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legal outsourcing future in 2017

Legal Outsourcing Future In 2017

We are in the first quarter of 2017 and the working trends of law firms and legal departments have changed a lot. Now the law firms and offices are relying more on legal outsourcing companies to lessen their expenditures, work burden and to become more efficient.

If we go some years back, LPO did not exist in the law field. Legal professions didn’t even know about the LPO and the companies providing such services. But as of today, it has become an integral part of almost every growing law firm looking for growth opportunities. The question now is that will it continue to grow in the future or in which direction will it go from this point?

Here are top Trends in Legal Outsourcing which will clear the situation:

  1. Quality and Affordability: As long as these two specialties are there, the trend of outsourcing legal work will keep on growing. Now a days, no law firm wants to hire heavy staff and to assign them tasks like contracts review and management, document preparations. They only want limited staff only for client dealings. Due to this, the demands for legal process outsourcing services providers have been rising.

  1. Services Variety: Getting all kinds of services at one place is another major reason for the popularity of legal outsourcing. It consists of a variety of sub services such as legal research, paralegal support and litigation support which makes it a complete package.

  1. Rising demand: Recently done researches have proved that there is a rise in demand for quality and affordable legal support services offered from countries like India and Philippines. India has an edge over Philippines in terms of qualified workforce, subject knowledge and greater fluency in English.

  1. High Grade Data Security: With the emergence of cloud computing technology, legal sector has also got benefits like global access to data, but some data security concerns are also there. In this scenario a legal outsourcing company takes the responsibility to secure law firm’s data using different technologies and expertise. The kinds of systems chosen provide high security as per international standards.

So, in future outsourcing will emerge stronger and this streak will continue to grow as long as best practices and security standards are used by the legal outsourcing services providers.

If you are an owner of a law firm, especially of small or medium size, then you can consider outsourcing as your best partner. So, grow your business not expenses.

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LSW is the leading legal outsourcing services providers in the world. The services are aimed at helping the law firm managements in boosting their productivity by concentrating on their strengths. They have access to high quality staff and latest software for performing these functions.

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outsource legal services

Secrets How Legal Services Can Increase the Growth of Law Firms?

Like all business scenarios, the legal industry too has to depend on growth and development and incremental business to stay afloat. But there is a very distinct and unique perspective for law firms around the world. In the not too distant past they had to extend their area of operations outside their own four walls (outsourcing) to survive a disaster that had even economies of countries reeling under financial depression.

The global recession led to large scale bankruptcies of even blue chip companies not to speak of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Law firms were inundated with work and this led to a rise in a peculiar situation – lots of work but no man power resources to back it up as the firms could ill afford huge expenses in hiring additional staff.

What was the path chosen by the law firms to get out of this mess? They decided to outsource legal services, an option that is still very relevant now and in fact growing at a fast clip. Once the legal industry tasted success in this process it became their sole mantra for business expansion. But outsourcing must be done right and now that it has been established that this is the shortest path for business development a look at the pointers to be followed in this regard will be in order.

If law firms have to delve into the secrets that can help them grow at a quick rate the answer will be outsourcing, outsourcing and yet more outsourcing of their legal services. There is nothing that can matter more. As a legal luminary of a law firm you have to spin off large sections of your work to companies that have equally qualified lawyers with enough experience to optimize the work allotted to them.

When you outsource and want to reap the benefits fully, there are two things that should be kept in mind – the functions that you should outsource and the advantages you get out of it.

Functions that should be outsourced-

1. Research and legal drafting – This aspect is purely based on the    tenets of the law without any need for specific interpretations. However, it is a very tedious and painstaking work and will keep your lawyers engaged fruitlessly when they can be better utilized in client servicing.

2. Management of contracts – If you have to go through all contracts that come up before you with a fine tooth comb, you’ll hardly have time for anything else. Free yourself up by outsourcing this activity to those offering professional legal services. Not only will the initial stages of the contract be taken care of but its monitoring will continue throughout the life cycle of the contract.

3. Document Review - This is a highly man power intensive activity again and includes preparing deposition summaries, coding of documents and other related work. By keeping it to yourself, you deprive valued customers of the undivided attention they deserve from you.

The common factor in all these above points is that they are all back office related time consuming work. Outsourcing them is surely one of the primary secrets of business growth and development.

Why should you outsource for business growth –

1. Focus on core competencies – When you outsource legal services that require no interpretation of law but simply has to follow it to the letter, you do not really lose anything. Instead you are taking expert external help to further prepare your cases in the shortest possible time. This will give you a lot of time to offer quality service to existing clients as well as bring in fresh cases.

2. Reduction in costs – Outsourced work can be done at a much lower cost than what you would have paid your high salaried staff. This is because of the wage differentials existing between countries. This savings can be better utilized to offer competitive legal fees to your clients thereby stealing a march over law firms.

3. Increase in business opportunities – This is especially true if you have a small to mid sized legal firm. It is no more the scenario where top legal firms garner prize clients and small firms get left behind. By outsourcing a part of the functioning at cheaper rates you too can go for quality customers and increase business without having to add to your manpower resources.

4. Coming of age of outsourcing companies – Outsourcing companies today offer services that can be deemed to be parallel in quality to the originating legal firms. Over a period of time they have honed their skills, added to their infrastructure and taken on board lawyers of international standards with a high degree of expertise in the laws of different countries. By hiring them you are adding value to your services and this will naturally rub off on your client servicing and business development.

These then are the secrets to law firms increasing their growth in business. At the cost of repetition it can be said that the magic mantra is to outsource legal services.

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Legal Support World(LSW) is one of the leading companies offering legal services. Our lawyers have a great degree of professional expertise and deliver consistent quality results every time.

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litigation support services - Helpful for businesses

How Can Opting for Specialist Litigation Support Services Help Your Business?

Litigation support services are emerging as quite helpful for legal as well as the non-legal sector. Employing legal support outsourcing companies facilitates law firms and advocates to pay attention to preparing for their presentation in the courtroom in addition to providing them time to enhance their customer support, increase their efficiency and last but not the least seek a bit of time for their personal life. These days even non-legal business concerns have a separate legal division. Opting for expert litigation support services decreases the expense of retaining an entire standalone division while getting the identical benefits at a considerably less costly rate.

Recently, a number of legal outsourcing companies have emerged and are offering economical and effective services to large numbers of attorneys and businesses around the globe. A dependable outsourcing company must have a pool of professional personnel that are skilled in law as well as have an outstanding written and spoken verbiage and technological know-how. Competence in the most up-to-date tools and software program is exceedingly essential to render the most precise services in minimum feasible time. The majority of legal outsourcing companies employ law graduates to offer the ideal legal solutions to their clientele. Their services may be availed for as long as mandatory or until the case concludes. Litigation support personnel resourcefully manages your administrative chores whilst you pay attention to your core areas.

How can opting for specialist litigation support services assist you?

  1. Litigation support companies resourcefully manage the legal research for their clientele. They utilize several research resources and databases to discover the most pertinent and appropriate information. The research work includes interviewing individuals linked to the case, getting hold of public records, acquiring the documents and details necessary for presentation of the case, investigating evidence, maintaining a track of preceding judgements and rulings linked to the case, and retaining a track of the legal guidelines regarding the case.

  2. Organizing reports and summarizing documents for more convenient retrieval of information/details. Litigation support services consolidate, complete and modify the legal documents in accordance with government and concerned authority’s stipulations. Additionally, they offer legal analysis, if necessary.

  3. Another significant advantage of opting for litigation services is experienced help in drafting and writing documents, correspondence, agreements etc.

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4 .Economical management of case documents. Legal outsourcing companies build and manage databases of documents utilized and needed by the client commonly. Digitization of documents can be useful for recalling and tracking due dates. They also index documents for courtroom procedures.

Legal Research

Legal Research – No More a Headache When You Outsource to an LPO

Legal process outsourcing has exhibited an enormous development during the past couple of years by providing cost-effective services to businesses and individuals in search of legal research services. The World Wide Web has left not a single aspect unscathed and the legal process outsourcing sector will eventually turn into an essential resource to the legal community globally in forthcoming years. In today’s time, data can be collected from several sources such as books, periodicals, publications, newspapers and the web.

Legal research services consist of carrying out comprehensive research and determining the appropriate resources for the clientele that are pre-occupied with innumerous trials, swamped with frantic court activities or scurrying forthcoming due dates. Precise and related research work and case-relevant specifics benefit in making decisions, enabling attorneys to center their valuable time and endeavors on other aspects.

The steps pursued by legal research outsourcing companies consist of the following:

  • Gaining an intensive knowledge of the client’s case/research prerequisite

  • Determining the issue from the case details

  • Figuring out the sources as well as keywords for accumulating important information

  • Obtaining related means such as laws and regulations, previous/reference cases and rulings and so on.

  • Taking out the most important information from the puddle of data congregated

  • Providing the collected research results to the clients

At the time of legal research, deciphering legal documentation can be extremely difficult and time intensive. An individual carrying out legal research on a specific case or perhaps topic ought to be acquainted with the law. LPO’s offer a vast selection of solutions to their clients to make their work procedure as simple as it can be. The LPO business is becoming a widespread option nowadays in accordance with growing legal requirements like foreclosures and bankruptcies occurring around the world. Outsourcing legal research services have acquired recognition for being quick and economical.

Legal outsourcing companies offer valuable research results at lesser costs. They manage cumbersome chores such as researching, taking out useful details, arranging and exhibiting the facts and statistics with an expert’s sharpness as well as accuracy.

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Occasionally, there are odds that you might not accumulate the necessary information as a result of time restraints or even overload of work and at times your research exercise might go in vain whenever the information you’ve gathered is unable to result in the preferred manner. In these kinds of circumstances, outsourcing turns out to be an intelligent, quick and an ideal option. Delegating research work likewise provides the legal companies more chance to pay attention to their customers as well as other more crucial facets of their job.

Deposition Summary

A Brief Overview to Significance of Deposition Summary

We all are aware of the fact that in today’s competitive environment, one has to remain focused on the core specialization domain in order to stay on the top among your competitors. A legal service, such as,deposition summary necessitates an extensive experience in litigation field and a strong grasp of English writing skills. One also has to have a clear understanding of the case and the involved issues.

Whether it’s a case related to medical negligence or personal injury, deposition is an integral aspect for discovery since it puts forward several unknown facts and assists the lawyers in reaching out to the elementary issues related to the case. Deposition begets a chance to both the parties to view the case from a different angle, i.e. something more than the sheer typewritten papers. A deposition that has been recorded in an appropriate manner can extend a long way in advancing the case to a victorious situation.

At the time when depositions extend up to 100 pages or more and the case demands several witnesses to be testified, it turns into a complicated situation to maintain a track of all of them. Alternatively, it is better to summarize the deposition rather than getting involved in vast number of pages and formulating notes based on them. In order to win the case, Deposition Summary has a crucial role to play. It’s the Deposition Summary that abridges the question and answers to a concisely written, understandable format.

Deposition Summaries in varied formats can benefit the lawyers in attaining the anticipated essential information regarding the case. Although, there are no defined rules or laws relating the formats of Deposition Summary, however, the standardized industry formats are 3 column, 2 column and topical summary formats.

Legal attorneys can ask for a personalized format of the Deposition Summary and the same can be developed within a time span of a few hours. In a situation where the attorney prefers to draw headings of a specific paragraph in addition to the information, 2 or 3 column format suits the best. In these formats, page and line wise summarizations along with the headings of the paragraph are done. However, in a situation where an attorney is keen to retrieve information of a selected topic right away and intends to summarize only particular information, he should opt for Topical summary.

Acknowledging the significance of services, such as, Deposition Summary and the amount of time expended in summarizing lengthy depositions, one of the best choice is to outsource deposition summaries task to a reliable legal outsourcing company. Large number of legal firms now-a-days have benefited by saving a great deal of their time and remained competitive by outsourcing deposition summarization services.

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Legal outsourcing companies, such as, Legal Support World offers a free trial to all the interested clients, which may assist them in deciding the quality of services they can expect later on. Outsourcing Deposition Summaries not merely helps the attorneys in remaining focused towards their case, but, it also helps them in preparation for trial and reducing the costs to a great extent.


The Upsurge Of Legal Outsourcing Companies

Business profession is a volatile domain. But when it comes to Legal outsourcing India, there is a perpetual sense of growth in market share as the present situation stands. Being a developing country, India is notoriously looked down upon for lagging behind in every socio-economic aspect. However the low standard of living has nothing to do with the reputation of India as a trustworthy place in contracting out a legal assignment completely or in part and this burning truth is already preached to many legal corporations in UK and USA as the foot smaller firms there are also following the large city based firms’ strategy to provision works to the major far away country in sub-continent.

LPO-The reshape of law practice:

There is always an inherent risk in off-shoring serious business like law service. Even taking all other things being equal, law professionals dread the legal outsourcing option for a series of challenges like language obstacle, time zone difference, client comfort and an overall threat of data protection concerns. However, in the wake of economic meltdown, the law firms irrespective of its market share have shifted their outsourcing preferences from domestic corporations to overseas vendors.

Look at the east motto:

Economic downturn, in a way, is a boon in the guise of bane for the promising law graduates in Asia and non-European and non-USA countries. Move back a decade or so en route history and one would find a gaping void in the Legal Outsourcing market of today’s leaders e.g. India. Overcoming the primary skepticism regarding quality deficiency, the LPO share by the Asian vendors now command $440 million out of the estimated $400 billion USD legal market. Although it is a meager 0.1%, Value Notes, an Indian consultancy group, puts it that India alone will notch up mind-boggling $1.6 billion revenue in 2014.

Legal outsourcing India- The brand in making:

When it comes to business, there is no place for bias. The US or European firms’ general counsels are no brainers that they will just flow away with a Mexican wave of ‘Legal outsourcing India’ trend. Albeit testified in sectors like IT, call centers, bank offices, the brand Legal outsourcing India was not an instant hit as the market revenue in 2006 was around $1.6 million soon after its inception. The country has a favorable time zone position as the time differential between India and US stands at 12 hours due to which efficient attorneys here can work in the dead of night in US and firms there would reap the benefit by submitting the task in morning developing better client relationships.

The goodwill of one-way Indian companies:

The leverage in revenue gain by the market position of legal outsourcing India is mainly for skillful law trainees nurtured by LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD and other agencies. The company offers a two step training regime. First the apprentices undergo an all-embracive program in all technical and soft skills by market doyens and then are pitched towards assignment centric training ensuring a client-specific outcome.

Resource Box:

LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD is renowned for its legal expertise in every area of law consultancy. Our mantra is to address every detail of client’s requirement and we always strive to achieve client’s satisfaction.


Legal Outsourcing Companies- From the Vantage Point of Marketability

It is not only stupid of thinking to pass on a few naive things such as documentation or indexing to an overseas company in the wake of overrun of work in your own firm; but also an ideation that could have shown you the doors calling curtains untimely to your career if it were a couple of decades back. The scenario has shifted drastically post the global financial crisis since legal consultancy firms have been prodded by the general counsels and by others to cut down on expenditure to steadfast the floating profit. The Legal outsourcing companies or corporations simply have lapped up the dire situation of the prominent as well as small time firms overseas. It is now has become more of a need that companies now setting up project management team to supervise the provision of outsourced team for ensuring time bound delivery but can’t think beyond legal process outsourcing (LPO).

Credentials of LPOs:

People are yet a bit hesitant to show confidence on the offshore law houses with legal tasks as they fear the safety of data and the time frame difference. Still the global market share of $440 million USD the Legal outsourcing company services have been estimated at, speaks highly of the credibility of the far away law firms. Although not contained to, the legal outsourcers, by and large, are offered with-

  • Paralegal works like completion of the plaintiff’s firm

  • Patent and acquisitions review
  • E-discovery by title or database search
  • Litigation support
  • And also legal research chores like preparing research memos.

Market prospects from India standpoint:

The emergence of Indian Legal outsourcing companies as hot spot for offshoring has seen a giant leap in last 3 to 4 years. After a brief sabbatical during recession, Indian market’s yearly growth in the last 5 years is an impressive 8.2%. It is reported by Fronterion LLC that India and Philippines are posed to generate $960 million USD by 2015 which is staggeringly more than double of total market value of legal outsource. Companies like LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD, understanding the future opportunities, has established dedicated operation center in India to tap the market. The abundance of quality law graduates; patience to carry out meticulous tasks like filing all the data in a timeline manner and proficiency in lingual skill have strengthened India’s position as one of the leading producers of Legal outsourcing companies.

Offshore v/s Onshore:

In comparisons to overseas Legal outsourcing companies, onshore market is small, less-rewarding and is going through a budding phase. A handful of things that are pro- onshore outsourcing are:

  • Almost similar time frame and closer geographic location ascertain better delivery satisfaction and comfortable correspondence with the client due to close accent.

  • The risk of data leakage is substantially low for contracting out to on-shore firms.

After taking all these factors together, offshore companies have two prime advantages as follows:

  • A permanent cost reduction
  • Guarantee of streamline workflow due to simultaneous tasking in different branches.

The testimonial of such assertions is the fact that Indian legal consultancy names like LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD handle almost 65% of US’s net outsourced legal works.

Resource Box:

Among the many market players in Indian Legal outsourcing business, LEGAL SUPPORT WORLD has carved a niche with its superior legal and para legal services. Our expertise confronts clients’ standard and the attorney-client privilege.

Legal Outsourcing Companies

Why We Are Different From Other Legal Outsourcing Companies?

To reduce problems regarding legal work, one can depend on legal outsourcing. This is difficult to choose between known paid lawyers and legal outsourcing agencies. But one thing must be noticed that in safe hands, one can save a lump sum amount of money by depending on legal outsourcing companies. In general cases, people prefer known lawyers than legal outsourcing agencies because of company privacy and security. But it is difficult to depend on a lawyer when this process is entirely associated with the future of a company. Also, engaging one lawyer makes it a time consuming process.

Here at Legal Support World, we try to provide your agency a dedicated solution for legal problems. We will help you to reduce your cost in a remarkable way. Legal Support World is different from other legal outsourcing companies in India We have a massive work force which can perform your work in no time. We provide services like Paralegal services, attorney’s legal services, legal documentation, legal analysis, legal research and many such. You can have almost all forms of required legal support by our professionals.

Our experienced lawyers will ensure less error regarding work and will be able to secure your company from further trouble. Beside that, most of the newly born legal outsourcing companies claim a quality result and a quality service but most of them are unable to provide such support but our experts from various fields will definitely be able to satisfy your need regarding legal assistance. We also ensure the security and privacy.