An Essential Guide to Summarizing Deposition

Last updated: 12 Feb, 2019

Somebody has correctly stated, “Deposition is the primary aspect of litigation”. A lawyer intensely depends on the testimony of the witnesses so as to substantiate the claim of the client while discarding the claim of the opposition. The intent behind the testimony is always to bring forward the truth. It contributes greatly in bringing out the exact veracity from the witnesses.

The outcome of the trial to a large degree is determined by the depositions. Testimony is a strategy to tacitly explicate the accurate version from a bystander. Attorneys ask questions to the witness in order to bring them to their preferred argument in extremely scattered ways. This makes the deposition an exhaustive process.

Since the depositions head to the root of the trial, it includes the demarcation of the required section out of the deposition, which additionally has to be summarized. The accurate summarization of deposition is determined by 2 essential criteria:

  • Legal acumen

  • Potential to summarize

Every trial bears a distinct set of facts which require its course of trial. The testimony is anticipated to center around the elements associated with it. In deprivation of legal acumen, the crucial details of testimony are at risk of getting overlooked.

The selection of valuable text out of the deposition may be accomplished primarily by an experienced lawyer. Any person apart from a lawyer or paralegal might possibly be struggling to realistically recognize and determine the essential part in the testimony to back-up the defense or otherwise.

Therefore, the responsibility of an individual with legal acumen ends up being imperative in emphasizing the selected part. The legal acumen in summarization deposition necessitates the following expertise:

  • Capability to recognize the main points associated with the testimony available

  • Ability to have an understanding of the legal points lightly to be reinforced or eradicated by the witness

  • Picking out the main points inclusive of the supported/non-supported variation by the witness

Summarization delivers an extensive and structured part of the testimony. It entails the actual knowledge about the featured parts by connecting them with appropriate connectors or other terms. High-quality comprehension in addition to grammatical and analytical abilities will play a significant part in expressing a similar sense however in a far more succinct and emphasized way.

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