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India today is an economic powerhouse and has been slowly climbing the rankings of agencies that grade countries on the basis of their financial standing and credibility. But do you know India has become popular in another field? India has also become a leading destination for legal process outsourcing (LPO) services.

This is the outsourcing industry where the country has risen to such high levels that any company or sector wanting to spin off its services to professionals with towering benchmarks of excellence consider India as the first option. This is regardless of the industry or sector that you might think of.

Indian outsourcing agencies offer a variety of services, including insurance, accounting, data entry, IT, and legal services. Businesses do not have to hire an in-house team for managing non-core tasks.

Most importantly, the cost-effective rates prevailing in India make it a very attractive outsourcing destination.  India is definitely on top of the pile for outsourcing services. But before going into the details, a quick look at why it is beneficial to outsource litigation matters and its allied functions will be in order.

The recession and crash of the global economies of the world in the not-too-distant past flooded law firms with cases but without the financial strength and power to add more highly paid lawyers to their roles to deal with the incremental.

The only way out was to outsource certain activities at affordable rates, and this is how LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) became a force to reckon with. The legal activities that you can outsource to LPO companies include all repetitive and tedious tasks like research, writing, and documentation, which of course, no lawyer can do without while preparing his brief.

India is a popular destination for legal outsourcing because it offers low costs, skilled lawyers, and strong security. Litigation services being outsourced, if placed along with what India has to offer, will make the picture very clear.

Benefits of  Legal Process Outsourcing Services

1. Savings in Costs 

Litigation services are expensive in Western countries, especially the USA because the cost of supporting the legal process is high. Lawyers are very well paid and entrust young apprentices fresh out of college with research and writing to charge heavily.

This increases the overall cost of legal work. If even a part of it is reduced, the savings can be better utilized by the firms to focus on valued clients and offer competitive fees.

Why India – By and large, the salary of LPO lawyers is below the $10,000 a year mark. Add to this low wages and costs, which enable Indian outsourcing companies to offer services at one-tenth to one-third of the costs that any mid-sized Western law firms would charge per hour.

2. Superior Quality of Work

As discussed before, the bulk of the outsourcing work consists of providing legal support services such as the drafting of memoranda, legal research and writing, contract and document review, and discovery and patent services. Generally, organizations entrust these tasks to those who are fresh in the profession and have minimal skills and experience to keep the hourly costs low. This has a bearing on the standard of output.

Why India – India is a popular destination for outsourcing legal services because it has a large pool of talented lawyers who are familiar with the laws of other countries.

3. The speed of Services Offered

Lawyers are perpetually short of time. This is because legal cases do not line up in an orderly queue but run simultaneously in courtrooms. Added to this confusion are clients’ queries and the preparation of fresh cases. This makes it imperative to complete research, writing, and drafting in the minimum time possible and prepare new cases for trial at the earliest. Outsourcing, then, is the only answer to this ISSUE.

Why India – The time differential between India and the USA or other Western countries facilitates quick preparation and finalization of background work. Originating countries can upload requirements at the end of the day.

outsourcing legal services will be processing it during the day in India. When the processed task is uploaded back to the USA, it is the opening of business hours there. It is similar to making more hours work for you in a day.

India is a popular destination for outsourcing legal services because it offers low costs, skilled lawyers, and strong security.

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