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Last updated: 25 Feb, 2019

We are in the first quarter of 2017 and the working trends of law firms and legal departments have changed a lot. Now the law firms and offices are relying more on legal outsourcing companies to lessen their expenditures, work burden and to become more efficient.

If we go some years back, LPO did not exist in the law field. Legal professions didn’t even know about the LPO and the companies providing such services. But as of today, it has become an integral part of almost every growing law firm looking for growth opportunities. The question now is what will it continue to grow in the future or in which direction will it go from this point?

Here are top Trends in Legal Outsourcing which will clear the situation:

1. Quality and Affordability: As long as these two specialties are there, the trend of outsourcing legal work will keep on growing. Nowadays, no law firm wants to hire heavy staff and to assign them tasks like contracts review and management, document preparations. They only want limited staff only for client dealings. Due to this, the demands for legal process outsourcing services providers have been rising.

2. Services Variety: Getting all kinds of services in one place is another major reason for the popularity of legal outsourcing. It consists of a variety of sub-services such as legal research, paralegal support and litigation support which makes it a complete package.

3. Rising demand: Recently done researches have proved that there is a rise in demand for quality and affordable legal support services offered from countries like India and the Philippines. India has an edge over the Philippines in terms of qualified workforce, subject knowledge and greater fluency in English.

4. High-Grade Data Security: With the emergence of cloud computing technology, the legal sector has also got benefits like global access to data, but some data security concerns are also there. In this scenario, a legal outsourcing company takes the responsibility to secure a law firm’s data using different technologies and expertise. The kinds of systems chosen provide high security as per international standards.

So, in future outsourcing will emerge stronger and this streak will continue to grow as long as best practices and security standards are used by the legal outsourcing services providers.

If you are an owner of a law firm, especially of small or medium size, then you can consider outsourcing as your best partner. So, grow your business, not expenses.

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