Legal Translation Service – A Key Task to Appoint LPOs in India

Legal Translation Service
Last updated: 01 Feb, 2019

There are a few aspects in the practice of law which people find sedentary and therefore monotonous. Legal translation service is surely counted among such repulsive jobs. It is really fearsome to say that a number of legal translators are dwindling and with the paucity of an efficient ear and agile mind court opening transcription skill is on the ebb.

Due to its alarming fact more and more court proceedings are now being preserved virtually in hard disks and audio or videotapes. Although convenient to carry and use, the alternative storage options cannot be easily reproducible if proper infrastructure is absent.

It is also true that not many countries can celebrate the prevalence legal system in an extravagant style with state-of-the-art in-house facilities like video conferencing, web podcasts etc. For manual translation, it is the only option to keep a note of each activity within the courtroom and also off it for future reference and correspondence.

Legal Translation Requisites:

Transcription services have a myriad of types. Although within the purview of this, Legal translation service is an esoteric topic with more differences than similarities with the literal translation.

Linguistically speaking, the legal translation work does not need to be lucid but it must be free from any misinterpretation through transnational lacuna. And if that happens, for a say in a deal agreement, the mistake quite often entails in lawsuit petition and gargantuan loss of money.

Hence it is of absolute priority that the legal writings unequivocally clarify the terms of duties for any particular individual or enterprise(s). The Legal service translation theory directs that there must be a right proportion of each lingual clairvoyance and a cultural and societal equivalence in the languages used in Source Text (ST) and Target Text (TT).

The Purview of Legal Translation Service:

Legal translation service incorporates a huge number of various forms of legal documents to be a transcript. The legal translator works on, amongst other things, contracts, agreements; immigration documents; court documents such as witness statement, attendance in court, verdict, motions, subpoenas, claim forms; litigation statements; Exhibit labels; wills as well as IP, shipping, corporate and insurance matters too.

Basically, the Legal translation service responsibilities extend from pre-trial procedures to post-trial customary tasks.

The Skills and the Ace Contender:

The transformation of legal translation service task is drastic from what it used to be prior internet era to what it has now actually become. Earlier it was all about the reflexes and working memory prowess of the translator who had to convert the running activity into words in a real-time manner.

Whereas in today’s world legal translation job has become a from-home task which is garnering popularity even among the hands-on mums too. Yet clients always prefer, even today, to get a first-hand experience regarding the on-site working capability of the translators.

Legal Support World is one such law consultancy firm in India which houses a considerable number of legal translators who understand the terminologies at the great extent and also is hailed for unmatched turnaround time irrespective of the type of transcription work.

Resource Box:

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