved contract changes, propagation in languages that increase the chances of unexpected breaches and missing deadlines related to price appreciation or restitutions.  Firms equipped with management software require for human resources to cater the need.

Outsourcing review and management services can solve this problem by providing proficient teams of lawyers. The dedicated team of lawyers helps their clients by reengineering the contract review process, implement contract management technology to support ongoing contract creation, review and negotiate all requirements.   Outsourcing firm’s trained lawyers draft, review and manage the high volume and routine contracts at half the wages paid to an in house team. As a result, the in- house team can focus on priority tasks. Outsourcing helps the firms to get the work done definitively, start conscripting and review standards until you are comfortable with all the processes and staffing.

By outsourcing document review services to a vendor overseas the legal and business firms can benefit immensely. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Reduced Costs: Outsourcing document review and management services to a firm cuts down their costs drastically. They need to pay a fraction of an amount as compared to the in house team. Overhead cost is reduced to nearly 50% as compared to that of an onshore lawyer.

  • Increase high- value capacity:  Legal and business firms can take off the extra burden of their lawyer’s shoulders. Once they are free of routine, low-value work they can focus on priority tasks, high-value and billable activities.

  • Manage rights and responsibilities:  Legal outsourcing companie can help by summarizing executed contracts, recognizing key terms, date and creating efficient contracts databank. This ensures the organization to realize its responsibilities and take benefit of their rights.

  • Risk Management: Business outsourcing companies specialize in their tasks with global delivery platforms and provide attention round the clock to decrease turnaround time.  Consequently, this allows the legal and business firms to submit their contracts for evaluation.

  • Boost Confidence :  Once the low- importance work is outsourced to an external vendor the in house team is longer burdened under redundant contract requests. As a result, they can focus on tasks of higher- importance, and it increases their job satisfaction and boosts their morale. Overall, this helps the firm to reduce their overhead costs and liability.

  • Leverage language resources: Outsourcing firms with multilingual contracts legal process delivery centers, they can support ongoing contract reviews and negotiate effectively in multiple languages.

  • Business Transparency: Outsourcing firms work on a fixed price per contract or total engagement fixed pricing. This adds more transparency in the process and business houses can benefit greatly.

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Therefore, by outsourcing document review services, legal and business firms can manage their continuing privileges & responsibilities and ensure compliance with the innumerable factors impacting global regulations.

Document Review Services

Document Review Services- The Most Daunting Step Of Litigation

A famous saying by Mitch Kowalski, a professor with the university of Ottawa, goes like ‘organizations around the world are in a situation where they have to do more for less’. Befitting enough in the setting of the market ravaged by financial downturn, the quote perfectly captures the essence of overseas’ law firms’ seeking in outsourcers- cost cut. However a very essential portfolio of litigation support firms is Document review services which also the most financially demanding process. Document review also renders a lot of time dedication for any practicing agency. Hence it is apparent that better technologies and strategies are required to counter the overrun of papers and electronic documents.

The obstacles and cure:

For any Document review services firm the biggest challenge is to reduce the volume of work by zeroing in on the relevant documents only yet not missing on to crucial evidences. Since the data volume of electronically stored information is surging exponentially, it is indispensable now to search for new ways in document review and put a curb of rising costs. The cutting-edge technology we are employing today must be a significant part of the cure. In formal terms, the trend of getting accustomed to modern-age technology is called machine learning. As firms now you high-level algorithm, leverage in Document review services is gained. In this process, a handful of attorneys check through a small set or subset of documents and then feed the machine with the acquired data which is then standardized by the computer and larger volume of information is sieved. Another way of overcoming the time barrier of Document review is come-of-the-age analytics techniques which incorporates methodologies like predictive coding and text categorization that allows the reviewer with greater contemplation of the document population. This approach makes a revolutionary leap in informing timely impressions of the attorney in a close to real-time pattern. The requirement of man force of any Document review services is also decimated by an astounding 90% once the system is incepted with this technology saving relieving huge budget pressure.

The resourceful maestro:

In the wake of profitability squeeze of offshore LPOs it is imperative to devise newer techniques by successfully integrating technological advancement. One expert entity in Document review services has stood out with its fast adaptability in changing market with the escalation of electronically stored data. LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD (LSW) is leading the lot by example of managing the information pile. The unique capabilities of LSW are automated and comprehensive keyword search; analysis maneuvers for native file review; loading and hosting of data in a secure web based information inventory with regular back up; identification and removal of conflicting search tags prior to production and linear review technique for very large scale document review. LSW has a dedicated central server which guarded by 24×7 electronic supervision ensures that all these review data stay safe and the effort does not go in vain. All these endeavors make sure that the clients enjoy defensibility with statistical support during the courtroom hearing.

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Resource Box:

Many people move back after deciding to take the legal assistance of LPOs because they are appalled by the huge cost burden of document review. We, at LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD (LSW), promise a reasonable expenses rate for documentation review with our state-of-the-art technology that employs a smart approach toward large amount of data review.

Legal Document Review

How Important is a Legal Document Review?

Document review services had been an important part of the LPO’s dealing with the overseas clients for the lawyers of the American and the European courts. The LPO service in India had been one of the best in the planet which had given a considerable rise to the industry looking into the service which the LPO’s in India had been providing to the international clients.

For lawyers and attorneys who are practicing at the American courts is extremely busy with numerous types of cases as most of the time the lawyers are associated with the law firms. The document review is one of the pillars of a god presentation of cases in the court of law, but in many a cases the review of the documents are not possible to be reviewed by the prospective clients. The legal document review is done by the Indian LPO’s where they had been reviewing the law documents for their international counter parts and had been helping them to win cases for their clients.

The document review services a job done with enough patience:

The document review services is a job of great patience as the lawyers or the Legal support World needs to take a good look to each and every genre of the documents. The review is required so as no part of complex cases are left to look into and the chances for the winning of the cases increases. The lawyers in India makes legal document review a part and parcel of their routine. The lawyers in India offering the services of the document review services had been doing their job with full integrity and had been agile enough to handle variety of cases all through.

Legal document review services- becoming quality careers for many in India:

The document review services in India are taken up as a profession by many of the young and aspiring lawyers. The lawyers who deal with the international laws had learned the minute details of the country’s laws that they had been handling for their clients. The attorney’s in LPO services practically does not need to review the work that Legal documents reviews provide. The work done is ferried quite attentively and in best possible ways.

The Legal Support World- the best at what they do:

The legal Support World provides a large amount of legal supports to the attorneys who are their overseas clients. The Legal Support world other than providing the secondary law services also reviews the legal documents for their clients. The company had been successful in making quality document review services in the past as they are assisted by patient legal advisers who would be taking all the pains of not leaving a single portion of the documents to be reviewed. The lawyers who take up the Legal Support World must give the companies the minute details of the cases and thus helping them to win the cases. The Legal Support World had been keeping the integrity alive and make sure that the case details are never shared with anyone and thus keeping the information safe.

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Resource box:

The Legal Support World had been making the legal procedures at the overseas court easy. Thanks to their splendid team of lawyers who would be dealing with all the pains and will be pulling the cases through for the clients.


What Do You Understand By Document Review Services?

A written material related to different types of cases is reviewed by the attorneys. This process of reviewing is called the Document Review Services. It is a staple kind of work where the documents vary depending upon different types of cases. In some serious cases where a large number of documents are to be reviewed in a particular period of time, the law firms eventually seek help from the document review service providers. Internal audits, internal investigations and different litigations are basically reviewed by the service providers.

Documents are often found in different forms. Though the attorneys check the hard copies, now in the era of electronics, native files and soft copies are also checked and reviewed. Soft copies are usually used when the company needs to keep track of the document and passes it through different software. The machine learning and e-discovery process are used when a large number of electronic documents are reviewed. The total process of document reviewing can be such expensive and meticulous one that a law firm may need additional assistance along with their present resources. Sometimes even the attorneys are hired from outside.

Why Do You Need a Document Review Service Provider?

The higher international law firms need to get associated with the Document Review service provider to avoid multiple failure to meet the deadlines, to lower company expenses, to enhance the business and to stop hiring expensive law attorneys from outside. To record the valuable documents, the law firms often need e-discovery, which can be totally taken care of by the Document Review Service Provider. The legal staffing companies, basically to stay competitive and reduce the cost rates, are stooping down towards Document review service providers.

The Advantages Hiring an Indian DR Service Provider:

Such Indian providers are excellent and specialized at sections like- documents coding, e-discovery and legal outsourcing processes. The offshore opportunities provided by the international law firms are very flexible in India. You get very efficient, productive, serious, knowledgeable attorneys and working professionals here at a very cost effective package. They aren’t only reviewing the legal documents but also can take care of your other legal litigations. You get a timely assistance with free client counseling with every possible way out to different problems or complications.

Our company Legal Support World is not an exception. We proudly declare ourselves as a very sophisticated Documents Review Service Provider. Our only aim is to come up with our very potentials, day in and day out & provide you with the best service ever. We establish our Documents Review guidelines and facilitate our work with meticulous supervision. It is evidently money saving for you and at the same time establishes a proper reputation of your company. We are dynamic in terms of professionalism and work culture. Our 24 * 7 client friendly services are easy and attractive to opt for. We have been a name in this field not because we publicize but our work and past record make us credible to all our clients and business partners.