Litigation Support Services: Your FAQ Guide

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Litigation Support Services

In response to ever-expanding workloads and the complexities associated with lawsuits and cases, law firms are increasingly opting to outsource various legal tasks. These tasks encompass a wide range of activities, including legal research, summarization of medical records, deposition summaries, complaint drafting, demand letter drafting, Discovery document preparation, E-discovery, Document Review, Contract lifecycle management, and Legal writing. By delegating these voluminous tasks to professional litigation service providers, law firms enable onshore lawyers to focus on utilizing their professional expertise for case strategy and business strategy. This strategic outsourcing allows legal professionals to streamline their workload, improve efficiency, and dedicate more time to core legal activities. Additionally, the inclusion of a “FAQ on Litigation Support Services” further enhances the transparency and understanding of the outsourcing process for both law firms and their clients.

Litigation support companies ensure highly efficient, quality research and due money’s worth in return. It’s understandable that lawyers and firms who haven’t outsourced before may have concerns about security, efficiency, and reliability. This article aspires to quell those doubts as we look at numerous questions.

FAQ on Litigation Support Services

1. Can litigation process be outsourced?

These services are fundamental and easily outsourced to providers with a strong understanding of litigation processes and experience in case support.

2. Tell me more about your litigation services. Who are your clients?

We at Legal Support World provide world-class legal case management services covering a plethora of tasks, including document drafting, eDiscovery, deposition summaries, and medical record review.

Our clients have included major law firms from the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia, legal departments of large corporations across F&A, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, technology industries, construction, and hospitality.

3. What services do litigation support professionals offer?

Litigation support professionals offer services such as:

    • eDiscovery — to identify, analyze, store, and secure electronically stored information (ESI) to produce before relevant audiences
    • Document review — involving meticulous reviewing of facts, grammar, citation, elimination of plagiarism of any degree by trained professionals for all documents
    • Document drafting — entailing research, documentation, and drafting completed by trained paralegals and attorneys with definitive solutions

4. What are some of the requirements of your existing customers?

Our customers need various services, including drafting personal injury complaints, demand letters, discovery documents, litigation support, contract extraction, legal research, drafting agreements, deeds, etc. We practice in fields ranging from corporate law, business law, personal injury law, employment law, and lemon law.

5. How do these services handle confidentiality and data security?

Legal Support World works on best-in-class secured data and cloud systems to ensure the protection of clients’ information and privacy.

We use top-notch technology and security measures, following strict non-disclosure agreements and professional ethics. Our servers are highly secure and well-protected against any hacking attempts.

6. What are the benefits of using litigation outsourcing services?

There are numerous benefits, such as:

      • Reduction of expenses, as you don’t need to pay additional salaries to your workforce.
      • Increased focus on strategic solutions, as well as more opportunities for your lawyers to take on higher level cases and clients and devote their time to maximizing their professional efficiency.
      • Outsourcing partners bridge the gap between time zones and ensure your deliverables reach you on time without encroaching on your out-of-work hours.
      • Increased efficiency for your firm due to outsourcing of manual tasks with a faster turnaround.

7. Can I be involved in the case if I use outsourcing services?

Outsourcing litigation services is all about getting help with basic research and manual activities while you remain the chief driver of the case and its outcome.

8. How do I pick a litigation service provider?

Check domain experience, existing clientele, educational qualifications, and experience of paralegals employed. Additionally, assess cost requirements and client testimonials.

Legal Support World, a proud partner of choice for law firms and corporations globally, is backed by a qualified workforce dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of trial preparation services.

9. How can litigation services improve the outcome of a legal case?

Outsourcing research, drafting, and reviewing lets your main team focus on strategy, understanding case nuances, analyzing trends, and quality case building. It amps up efficiency because time-consuming manual work is handled by an external provider, ensuring quality and saving time.

10. How does litigation support improve cost efficiency?

Outsourcing litigation services saves costs. You avoid extra expenses for tasks usually done by your attorneys and the need to hire more staff. Plus, you can handle more high-value work, boosting your firm’s earnings.

11. Can these support services be customized to my needs?

Absolutely! Given that legal case management services cover a whole range of processes, including eDiscovery, document review, document drafting, deposition summaries, medical summaries, contract lifecycle management, and more. Service providers train their teams on the bespoke requirements of their clients and ensure their periodic upskilling to help them stay updated with the latest regulations and requirements.

We at Legal Support World have extensive litigation support experience over fifteen years with law firms and law departments across the globe. Our highly trained workforce hails from diverse backgrounds and is composed of professional and trained paralegals with wide domain exposure.

Additionally, they undergo frequent training programs in the legal systems of our client countries for writing, document reviewing and drafting, research, and data extraction in order to be able to perform their tasks at the highest quality standards.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] / +1 646-688-2821 for a complete overview of our offerings, staff quality, infrastructure and tech support, service levels, transitions approach, and pricing plans to make up your mind on outsourcing litigation support.

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